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Bayview Village

My brain is about to explode...

I wanna say something like -


Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo


Great to hear your feedback and nice to hear that you enjoyed your meal. Also encouraging that the BBQ is still up to standard in our little hamlet :) (haven't eaten much BBQ lately)

Agree re: Lancaster's smokey sauce, it's very good. Brisket is a little fatty for me (I prefer leaner meats generally) but I must agree that the flavour is as good as any I have tasted in ON. Re: fried chicken, Lanc's is ok, but for me it's Stockyards all the way.

I have tried the collards but am not a huge fan. My experience is similar to your takeout (too salty)

Recs for a casual dinner? Vero Beach?

janniecooks, thank you for your great suggestions!

Osceola would be my choice as well... Citrus looks nice too. Was not all that impressed with Tides. My only problem is we are probably doing this on... a Sunday.

Since both Osceola and Citrus are closed, any where else you would recommend?

Jan 20, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Florida

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Two Goblets is great for Schnitzel, perogies, etc., but I have changed my eating habits over the last year or so and fried "dinner plate sized" portions of perfectly cooked golden schnitzel are generally not something I indulge in anymore. (I save my calories for other stuff...) It's probably about 2 years since my last visit, but I don't imagine much has changed. In a half dozen prior visits, they were VERY consistent.

Great Schnitzels (stuffed, cheeses, plain, etc.) as mentioned, along with some traditional sides (purple cabbage, perogies) in a very "living room" (converted old house) type setting. I believe most everything is homemade (salad dressing, desserts, etc.) Owners are a Romanian husband and wife team. He handles the tables, she is in the kitchen.

If you like this type of European cuisine, Two Goblets would be a very good choice.

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo


The owner of Hogtails sold the place a few years ago and opened the Lancaster Smokehouse in the old Lancaster Tavern (dumpy) location. Recipes and menus are quite similar, except the new owner of Hogtails has added a few things. Standouts are the BBQ chicken thighs and pulled pork. I am not a huge fan of the ribs at either (though I prefer a baby back steakhouse type rib like the Steak Pit on Avenue rd. in T.O.) Most folks would probably give the edge to the "Lanc" for food (both are very close in terms quality/taste) but I have found that at very busy times (eg: weekends) they were so busy that the kitchen was overwhelmed (or at least the food quality suffered, IMO) ultimately, both are good choices for BBQ. A lot of people also like SOS BBQ on Highland Rd.

My current fave locally is Red House (had a nice meal on Sat. night - bone marrow app and shortrib) run by the former Charcoal steakhouse head chef who has branched out on his own. Also, had a recent good lunch meal (lobster cobb salad, Korean fried chicken) at the new GILT in downtown Kitchener, but other dishes have been hit or miss... probably need more time as the menu keeps changing... I love the fried chicken at Taco Farm (Honey, tequila, lime and black pepper) it's not like anything I have tasted anywhere else, but I don't love their tacos. Also had a nice brunch at The Belmont, which used to be a crepe place but have now changed their focus. Hard to find their menu online, but I think they have a Facebook page you can check out.

If you want wood fired pizza, Breadheads on Duke St. downtown (also known as the "DFB" or DUKE food block) is as close to VPN as we get here in KW. I have trouble getting there due to hours, but their pizza is exceptional and lunchtime will be no problem.

Let me know where you end up!

Wanting to eat good without breaking the bank

A couple of burgers, split some fries and water to drink... it could be done for around $40...

Of course, you could just order one of those GR PUDDING milkshakes and that would basically make a meal!

Jan 16, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Las Vegas

Recs for a casual dinner? Vero Beach?

Driving up from Wellington to meet friends coming down from New Smyrna. Looking for a good, casual dinner spot halfway in between. Any suggestions? Pref. American cuisine as I have no idea re: food preferences.

Jan 16, 2015
kwfoodiewannabe in Florida

Is Carman's steakhouse really back?

I seem to recall the name "Carman's Club" many years back (was it a private club at one time?) Most just referred to it as "Carman's"


Was curious and checked out the Waterloo location on Sat. Pizza (Sicilian style) Pasta and salad all very good. Very reasonable prices. Most of the food seemed to be made on premises from scratch (pizza dough, pasta)

Not a big fan of chains (though I do like Panera), but this is one of the best I have visited in Canada. Product is very much as advertised, IMO. Based on my initial visit, I will definitely return. The food is inexpensive, fresh and tasty. Probably worth checking out if you are close to one of their locations.


Looks like they have rebranded as Levetto?

They have a location in Waterloo and... Baden?

Same owners? Has anybody been lately?

Chowfind of 2014 (anywhere in Ontario)

Nice thread, Food Tourist!

Naturally (?) my chowfind is in KW. The Bread Baron is in Kitchener's downtown market, owned by 2 Stratford cooking school grads, who have spent time at some T.O. restos (Colbourne Lane, Lucien) prior to setiing up in KW. They do a great small menu of sandwiches, a grass fed beef burger, soups and sides from locally sourced stuff. Most of the ingredients are made in-house (side bacon, brisket, peameal, condiments like pickled pepper mayo, aiolis, etc.) and prices are very reasonable. Only drawback is the hours... only til 3pm Tues- Sat.

