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NYC Style Halal Truck Food in Toronto?

Osmows sells Chicken on the rocks. Chicken, white sauce, hot sauce all over rice.
Not as good but the closest I've had here in Toronto.


I happened to buy one out of curiosity while looking for Despicable Me toys. It was surprisingly ok, a hot dog bun with 3 whole claws and a couple knuckle pieces it looked like. Quite frankly it tasted better then the lobster roll I had at Rock Lobster which tasted like mayo only.

Kinton Ramen - First Taste

When I was in Japan earlier this year and looking up ramen places to try, cheese ramen was the biggest trend for some ramen shops there.

Chicago Pizza Shack (Hamilton)

I've tried both places once and I liked the one in Hamilton much better.

The one in Hamilton is actually better then a couple that i've tried in Chicago also.