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Dinner decisions - Help me choose 2 out of my 3 options:

SW Steak is a no brainer. One of the best steakhouses in the country IMHO

Jan 14, 2014
Blind Mind in Las Vegas

Neptune Oyster Bar advice

Go to B&G Oyster. It's been a few years but I believe they do a Connecticut style (hot w drawn butter) lobstah roll.

Miami - one night

Thanks for the recap. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

Thanks, man. Much appreciated. Life is good.

JMF - when was that camp and how'd you hear about it? I was there in September for Bourbon Under the Stars event.

Mar 16, 2013
Blind Mind in Spirits

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

Ahhh, ok. I'll check it out soon when I head back home to Beantown.

Poured an oldie but goodie value bourbon last night - Ancient Ancient Age. Easy sippin all around. Poured a PVW15yr late last night after Dad called to tell me he was cancer free. It tasted better than ever.

500th post on this thread!!

Mar 15, 2013
Blind Mind in Spirits

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

Lock & Key selection? Do tell...

Mar 14, 2013
Blind Mind in Spirits

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

I suppose maybe youre right. Living in Miami, it's been a long time since I had a calzone.


My folks were in town a few months ago and we hit Sakaya for lunch. I had forgotten how much I like it. I just don't make it to that Midtown area often. The soft shell crab bun, spicy tots, and banh mi were awesome. My folks ordered a salad and a chicken w/ coconut rice bowl. There was so much chicken in both, we took it to go and I got 3 more meals out of it in the following days! The only thing that was disappointing was the brussels sprouts because they were swimming in marinade. Other than that it was a great and very filling lunch.

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

OWA is pretty awesome in an old fashioned. It's my current favorite and official cocktail of The Blind Tastes Speakeasy (aka The BTS). ETL has a medium rye content (around 15% in the mash). I like it a lot for being a tasty single barrel bourbon at a very fair price of around $30-$35 here in Miami.

Mar 13, 2013
Blind Mind in Spirits

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

So it's basically a baked grilled cheese sandwich that you dunk in sauce? I thought it would've had sauce inside already like a normal calzone. Weird.

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

Is the calzone just sauce and cheese?

Miami - one night

So would I without hesitation.

Sophisticated, Chow-Worthy Spot - Delray to Boynton

Pizzeria Oceano is the best pizza I've ever had. Better than anything I've had in Boston, NY, Philly, or otherwise. Perfect sauce, dough, and crust. Toppings are great too. Also, their apps are fantastic. Can't recommend the place enough. BUT it's ridiculously low-key. If you want get-dressed-up-fancy or a place that serves cocktails with a lively bar scene, this isn't what you're looking for.

I've not been yet but you may want to check out Rack's just off Atlantic Ave behind Linda Beans Maine Lobster Roll (which is best, most authentic lobster roll I've had outside of MA where I'm from). I liked Rack's food in Sunny Isles and although this spot in Delray is a different format I gotta think it will be pretty good.

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

Fair argument, TP. But I have to believe there's a significant difference ingredient-wise between what's in that ramen and what's on that pizza. Comparing Lucali margherita to Scarpetta spaghetti probably more accurate.

Lucali was a good pizza. I don't think it's as awe-inspiring as TP and Chowfather do but I also don't profess to be a "pizza expert". I need to go back a few more times with hopes of a better dough/crust performance to really form an opinion. I definitely want to try that calzone too because I really liked the sauce and saw it comes with a nice side of sauce.

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

You reminded me of something I'd not thought of much at first...

1 mushroom pizza, 1 Cigar City Florida Cracker Ale, 1 Sprite, tax, tip = $45?

When does Lucali open in Miami and where?

First impressions...

Sauce is awesome, tons of flavor. Dough is chewy. Too chewy for me. No crunch to it really. Crust had some nice bubbles but still chewy. Definitely a different style of pizza compared to other places down here. Pizzeria Oceano beats this place handily but after one visit I'd say it's pretty solid. Need to give it a few more tries to see how the dough/crust holds up on other visits.

VPE Rated Khong River 4 Stars in Sobe

Disagree. Khong is 2/4 star at most. Food is heavy on sweet some dishes, heavy on spice others, lots of over-saucing. Skill in the kitchen is weak as all of my 4 visits have had overcooked proteins (prawns, chicken, whole hog snapper was most disappointing and completely inedible). Some dishes are enjoyable like the papaya salad, vegetable salad, chiang rai sausage, and jerky. I also like their sticky rice. Boat noodle broth is good but meatballs in the broth are awful. This is one of those places I'll go to if others are in charge of choosing but I would not choose to go myself.