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Stockyards fresh cut fries are $2.50 extra with the sandwich. And yes, I am not the person who requires 2 sides, unless of course we are talking a small (6oz.?) sandwich.

So $11.00 for Stockyards PP sammich and fries. Works for me.


Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Wow... never been to Hogtown, but eighteen bucks for 6 oz...?

I had a HUGE pulled pork sandwich at the Stockyards Sat. night. I couldn't believe how stuffed full it was.

$8.50. An absolute bargain.

$7.90 for cup of takeout soup!

Check out the prices at Zoup by comparison. A Panera wannabe (not even close, IMO, but with 12 soup choices daily) Soups are pretty good, some just meh, but they range from $6.35 to $7.95 for 12 ounces. Granted $7.95 is for the "premium soups" (lobster bisque, crab & corn chowder) You probably a premium for anything in a bakery/café on Bayview compared to a chain, but those prices are not far off, I suppose.

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

+1 for the Fireplace and their amazing hot/sweet Fireplace Chicken! Plus a very cool "Victorian" vibe!

Huevos Rancheros 2014


Tasted a pretty good version last weekend at The Belmont, (in Belmont Village) in Kitchener.

Help - Fine Dining (Italian or French) K-W/Statford/Guelph area

Was going to mention it but have not been there since the change so I have no new information. Was not particularly impressed on a couple of visits years ago. I think it developed a reputation because of the lack of good Italian here. That being said, there is still a lack of good Italian here so it's probably worth a revisit.

I just remembered another Italian spot for the OP though. Marcelo's in Cambridge is in a very strange location (beside a tire store on Eagle St.) and is not run by Italians (Marcelo is Romanian) but is a very nice family run spot with good homemade rustic style food, and reasonable prices - though not particularly romantic.

Help - Fine Dining (Italian or French) K-W/Statford/Guelph area

Not much in the way of memorable classic French or Italian cooking in KW, IMO.

I found Janet Lynn's to be comfortable on a recent visit (nice ambience), but a bit pricey and food was just ok, no standouts.

If you are willing to stray from your original French or Italian food request, here in KW I would check out Red House, MPC Public Kitchen, or Gilt (though, IMO they still need to work out some kinks after being open only a short time) EDIT: None of these are particularly "romantic" it's more about the food...

Had brunch at The Belmont on Sat (good take on Fried Chicken & Waffles) just down the street from Janet Lynn's and they seem to be doing some interesting things for dinner as well.

Have also heard some good thing about Homage in Cambridge, but have yet to make it there.

Special occasion cake - help

Phipps Bakery on Eglinton Ave.

Looking for an uptown restaurant for a birthday dinner of about 8 to 10 people

winner! yay!


Looking for an uptown restaurant for a birthday dinner of about 8 to 10 people

again... let's keep it to the GTA. Scarborough is ok. So is Miss.

Easy enough?

Looking for an uptown restaurant for a birthday dinner of about 8 to 10 people

Well, we don't mention Barrie because it is not in the GTA, so your point re: RH, Markham and Thornhill is valid. While the city of North York border (N. of Roselawn on Bathurst IIRC, and a bit further north on Yonge) does technically constitute the North end of the City of Toronto, I suspect most people now view the city in the context of the GTA and could therefore consider York Mills, Sheppard, Finch and up to Steeles as "uptown".

Looking for an uptown restaurant for a birthday dinner of about 8 to 10 people


May I ask, where do these city descriptions come from?

I was under the impression that "Uptown" is more of a geographical term for the north end of any city.

I have heard Toronto's Eglinton/St. Clair area referred to as "midtown". (again I assumed that was simply due to geography) Is there a reference somewhere for Uptown (in a Toronto context) to mean "definitely not north of York Mills?"


SOS is good BBQ. I prefer the Lanc and my first choice is Hogtails BBQ formerly owned by Chris from the Lanc, but now operated by another owner - though they share a website and many of the old "recipes".(coincidentally, I will probably be there on Fri night for dinner)

Stratford lunch

+1 for Monforte. My new Stratford fave!
Had a "bowl" of trumpet(?) mushrooms, pork belly and pearl onions in a delicious broth last week... mmmmmm

Let's hear who has the best onion rings in Toronto!

They used to when they first opened, I asked a couple of years ago why they stopped and the owner told me they needed a dedicated fryer just for rings (onion taste?) and it was too much hassle.


"In the land of the blind..."

2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

I was there on Sat. My love of broasted chicken is well documented on Chowhound. However, I'm not sure these butter tarts would work for Kwass. I believe the preference is for a runnier filling. Pastry is nice though...

Now if your talkin' Choc Cream Pie...

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

Agree re: the pop ups (it's not really In N'Out unless they use their meat) BUT not sure why it's an excuse? This is their formula and their customers seem to appreciate it. They own their meat processing plant and will not open more than 1 day drive away from it. So, only CA, NV and UT locations. If they eventually open an east coast processing plant, then you will see east coast locations. I don't think they are in any hurry though...

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

no... I read they are using Ganzi's local meat supplier.

So it's not really an In and Out burger, is it?