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Foods you can't keep in the house because you can't stop yourself eating them


Dill pickles are my best friend in the summer. Those enormous ones you get in the giant jar at the diner...holy pantaloons yum. Baby dills essentially evaporate when near me so I have to kind of avoid that section of the veggie dish and eat more carrots but holy toledo dill pickles will always have my heart. I mostly fail at avoiding them, but the sick side of me sees that as a success. Oh mylanta I could go for some right now....gah. YUM.

What do YOU keep at all times in case you want "that snack"?

Soy Dream Fudge Brownie Ice Cream. Dear Gott in Himmel yum. It's non-dairy and freaking delicious. I have also found it's easy for me to reach for AND to put down (I usually have trouble with the latter action :o) ). Always have some in my freezer.

What is your favorite healthy snack?

OH MY GOD YUM. I am thoroughly addicted to nutella/peanut butter and banana. Although I try and limit myself in the condiment department as in excess...well...sadly not so good for you. But still, if abandoned on an island, I would die without nutella and bananas. It's also good when everyone else is having tacos, I can seem like I'm having a taco but really it's a tortilla with nutella or peanut butter and banana. (I don't eat meat anymore.) I like my burrito better anyway. :o)

Ice cream craving in winter and you?

Hahaha Isn't that just how it goes? Everything that ends up being your favorite is just ridiculously worse for you than most other things. Good luck in finding it again. I hate when things like that suddenly disappear off the planet never to be found again. Happened to me a lot with my favorite cereals. Haha. Poor French Toast Crunch. :o( Ah well, good luck in your search, Chem.

Everytime I see sunflower seeds I think of that ice cream. I am in South Dakota every summer, just outside the town that has the ice cream shop. I was there last summer, but I don't know if the shop is still there as the local community wasn't really supporting it. Mostly just random out of towners frequent it, but not really enough to keep it going strong. A shame since it is absolutely DELICIOUS. And homemade. YUM. Man I hope it is still open...I could go for some soon. *sigh*

Ice cream craving in winter and you?

Holy copacabana yes. There is this one ice cream that's sold in South Dakota in a local ice cream shop that is sunflower seeds in vanilla(?) and oh mylanta. SO GOOD. Even though I want it all year long, I have a severe yen for it (and all ice cream) in the winter. Only my winter is a bit...uhm...longer and colder. A bit intense in upper Minnesota. Making my willpower a bit shakier near the end months. ANYWHO, I totally follow.

Foods you can't keep in the house because you can't stop yourself eating them


What is your favorite hard to find candy?

hahaha My dad eats at least one of those a week. We have them all over here in the Midwest. Ahh...yum...

How un-healthy is Falafel?

I've read most of these posts and a lot of the time when people say if falafel heathly or not they are adding in a stipulation that it is slathered in sauce.

I make my falafel at home or I get it from Extreme Pita (SOOO good) and I never get it with sauce. I only have the falafel and a garden mix of green veggies in a whole grain pita. And every once and a while with cheese (<---YUM). I don't think the question is if the sauces you put on it make it unhealthy, but if the actual falafel is healthy. I, personally, could do a hell of a lot worse than non-greasy fried veggies topped with fresh veggies wrapped in whole grain.

So me? The way I eat it? Hell yeah I think it's healthy. Covered in sauce and greasy? Possibly no.

If I feel cleaner, lighter, and overall better by eating that rather than a burger with fries and a coke, I call that a win for the day. :o)