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First time at Langers Deli

I was in Westlake Village for my nephew's wedding and my hotel was right next to Langer's. Needless to say, every time I wasn't involved in wedding stuff, I ate there. I've eaten at many delis in NYC and I found that Langer's was right up there. My favorites were the stuffed cabbage, the potato knishes and especially the apple strudel. The servings were so large that I was glad I had a refrigerator and microwave in the hotel room. I loved being there for my beloved nephew's wedding, but Langer's made the trip.

Sep 26, 2013
mizmintz in Los Angeles Area

Tell me, what utensil do YOU use to cut shortening into pie dough?

Cut the shortening with two knives from your flatware set. Then blend it with your fingers. It would be quicker with the Cuisinart, but I think my way makes a more tender crust.

Jul 16, 2012
mizmintz in Cookware

The Best Knish in Manhattan

Anybody have suggestions for the best knish in Manhattan? I've been to Jonah Schimmel's (sp?) and I thought they were greasy and flavorless. I liked the ones at Carnegie Deli, but I know a lot of you dis Carnegie Deli. Katz's -- meh. So where do I go?

Mar 04, 2010
mizmintz in Manhattan