Miami Trip Report

Thanks for the report. One error though... THe 1/2 chicken at Michaels Genuine is $19, not $31. You listed the price of the whole chicken which is much more than a breast and leg. Glad you enjoyed your stay.

Miami - one night

Makes sense. Point conceded.

Is The Bazaar worth it?

To answer the title of this post - YES.

I would also drop Nobu (overrated, overpriced and you can go to Nobu in many different cities) and book MGFD. If you really want Asian/sushi go to Makoto in Bal Harbour.

Miami - one night

"We arrive Saturday afternoon and head out Sunday morning."

"3. (sorry, one additional question) - good neighborhood to stay in that is convenient to (1) and (2)? I would prefer not to rent a car unnecessarily..."

Why would anyone spend money on a cab ride to stay on South Beach given they wont even be there 1/2 day? To me the poster wanted recs in the airport vicinity or short ride.

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Best pizza I've ever had. Period.

Miami eats?

This will prob get moved to Miami board but I'm from there and happened to be looking for Boston suggestions so I'll help ya. Keep in mind Miami Beach where SBWFF is located is not Miami. Good 10-15 min can ride between the 2. Here's suggestions for beach & mainland...

The Bazaar
The Dutch
Milos (Mediterranean, very $$$$$)
Pubbelly/Pubbelly Sushi

Michaels Genuine Food & Drink (top spot in Miami also closest to Beach, just over bridge)
Edge Steak & Bar
River Oyster Bar
Sakaya Kitchen (more of a lunch spot)

Quick Weekend in MIA - Recs

Also Sushi Deli on 79th!!

Miami - local places

A few more in addition to TP's suggestions for SoBe...

A la Folie
Ice Box (this is the dessert spot you want)

4days in Coconut Grove any sugg?

Good call on Scotty's but I'd only go there for drinks. Food is pretty crappy and service very crappy unless you're sitting at the bar.

Miami/South Beach for Spring Break...lots of questions


Biltmore. It's a ride but it's an icon in Miami and the brunch is well known for being pretty awesome (I've not been in nearly a decade though). Alternative would be best brunch in town at MGFD.

Pizza - I'm gonna have to defer to The Chowfather's recommendations for pizza. Here's your research -

Gelato - can't help ya but I know people like The Frieze off Lincoln Road. Not sure if that's gelato or ice cream or froyo though...

Almond Croissants - can't really help ya here either. Maybe Paul on Lincoln Road or possible Acme Bakery?

Chocolate Babka - going to have to defer to my Jewish CH friends on this one. I'm not a babka fan.

Chicken dish - MGFD is legendary according to most people I know (I don't eat that there, too many other things I enjoy). People also love the fried whole chicken at Joe's Stone Crab for it's flavor and value ($5.95 I believe)

Miami - one night

What many of these South Beach recommendations are failing to mention is that it'll cost you likely $40 each way to take a cab. Unless you can find a cheap rental option (zipcar is a possibility), I'd stick to Coral Gables, Design District, Midtown, and Downtown/Brickell. Even those areas will be $20-30 cab fare though.

That said, here are some recs, google for more info:

Coral Gables - Su Shin Izakaya (Japanese), El Rey de las Fritas (Cuban)

Design District - Michael's Genuine Food & Drink (local, "American", *my top spot in Miami*)

Midtown - Sakaya Kitchen (fast-casual Korean)

Downtown/Brickell - NAOE (Japanese omakase, intimate experience and awesome), Momi Ramen (ramen joint...duh), neMesis Urban Bistro (eclectic is the best word I can think to describe), River Oyster Bar (seafood), Edge Steak & Bar (plenty of great options besides steaks)

As for your breakfast request... If your flight is departing at 10am out of MIA, I strongly suggest being in line to check in at 8am. The check-in and security screening process at MIA can be a total zoo, especially if flying internationally. Not many places I can think of that will be open at 7am in that area so best bet is breakfast at the airport. Boudevin (sp?) has a pretty good bagel & lox in Terminal D. Also in D is La Carreta where you can get your Cuban fix if you haven't already.

The Bazaar in South Beach

Exactly. It's not that it's distinctive but that it's executed to perfection. With the anchovies it's elevated even more. Just a beautiful execution of a simple dish.


Best burger in Miami and beyond is Lokal in Coconut Grove. Period.

Feb 14, 2013
Blind Mind in Florida