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Replacement for Kwinter's Hot Dogs?

NOT an all beef hotdog, so perhaps not a substitute for Kwinters (Nathan's are pretty good...) but I am a Hotdog fan (occasionally) and have been buying hotdogs from Harvest Meats (Sask?) at the Real Canadian Superstore. Not cheap ($8.99 for 10) and they come weirdly packaged and individually(!) wrapped but they are terrific! I checked their website and they do make an ALL BEEF, but I have never seen them at my local Superstore.

Might be worth a try!

Looking for jars of Putter's Dill pickles

pretty sure Centre Street Deli in Thornhill sells them...

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Interestingly close. (not THAT hotel - LOL)

They were known as WALDORF RED HOTS.

I believe this discussion might appear earlier in this gargantuan thread.

Also, although Honey Dew had their own restos serving their Orange drink and hot dogs, I don't think the orange drink with the red hots at Simpson's was Honey Dew but rather a generic version of same.

Mississauga & Oakville hounds - any recs for Sunday late lunch/early dinner?

Ended up at Brown's. Food was surprisingly good for a chain resto. Sampled Shrimp/pesto pizza and an Asian type noodle bowl thing. Both were reasonably good. Drinks were all good and atmosphere was fine (a bit quiet as expected at 4pm on a rainy Sunday)

Thanks for the help!

Vegas Venue for 120 near Venetian?

Did a group dinner for 40 at Canaletto a few years ago. IMO, there are better Italian restos in Vegas, (I prefer Il Mulino or Ferraro's for "old school" Italian) but I have to say everything was well presented and reasonably good. They were also quite easy to work with IIRC.

Jun 12, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Mississauga & Oakville hounds - any recs for Sunday late lunch/early dinner?

Thanks, for all the recs LJS2 and fryerlover.

I'll check them out!

Mississauga & Oakville hounds - any recs for Sunday late lunch/early dinner?

Will be in the Winston Churchill/Lakeshore area on Sunday afternoon. Any area recs for a late lunch around 3pm for a group of 6? All cuisines and price ranges considered...

Some love for Paese...

It's been quite a while (maybe 10+ years) but I was back at Paese on Bathurst St. for Sat. dinner.

Tried the Caprese salad, Pera pizza, Leek and goat cheese ravioli, veal and the Choc dessert. Everything (food) was VERY good. Service was ok (very casual) but no issue.

With so many great restos in T.O. I won't be running back - but I certainly won't wait another 10 years for my next visit. Perhaps a bit pricey, but still a good spot (albeit a bit of a strange location) for a reliable Italian meal, IMO.

1st visit to Vegas for a concert- will I regret my choices??

Never had them frozen. But aside from the chicken, the prime steaks and just about everything else on that menu is good too! Plus it's at Caesars' shops... so nice and close per the OP.

May 27, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

1st visit to Vegas for a concert- will I regret my choices??

agree re: Holstein's over Ramsay for the burger. But Ramsay's fries were MUCH better (HOLSTEIN's fries were frozen?) Burger Bar at Mandalay is really good too.

Have not been to Old Homestead, and used to love Ramsay Steak, but they destroyed my NY on last visit. (steak arrived Med WELL- order was med rare, replacement was blue rare, finally got it right on the third try)

Like Il Mulino in Caesars' over Rao's (but haven't been to Rao's for a long time)

Lunch: How about Joe's at Caesars' for stone crab and key lime pie?

May 27, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Recommend a "casual" (or at least "casual-ish") steakhouse?

saw a guy wearing blue jeans at JR.

I think you'll be ok anywhere...

May 10, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Go-Tos and Wish List

Ate at Le Cirque Wednesday last week and everything was lovely. Lobster and Avocado salad was the only "wow" for me. On the other hand, Thursday at L'Atelier blew me away. Every dish we tried was terrific. Joe's on Friday was great as usual, Tuesday night at Gordon Ramsay Steak was disappointing. A busy week mixing business and pleasure, I also got to squeeze in Breakfast at Bouchon and burgers at Ramsay's BURGR (good) and HOLSTEIN's (better, IMO) plus a Sunday night Italian dinner off strip at Ferraro's.

Will try to post a trip report with some pics in the next little while...

