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Delivery in the East end/Beach?

Thai House at Wineva and Queen will deliver, as will Giorgios Pizza at Coxwell & Queen. There is a great carribbean place on Main just south of Gerrard - Cool Runnings? - that make s a great Roti - not sure if they still deliver.

If Greek is on your mind, Mr Greek and Friendly Greek deliver as well (not great, but hits the spot when you just can't face the stove).

William Ashley Warehouse Sale 2011

The last time we went to the Ashley's sale, about 6 years ago, we were a bit disappointed with the selection and prices, so after a quick lunch we headed over to HomeSense. They were selling the same brands and items at lower prices - and no long line-ups in the cold. That was the last time I wasted half a d ay at the Ashley's sale

Looking for great house-made waffle cones in GTA?

Eds Real Scoop makes their own cones...

Best Roti?

A bit out of the way for some, Cool Runnings on Main Street just south of Gerrard do a nice West Indian roti. Skin is good and the filling is medium-hot.

Cool Runnings
146 Main St, Toronto, ON M4E2V8, CA

Main Street Cafe
1626 Stittsville Main, Stittsville, ON K2S1A2, CA

Holloween Kisses (molasses candy)

I've seen them at Bulk Barn at Leslie & Lakeshore...a bit out of the way, but if you love them the way I love them, you may just travel for this one-a-year treat!

Kensington Market area

Not sure if you're thinking of the Yu Sing Pastry shop - a tiny place that sold dim sum out of a counter, but its long gone

Delicious food at Gossip on the Exibition Grounds

Did anyone else - upon reading the first review - get that bottom of the gut feeling that it was written by the restaurant? I was looking for somewhere to eat near the CNE and saw this, and was instantly turned off.

ISO Taro Chips - GTA

The only thing I've seen around town are the Terra Chips, which contain Taro chips, amongst other root vegetables. Loblaws and Whole Foods sells them last time I checked.

Best beef stroganoff in Toronto?

My daughter wanted to try beef stroganoff, so I ordered it at Bistro Camino on the weekend. Although not served with noodles (great mashed potatoes instead), the meat was melt in your mouth tender, and the sauce was rich and delicious. They served sour cream on the side so you could add in as much or as little as you liked. Although my stroganoff is...ahem...phenomenal...Bistro Camino's was one I could recommend.

Bistro Camino
2750 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

beefstake tomatos where?

Oh...this place is great!!

French breads and croissants that took me back to Paris, enjoyed with a Green Mountain coffee was a great start to the day. Two organic meat farmers, Tiffinday is there as well. Picked up some great sheeps-milk cheeses and home made summer sausage. Hooked has a table with their wild fishies, Loic has their gluten-free tarts and cookies, Canadian Pie company has both savoury and sweet pies...didn't indulge but my SO thoroughly enjoyed the fresh blueberry tarts I brought home for him!

There is also a place to pick up mixed cut-up melons in a cup, a guy making waffles while you wait, loads of fresh fruit and veggies, some out of the ordinary. They had a band that started up around 10:30 - 11 am, and there was yoga for the kids.

Overall enjoyable, and I'll be back to indulge this Sunday again...good vibe and family/dog friendly.

Canadian Pie
1071 Danforth, Toronto, ON M4J1M1, CA

beefstake tomatos where?

Picked up some fabulous beefstake tomatoes at the Leslieville Farmers Market (Sundays 9-2). Farmer was from Picton Ontario, but I can't remember his name.

Tell me about East York

Regarding Bistro Camino - closed August 7-31st, reopening September 1

Bistro Camino
2750 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

If you call ahead, The Tulip will make one of their 3 layer chocolate fudge cakes for you to take out (not sure where you're located). This is old school, moist layers of cake, sandwiched with thick fudgy least 2 people and 2 cold glasses of milk required to get through a slice of this cake!

ISO Spiny Lobster (Caribbean) and King Mackeral

Thanks Dachopstix!

I'll give T&T a try next time I'm there - not close to a RCS...will also give Dianas a call.

