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Food Network: Canada vs US?

i friggin' LOVE dinner impossible...he is great!!!

Feb 05, 2008
chiuchiu in Food Media & News

Centro on Blue Mountain

went skiing for the weekend and will be staying for the week...went down to have some drinks and there it was...Centro..finally some decent food on the Mountain. It is usually dismall over priced bar/steak house fair up there. Took a peek at the menu and it looks very safe and average. Not like Centro in Toronto. The interior looks sharp. I am going to go for dinner tomorrow night. The manager said they just opened this week. I'm going to walk in with 15 people, can't really make a reservation since not everyone in my party can make up their minds!...let's see how it goes! We will try to be fair since it just opened the doors. PS The skiing is great (for Ontario) with lots of fresh snow!!!

Via Allegro Stars?

wow...horrid is pretty must be very memorable to be that bad...could you validate your experience by saying what you ate?? And when you went....just so I know for sure..thanks..

A Good Sake is hard to find...

go to michael pataran's web site..he has a whole list of great sake..or go to "city bites" magazine on line and he has a great article on it...he is the sake king...

Best young chef?

i heard that she was doing the golden plate its going to be the executive chef...Robert Bartley..maybe she's off to new york or elsewhere very soon....

King Arthur AP Flour in Toronto (or other good brands)

i thought that france and the states both import canadian wheat for its high quality....they make their flours and sell it back to we are flour that is local after all....

Windsor Arms turns Purple?

i don't even know who the chef there is anymore..michael pataran was going to be there..but perhaps he saw these rooms were a sign for him to exit...sigh...loved his work....where is he now?

Best young chef?

my vote is scott woods too...haven't been to the new place yet....must get that on the "honey do" list

The Citizen

from what i heard they are trying to address the might be from changing vent systems during reno...but they say that should only be done by "furnace professionals" for that specific reason...a jack of all trades is not supposed to mess with that stuff....oh well....hopefully it won't be freezing in winter......

Should I talk them out of LICK's?

go for the licks....and get some onion rings too....

Best young chef?

Perhaps New York is in her future because Lynn Crawford is there. Although I don't see Ms. Crawford receiving much culinary attention there since ICA competion...not even a mention in Manhatten chowhound board..ever..