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"In the land of the blind..."

2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

I was there on Sat. My love of broasted chicken is well documented on Chowhound. However, I'm not sure these butter tarts would work for Kwass. I believe the preference is for a runnier filling. Pastry is nice though...

Now if your talkin' Choc Cream Pie...

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

Agree re: the pop ups (it's not really In N'Out unless they use their meat) BUT not sure why it's an excuse? This is their formula and their customers seem to appreciate it. They own their meat processing plant and will not open more than 1 day drive away from it. So, only CA, NV and UT locations. If they eventually open an east coast processing plant, then you will see east coast locations. I don't think they are in any hurry though...

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

no... I read they are using Ganzi's local meat supplier.

So it's not really an In and Out burger, is it?

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

Not until they open an East coast meat processing plant...

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

mrzee... kudos to you! The Pie Tree I remember, but your memory is far better...

I do remember a Dairy Queen waaay back, but somehow have no memories of Daddy's or the Fryin Pan. Ate at the Big Boy once or twice...

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

True, but do you remember what it was BEFORE it was the Shrimp Kitchen?

2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

Obviously not a bakery so I am not sure of the source, but I had a butter tart from Rocky Mountain Choc factory in Stratford on the weekend and it was pretty good. I am not really a butter tart enthusiast, and it was covered in caramel and chocolate so nothing I would recommend to purists, but I thought the tart itself (pastry) was good. Filling was not particularly runny (more gelatinous?) but I really didn't notice with the caramel and chocolate, etc. 8/10 as a treat, though I suspect the tart by itself would be rated somewhat lower by fans...

Grilled Whole Fish & Best Lobster & SLS Eats?

Re: Joe's, I can't handle the wait in Miami...

But I try to get there when I'm in Vegas :)

Aug 22, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Crenshaw Melons APB?

Crenshaw melons seem to be missing from Produce sections this summer. I've been checking in T.O. and KW areas.

Can any hounds advise any recent sightings?

Need help with good place for lunch in Kitchener.


I recommend you check out Red House. Had a nice meal there last month. Former Charcoal Steak House chef who's out on his own now. Patio dining if weather permits.

Taco Farm at King and Erb is interesting. Tacos can be hit or miss (definitely unconventional - not trying for authentic) , but I enjoy their fried chicken (Honey, tequila, Lime, black pepper) Very sweet, but pairs up nicely with their 3 housemade hot sauces. Lots of different tequilas to sample if that's your thing...

If it's BBQ you want... Hogtails in Waterloo or the Lancaster Smokehouse are both good choices.

Just a heads up... Sabletine pastries on King St. for some great pastries, macarons, etc.

Let us know where you end up!

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

LOL... I forgot they call them "Mexican"! (the ones with the sauce, IIRC)

Nothing remotely Mexican about them! Hilarious!

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

I don't believe the OP is referring to BBQ at all. More of a grilled, "steakhouse" rib.

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

FWIW... I wouldn't even bother with a steak at the Steak Pit. I believe their "specialty" has always been Ribs. (they even get their own page on the menu IIRC...)

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

Sounds like you're talking old school steakhouse ribs as opposed to slow cooked/smoked BBQ ribs(?)

Years ago, Steak Pit on Avenue Rd. was always up there with the best, IMO.
Interestingly enough, I went back over a year ago and the ribs were still (surprisingly?) quite good. Same waitresses, etc. I remember from the 70's. Might be worth a try.

Local mid-high end restaurant with chef actually there?

I'm sure others who are more local will have other (better?) suggestions, but I'll start off by recommending Sage, especially since you are staying at the Aria already. A beautiful room, interesting food and I believe Chef Mclain is in the kitchen (although he is from SoCal, originally - not Vegas) Had a great meal there a few months ago. Everything I tried was delicious. "Foie gras chocolate bar" dessert was a standout.

Aug 11, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Best burgers in LV? And other lunch recommendations in/near Paris (on strip)

Really enjoyed Ramsay's BURGR at PH, got to taste truffle fries, wings, Farm Burger, and milkshake - all were great and the overall experience was very positive!

That being said, if we are judging on the basis of BURGER taste and quality only, I prefer Keller's at MB. I have had both grass fed and Kobe burgers at Burger Bar and would agree with Uhockey that it is an excellent choice.

Either way, I think you'll be pleased.

Aug 07, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Camp 31 BBQ.....Paris, Ontario (Not So Great)

Not sure why people keep making roadtrips to Camp 31. It hasn't been a BBQ destination (for me) for many years now.

Hogtails,"The Lanc", even SOS in KW are ALL better than Camp 31 IMO.

ISO Waterloo chow worthy

Pepi's gets a lot of love here locally. Not sure why.

Just meh, IMO.

If you want great pizza (wood fired oven) in the Tri Cities (not easy, BTW...) try BREADHEADS on the DFB (Duke food block) in downtown Kitchener. Caveat: their hours (especially summer) can be "challenging"...

Re: notable eateries, start with MPC Kitchen, Red House and Hogtails BBQ/Lancaster Smokehouse. For groceries, Vincenzo's is best. (think KW's version of Pusateri's, etc.)

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

Sorry to hear your experience didn't mirror ours...

Perhaps it was because we got there a little earlier? (6pm)

The place was busy, but we had a (large) table downstairs and our service (as mentioned) was fast. Re: noise, I just assumed it was always kind of a busy, hustle bustle kind of place. It did not inhibit conversation though...

Thought about the duck, asked about the Pork Chop as well and our server recommended the Pork Chop. I was not disappointed. Med rare, with a real smokey flavor that was offset by a plum reduction sauce (not oversauced, which was welcome) My DC really enjoyed the Pork Shank, it was alot, but had real good flavour with some nice crispy bits. She described the flavors as "authentic" (she is German) I thought it was quite tasty as well.

I would rate our experience at Six Penn a solid 7.5/10.

Bill Maher: easily a nine.

Jul 28, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

Just a quick followup:

Had a very good dinner at Six Penn Kitchen, Pork chop was delicious and so was the Pork Shank. Sides were good as well. Casual, friendly service was efficient and speedy. Good value for the price, IMO.

Parking was a bit of a nightmare due to the huge country music show at PNC Park (I had NO idea) the first 3 garages we found were all full. But I managed to find a small lot about a block away for $20. Not sure if that's alot in Pittsburgh, but it's a bargain on an "event night" in downtown Toronto - so all good. Had a nice walk around the district before the rain forced us inside beautiful Heinz Hall.

Thanks again to all for the suggestions. burghgal, hope you enjoyed your dinner and the show.

Jul 28, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

Yeah... read some reviews re: Six Penn and they were kinda all over the place. Since we are coming in from a long way (Toronto area) I really need to have a reservation somewhere. Butcher offered only bar seating, and I thought we might want a little more room after the drive.
Re: Sienna, looks very Italian (not a bad thing, but we have lots of that in T.O.) and not a big fan of Asian (Grit) At this point, reservations are filling up everywhere for Sat. night as would be expected. Will probably stay with Six Penn and hope we catch them on a good night.
Thanks to all!

Jul 22, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

Thanks yammers, Effort and burghgal for the suggestions. Wasn't able to get in at M & P or Butcher. I have a res at Six Penn.

Everything looks quite nice... any "must haves" on that menu?

Jul 21, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

yammers thank you very much for the feedback.

I like Proper Brick oven, but no res means that probably won't work pre show.

I'm leaning toward M&P. Any must haves on that menu?

Jul 17, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

Heading to the Bill Maher show 8:00pm on Jul. 26. Can any 'burgh area hounds advise a good place for pre show eats close to Heinz Hall?

Fancy or casual works... timing/parking and good food most important.

Any suggestions? (Go Steelers!)

Jul 16, 2014
kwfoodiewannabe in Pennsylvania

Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

Fair enough.

answer: nowhere, IMO.

St. Jacobs is fine for the market (a bit touristy for my tastes, but...) however, I wouldn't bother eating there, especially if you're looking for a "foodie destination", if you just want some eats before/after/during shopping, Crazy Canuck has simple food (fresh cut fries, sandwiches, etc.) mostly made in-house from what I gather. A whole lot better than fast food, but NOT a destination.

There are a few decent spots in KW (MPC Kitchen, Red House) as someone pointed out earlier, but nothing you can't get in T.O. or vicinity, with the exception of some good German fare perhaps and BBQ, which I understand is somewhat lacking in T.O. (Buster and Stockyards notwithstanding). I have been thinking about trying Langdon Hall (which some say is a foodie destination), but with all the lukewarm reviews I've read, it really has not been a priority.

I wouldn't call KW and area a foodie mecca by any stretch. It's taken me years just to find a few good local faves. That being said, it might work geographically as a base for the OP's roadtrip, since it is pretty central to almost all the suggestions in this thread.

Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

agree re: Monforte. My new fave in Stratford

(thanks, Prima!)

Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

not suggesting it as a destination for the OP, as that would be simply foolish. It is a dinerish place with some good homemade eats.

I believe you asked the question:
Right BUT where should one eat in St Jacobs?

My posting was simply in response to your question specifically, and while I don't consider KW to be a destination of any sort (except perhaps, Oktoberfest?) I did point out to the OP in an earlier posting re: the merits of using it as a base for various day trips that others suggested.

Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

not fancy, and nothing like Vidalia's, but the Crazy Canuck is doing some good eats by the St. Jacobs market, FYI...

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

Sahlen's hot dogs. The BEST.

Or you could just eat a charbroiled one at Ted's...