ISO Spiny Lobster (Caribbean) and King Mackeral

Anyone seen either Spiny Lobster or King Mackeral (aka King Fish) anywhere? I've asked at my local fish monger, and they don't carry it, nor can they get it.

Any help is appreciated.

reasonable Saturday night dinner with family

You'll need a reservation, but Green Eggplant in the Beaches is always great for families. Lots of fabulous salads, kids meals, steaks, salmon, etc. Another option is Vi Vetha at the far east end of the beach near the Filtration Plant, which is very veggie-friendly.

Green Eggplant
1968 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1H8, CA

Help! Caterer recs in Toronto for cocktail reception in 2012

My sister used Presidential catering for her wedding last year at Lash Miller House. Food was great, and they worked with her to come up with a menu that was completely gluten-free, using local food producers. I would highly recommend you give them a try.

Traditional French bistro in Toronto: some names?

Midi on McCaul, south of Baldwin


Anyone seen Dan T's chipotle (or any other) sauces around? I used to buy it at Loblaws, but I haven't seen it around lately...

Kensington Market?

When I took my 9-year old to Kensington Market for the first time, she enjoyed tasting food from many places instead of sitting down to eat...not sure if this would work with your crew, but an afternoon of sampling empanadas, patties, fruit juices, cheeses, wandas paies, etc while taking in the sounds and sights can be fun!

Rehearsal dinner in Beaches or Danforth

How about Bistro Camino? Located just east of Main on Danforth, food is great and well priced. You may want to check out the interior decor, however...

Bistro Camino
2750 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

Walden Farms?

Unfortunately I purchased the blue cheese dressing just last week at the Foodland/IGA in the Beaches...TERRIBLE!

They had all of the dressings and the BBQ sauce.

Conch fritters in Toronto ??

I find that the cuban-style conch fritters differ from the west indian style...just something to think about. Just returned from the Grenadines where i ate my fill of conch fritters - mmmmmmm!!

Toronto's Pie Hole

A new pie shop JUST opened up on Queen St. East, a block or two east of Broadview. Haven't been in, but through the window one can see small tables and big counters full of pies...anyone been?

Barbados Dining?

Have to agree with the Oistins Fish Fry - amazing and fun! Probably the closest thing you'll get to 'real' carribbean food in Barbados, short of getting out tf the tourist areas.

At the top of the Gap, where the Gap road meets the main road, there was -a a few years ago - a great roti place right on the corner. Shrimp roti packed full of shrimp. There was also a very expensive seafood restaurant in the Gap - Poisidon? Atlantis? - which was quite good.

Be warned - Barbados is VERY expensive to eat out.

Christmas Day Dinner in Toronto - Help!

Just received a flyer in the mail that Papillon on the Park is doing Christmas dinner - you might want to give them a try. They are located on Eastern Avenue, between Leslie & Coxwell

Sushi - Leslieville

If you don't mind a 10-minute drive, Yumei (Yummy!) Sushi is at Queen & Wineva in the Beach, and their sushi is quite good. Lately, day and night, huge platters are being picked up for parties...last weekend I saw at least 12 go out the door

Caterers for Miller Lash House?

My sister was married at Miller Lash about 2 years ago, and they used Presidential. Food was amazing! She has a gluten allergy, and they created a menu around her allergy...even the vegan stuff was really tasty. Everyone raved about the meal.

Le Creuset at Home Sense & Winners

The deals at Winners for Le Creuset are good, but if you ever find your way to a Le Crueset Outlet in the States - watch out! I picked up a 5.5 qt braiser in red for $65.00. There was a little 'bump' under the enamel, but nothing that will affect the use of the pot.

Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes

My moms been maing these for as long as I can remember, and they are always a hit. For a change up, you can add old cheddar cheese and/or spring (green) onions to the mix.

Another tip - make a day ahead of time, cover with plastic when cool and store in the fridge. Pop back in the oven 30 minutes before serving - gets a great brown crust on top, and creamy, mashed potato goodness underneath

Oct 27, 2010
BequiaT in Recipes