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Chicago Area personal chefs

I'm a Personal Chef here in Chicago, and I humbly suggest my services. I'd love to hear from your friend! My website is, and you can find all my contact info there. Prices between chefs will obviously vary, but I imagine a fantastic 3 or more course dinner for 2 would run around $400 total (food and wine included).

Apr 11, 2011
eprewitt in Chicago Area

Turducken -- Good or just a novelty.

The turducken, as such, has been around in South Louisiana since the early 80s, if not earlier. Paul Prudhomme did not "invent" it, though he has gotten a lot of the credit.

But beyond that, elaborate entrées of animals stuffed into other animals (usually birds) has been around since Ancient Roman times. The practice became very popular in the 1700s (I think), with the architectural-style dishes that were then so in fashion (think Carême, even Escoffier).

So is turducken a novelty? Hell, no. Can it be done well? Absolutely. Can it be terrible, due to overcooking, inferior product, inexpert crafting? Hell, yes.

Dec 10, 2010
eprewitt in General Topics

Good Cheap Mexican Food on North Clark Street from Andersonville to Rogers Park

Sabor Michoacan is quite good, and very cheap. I have yet to try something that I didn't like. I remember the mole being particularly good.

Mar 02, 2010
eprewitt in Chicago Area