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G2B Gastropub - Durham, NC

We went to G2B last night. I had the bean and chicken soup, very good, and the charcuterie plate, also very good but quite large. My wife had the veal schnitzel, which was not so good. A nice crunchy crust but it was thick and tough. Should have been pounded a bit to make it thinner and more tender.

Jun 04, 2011
karrlink in Southeast

Breakfast at DuPont Circle

Just found your question that is 3 months old, so maybe this suggestion is of no value. However, our recommendation is Le Pain Quotidien at 2001 P Street.

Incidentally, we may be very distantly related. My name is spelled Karr, but I have learned that my lineage goes back to the Kerr clan.

Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill Dinner suggestions

We have eaten at almost all of the restaurants suggested, and we think that Cypress on the Hill is the best. However, if you should like sweetbreads or liver with onions (both of which you will almost never find at any other Triangle restaurant), try Vin Rouge. Other items on the menu are very good. To see the menu go to:

Vin Rouge
2010 Hillsborough Rd., Durham, NC 27705

Apr 24, 2010
karrlink in Southeast

Triangle NC area Top 5

Our top 5.
Cypress on the Hill. So good that our daughter took us there for Father's Day and my wife chose it for her birthday. We are going there on New Year's Eve.
Elaine's on Franklin. We've been there a number of times, most recently on Christmas Eve. Has always been very good, but just a smidgen below Cypress.
Lantern, Rue Cler, and Vin Rouge. All very good. Lantern when we have been in the mood for Asian food, Rue Cler and Vin Rouge for French food, although they have different types of French. You need to check their web sites to see the differences. For example, Rue Cler has coq au vin at dinner and beignets at Sunday brunch, Vin Rouge has sweetbreads and liver with onions (both of which I love to have occasionally, depending on my mood) at dinner.

Dec 29, 2009
karrlink in Southeast

Chapel Hill/Durham Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Try Cypress on the Hill ( My daughter took my wife and me there for Father's Day. It was excellent, and my wife chose to go to it on her birthday on Aug. 3, over the many good restaurants in the area--Elaine's, Lantern, Magnolia, Bonne Soiree, and others--all of which we go to several times a year.

Revolution, Downtown Durham

I posted a message on Jan. 6 stating that we had eaten at Revolution, enjoyed it, and were going to return. We returned last Tuesday and won't go back, for the following reasons:
1. I chose an expensive lamb dish from the "second mortgage" listing. For the price I expected something outstanding, but it wasn't; I've had much better lamb dishes for half the price.
2. My wife had the fish special; it was reasonably priced but average.
3. Service was poor; our food was moderately warm.

Revolution, Downtown Durham

The restaurant opened just before Christmas. We went there last night, and we both had two small plates plus dessert. Venison carpaccio and haybail shrimp were the standouts, but the other dishes we had were very good. The waiter's suggestions for wines (by the glass based on what we ordered) were also very good. Highly recommended; we will definitely go back.

Toast Paninoteca (Durham)

We have been to Toast a number of times because it is excellent. Between us we have had at least one of all of the sandwiches--panini, tramezzini, bruschetta, and crostini--on the menu and have enjoyed all of them. We have also frequently had soup, always so good that we have occasionally purchased two take-out bowls.

Six Plates Wine Bar, Durham, NC

We went to Six Plates a couple of months ago and it was very good. We went back last night and it was even better. I started with the chilled pineapple soup. Now, you must understand that when we eat out I frequently try something I've never had. Sometimes what I've gotten is OK but not something I desire to have again, sometimes good enough to consider having again, and sometimes so good that I definitely would have it again. The soup is a have it again--a taste of pineapple but with other ingredients that balanced the sweetness of the pineapple to give it a complex flavor. My second dish was the charcuterie plate, the best I've ever had--a mild and a strong salami, chorizo, and pate, with Dijon mustard and ligonberry sauce as accompaniments. The wines recommended for each plate were great matches. Highly recommended.

Mez on Page Road in Durham

We had dinner at Mez a couple of weeks ago. It was average, and we won't be going back.

Birthday dinner with friends in Triangle

I suggest Vin Rouge; my wife and I go there about once a month. Go to the site to see the menu. Some recommendations. The frites are excellent. If you like sweetbreads (and I do), they're on the menu every night. I also like the liver and onions, and my wife is very fond of the cassoulet when it is available.
Seafood dishes are consistently good.

Triangle: Vin Rouge Update

My wife and I go to Vin Rouge about once a month--almost always on Thursday because it offers sweetbreads, which are very rarely found at restaurants in the area. When we go on another night I get the sauteed liver and occasionally the escargots, two more rarely found dishes. My wife (who doesn't like any of those) is very fond of the cassoulet, which is occasionally offered, and the bouillabaisse. We both recommend the pommes frites.