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Noto Bene

thanks...i read the Martiniboys review and they had it spelled both ways. Boy, having just been in Italy, I probably should have known the correct spelling.

Noto Bene

I did a search but couldn't find any reviews.

Has anyone gone yet? Thoughts??

Bars in Soho/Village -maybe live bands

oop sorry!

Yes food help would be appreciated :)

Apr 01, 2008
bgsarge in Manhattan

Bars in Soho/Village -maybe live bands

Hey all:

I am travelling down to Manhattan with a friend May 9th weekend.

He's not a foodie but loves to hang out at bars with more artistic/creative people - NOT the trendy, look at me kinda crowd.

Therefore, I am at a loss as to what to do with him :) Live music venues would be good too.

And cheap, simple eating places too. I really don't want to scare him :)

I am thinking the village or soho but we can go anywhere - we are staying at 70 park avenue


Apr 01, 2008
bgsarge in Manhattan

Need lots of suggestions

Please help me. Coming to NYC with my 21 yr old daughter on Thurs for 4 nights. It's her first trip so we will be spending a lot of time shopping.

Now, she would really like to experience a bit of Manhattan nite life BUT, I don't want to accompany her to clubs. So, maybe someone can suggest places that are

-trendy with good drinks/eats - would consider a later (10ish) dinner and then hang around a bit after (not too fancy but not casual)

-a place where people meet up after work for drinks

-more casual places to eat around upper w side (95th between Amsterdam and Broadway)

Italian/mexican/american - not chinese thanks.

Thanks for your help

Jul 30, 2007
bgsarge in Manhattan