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Restaurant recommendation for a gift?

Thanks for all the help! DC is dining companion (maybe slang limited to the Boston board, where I usually I am reading?) although domestic companion would also be accurate

Apr 19, 2012
phillytransplant in San Diego

Restaurant recommendation for a gift?

My brother and his DC are moving to UCSD for grad school. Was looking to get them gift certificates to 1, or maybe a few, restaurants as a graduation gift. Planning to spend around $100. Was thinking maybe $50 for 2 good places? I don't mind if the gift wouldn't totally cover dinner, but I am not looking for a place that will break the bank either. They have pretty eclectic food tastes and no dietary restrictions, so any place is in play. I am looking more for fun, funky places with good atmosphere that 22 year olds would like, but 22 year olds that have good taste in food. thanks!

Apr 19, 2012
phillytransplant in San Diego

Burlington/Woburn area

Meeting friends from out of town for dinner in the Burlington/Woburn/Reading area. Not looking for anything fancy, just good food, and preferably a good beer list. Thanks

Newport advice

My wife and I will be in Newport for Thurs/Fri in a few weeks. I love all seafood; unfortunately, my wife loves crab, and will eat shrimp, and in a pinch lobster, but thats it. Sadly, New England is more lobster/clam/mussels. My wife is also something of a picky eater, so places with 6 entrees on the menu are generally no good. Recommendations for places that can cater to us both? And any specific dish recommendations would be great!

Some places I have read about on the board that I was thinking of:
The Mooring
Cafe Zelda's
Perro Salado
The Black Pearl
Clarke Cooke House

Open to any other suggestions. Thanks!

Cafe Zelda
528 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

Perro Salado
19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

South End - recommendations for gift certificates

i really love the potato gnochi w/duck confit- not too heavy, but a good size appetizer portion to share. if they have the buccatini amatriciani (sorry, my italian spelling is terrible) it is excellent. i also usually like the fish.

fyi have just been randomly surfing threads (slow at work tonight)- I totally share your distaste for Estragon; the worst dining experience I have had in Boston, hands down

South End - recommendations for gift certificates

I had pork chop, my wife had either steak frites or bar steak, i can't remember. I should say, I have only been to aquitaine for brunch (which I really like), so it may have been too strong to say they are 'much' better then aquitaine. I like ambience at gaslight more, and it is a bit less expensive. I am also basing this one my friends, all of whom have had similar experiences. Nothing against Aquitaine; I happen to think the food at Gaslight is very good, and is a little cheaper then Aquitaine in an atmosphere I like more. But Aquitaine is one of favs for brunch- for 9.99 the sticky bun, coffee, juice, and omelet is a great deal.

and personally, i just love everything about metropolis- food, cost, atmosphere

South End - recommendations for gift certificates

Have to agree that $50 doesn't get you far in the South End (sadly). My wife and I certainly don't go wild, and it's rare to get out of a place for less then $50 pp. That said, there are a ton of great places in the South end, and I think splitting it up is an awesome idea. Maybe go with 3 $75s (if you don't mind increasing your outlay by $25)
I would recommend Metropolis or Gaslight as a nice, bistro type place (both, to me, much better then Aquitaine, but personal preference), Franklin Cafe or Pops for good, fun american, if they like Southwestern at all Masa.

If you wanted to make one more of a splurge, I definitely think Hamersly's is everything it is cracked up to be, but easily will run near $200.

Picco- personally, I love Picco, and it is a great little neighborhood place, but nothing super special
Myers and Chang- I happen to think this place is way overrated and overpriced, but it is probably the best asian fusion-y place in south end.

Hope that helps!

439 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116