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Best Pho?

I could be completely wrong, but I've heard the similar belief that the broth is simply a carrier of the rest of the ingredients. I've also heard it doesn't matter. Personally, I eat EVERYTHING, except the Lime rinds. :) The broth is my favorite part, because it gets so rippin' spicy with the addition of the optional hot sauces.

When looking at Pho recipes, it sounds like the most time, effort and care is put in to making the broth itself. It'd be a shame to let all that hard work go to waste!

Best Pho?

Couldn't locate a previous discussion, but I'm wondering where THE BEST PHO in the area is served?

Gourmet Grocery

I'm wondering it there are any Gourmet/Specialty Grocers in the area. I couldn't find anything searching Chow and Google.

Specifically looking for Caviars and Foie Gras. Thanks in advance!


I recently watched a Man vs. Food episode that took place at Munchies 420 Cafe in Florida.

Does anyone know of similar places in the MSP area? Similar being HUGE PORTIONS, FAT SANDWICHES, FRIED DELICIOUSNESS. You know....a place designed to cure the munchies.....

Renaissance Festival Fare

Wondering what the fare is like at the Renaissance Festival? Looking at their menu, it appears as though they offer a lot of things, most not being anything entirely special.

There are a few interesting items however. Anyone have any recommendations?

Restaurant/Bar Recommendations in Chaska

We're new to Chaska and are looking for recommendations on any good Restaurants/Bars, specifically within the city limits.

Sashimi Grade Fish/Seafood

Thanks Steve! I checked out classes at Coastal, and they still offer them.

Sashimi Grade Fish/Seafood

Thanks to everyone for the input! learn how to roll it into Maki & Nigiri! :)

Sashimi Grade Fish/Seafood

Does anyone know of a grocery store in the Twin Cities area that carries great Sashimi Grade fish/seafood?