TWIST and Joel Robuchon next year...

Apr 22, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

I didn't see any suggestion to eat at Jack Astor's in KSR's response. I believe it was a comparison of the price of a particular dish and the relative amount of space in the 2 establishments.

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

I was very impressed by Q BBQ's meats. The sides were not as good as Hogtails or Lanc. But the brisket and chicken were top notch. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain the consistency next visit.

Not a huge Pork hock fan, but I suspect the Olde Heidelberg Haus north of Waterloo would be your best bet.

If you want schnitzel or pierogies, Two Goblets is very good in a converted old house on Weber St. Of course, the Concordia Club (famous for it's HUGE Oktoberfest beer tent in Oct) has a restaurant (The Schenke) that serves many German specialties.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Re: Levetto, I was at Levetto in Baden last night (I know, Baden?) and was not as pleased with the food as on previous visits. There appear to have been some changes in the last couple of months. the "12 hour" Bolognese that they were making in -house is now being brought in from a central kitchen that services the local (Waterloo, Baden and ?) locations. It was tastier before. Carbonara is still the go to pasta there having tried 5 different ones now... Funghi Pizza is their best, IMO. TIP: Eat the Pizza quickly. Delicious when fresh out of the oven, but gets cold fast and the taste suffers.

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo


Nice to hear you had another good BBQ meal in KW. As mentioned, I was a bit disappointed with our food (brisket) at Hogtails Friday night (but NOT that amazing chicken!) Perhaps I am just getting spoiled by the great BBQ places here?

London Hounds - Has anyone tried Veloce Italian Kitchen?

They are open in Waterloo, soon in Mississauga.

Any reviews?

Cambridge/Waterloo/St. George


I was at Hogtails on Friday and was not impressed. Unfortunately, I found the meat was not as good on my last 2 trips. Friday night the brisket was a bit chewy (though tasty) and dry Cajun wings were overspiced, IMO. Chicken was up to it's usual (very good) standards (it is my favorite meat at Hogtails and still very good) Jalapeno mac n' cheese was also very good. You might consider Q BBQ (just opened in the old Smokin' Tony's location on Northfield Dr. in Waterloo) have not been to that location, but an initial visit to their Cambridge location was really good, excellent brisket, and maybe the juiciest BBQ/smoked half chicken I have ever tasted... Of course, it's only one visit (another location) and their sides were just okay.

BTW... I understand Hogtails has a good Sunday brunch. Have not tried it yet...

Cambridge/Waterloo/St. George

Certainly NOT in a nice area of town (quite the opposite, actually) but if your looking for a chow worthy food stop, check out Little Louie's Burger Joint and Soupery next time you are in Cambridge. Amazing Char grilled Beef Burgers (or Turkey or Veg burger or Chicken breast), toppings (smoked gouda? Bacon? Fried egg?), fresh cut fries and onion straws, 5 interesting soups everyday. A great side salad with their homemade carrot mustard dressing. A cool sandwich of the day and a (sometimes pretty crazy) Burger of the Week.

Just 2 potential problems: NO weekends (M-F 11-8pm) and since appearing on Y.G.E.H on the Food Network the line is definitely getting longer.

Still worth a trip if you are in Cambridge. Would also recommend Q BBQ on Dundas St. (Great chicken and brisket)

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

lister, pourboi, magic... thanks for the heads up! I'll have to give them a try...

+1 for Paula's!

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Have not had BBQ in Buffalo. Generally do Charlie the Butcher for B on W. Or Ted's. or DiBella's. Or somewhere nicer. Any BBQ recs?

Re: T.O. BBQ places, admittedly my recent experience is limited ('cause there's plenty of good BBQ here!) Also, my T.O trips are generally for things that I can't get here (KIVAs bagels, California Veal, Centre Street MSM, Stockyard's fried chicken, etc.) Last BBQ in T.O. was Big Bone in Maple and it was ok. Stack is on my radar and (sigh) someday I will make it all the way out to Buster's I suppose.

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

tough call. Depends on your financial situation I suppose. How important is that $20? I know plenty of folks from T.O. that would make the drive to Camp 31 in Paris. Unless you go way back, that drive hasn't been "worth it" for years...

I say wait for a nice day and take a drive to KW. If you're a BBQ lover, it will probably be worth it.

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

agreed... but since Charles brought it up...

EDIT: BTW... IMO, the best Fried Chicken in KW is at Taco Farm. Not traditional (Honey, tequila, black pepper marinade) but DELICIOUS! (don't bother with the tacos - interesting, but small and expensive)

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Charles, I tried Q BBQ in Cambridge (now open in Waterloo as well) last week and their BBQ was very tasty! Brisket was as good (maybe better?) than Hogtails/Lancaster and their BBQ chicken was the among best I have ever tasted, though sides were not as good.

And while I agree that KW has better BBQ than T.O, IMO Stockyards Fried Chicken is still better than anything here locally.

Bayview Village

My brain is about to explode...

I wanna say something like -


Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo


Great to hear your feedback and nice to hear that you enjoyed your meal. Also encouraging that the BBQ is still up to standard in our little hamlet :) (haven't eaten much BBQ lately)

Agree re: Lancaster's smokey sauce, it's very good. Brisket is a little fatty for me (I prefer leaner meats generally) but I must agree that the flavour is as good as any I have tasted in ON. Re: fried chicken, Lanc's is ok, but for me it's Stockyards all the way.

I have tried the collards but am not a huge fan. My experience is similar to your takeout (too salty)

Recs for a casual dinner? Vero Beach?

janniecooks, thank you for your great suggestions!

Osceola would be my choice as well... Citrus looks nice too. Was not all that impressed with Tides. My only problem is we are probably doing this on... a Sunday.

Since both Osceola and Citrus are closed, any where else you would recommend?

Jan 20, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Florida

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Two Goblets is great for Schnitzel, perogies, etc., but I have changed my eating habits over the last year or so and fried "dinner plate sized" portions of perfectly cooked golden schnitzel are generally not something I indulge in anymore. (I save my calories for other stuff...) It's probably about 2 years since my last visit, but I don't imagine much has changed. In a half dozen prior visits, they were VERY consistent.

Great Schnitzels (stuffed, cheeses, plain, etc.) as mentioned, along with some traditional sides (purple cabbage, perogies) in a very "living room" (converted old house) type setting. I believe most everything is homemade (salad dressing, desserts, etc.) Owners are a Romanian husband and wife team. He handles the tables, she is in the kitchen.

If you like this type of European cuisine, Two Goblets would be a very good choice.

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo


The owner of Hogtails sold the place a few years ago and opened the Lancaster Smokehouse in the old Lancaster Tavern (dumpy) location. Recipes and menus are quite similar, except the new owner of Hogtails has added a few things. Standouts are the BBQ chicken thighs and pulled pork. I am not a huge fan of the ribs at either (though I prefer a baby back steakhouse type rib like the Steak Pit on Avenue rd. in T.O.) Most folks would probably give the edge to the "Lanc" for food (both are very close in terms quality/taste) but I have found that at very busy times (eg: weekends) they were so busy that the kitchen was overwhelmed (or at least the food quality suffered, IMO) ultimately, both are good choices for BBQ. A lot of people also like SOS BBQ on Highland Rd.

My current fave locally is Red House (had a nice meal on Sat. night - bone marrow app and shortrib) run by the former Charcoal steakhouse head chef who has branched out on his own. Also, had a recent good lunch meal (lobster cobb salad, Korean fried chicken) at the new GILT in downtown Kitchener, but other dishes have been hit or miss... probably need more time as the menu keeps changing... I love the fried chicken at Taco Farm (Honey, tequila, lime and black pepper) it's not like anything I have tasted anywhere else, but I don't love their tacos. Also had a nice brunch at The Belmont, which used to be a crepe place but have now changed their focus. Hard to find their menu online, but I think they have a Facebook page you can check out.

If you want wood fired pizza, Breadheads on Duke St. downtown (also known as the "DFB" or DUKE food block) is as close to VPN as we get here in KW. I have trouble getting there due to hours, but their pizza is exceptional and lunchtime will be no problem.

Let me know where you end up!

Wanting to eat good without breaking the bank

A couple of burgers, split some fries and water to drink... it could be done for around $40...

Of course, you could just order one of those GR PUDDING milkshakes and that would basically make a meal!

Jan 16, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas