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Eating in and around Iowa City

Replied to another post about La Reyna, agree with you completely. What's with this situation??? My husband and I are from San Diego, LOVE good Mexican food, and thought this place was AWFUL after having gone with very high expectations. We have eaten at Los Cabos on a strong recommendation from a Mexican friend, but liked it mostly for the cheap Margaritas, maybe?

Iowa City

Los Cabos wins hands down...we went to La Reyna for lunch with HIGH expectations (bad for people from San Diego used to the most incredible Carne Asada burritos EVER), and were really was not only nothing special, it was not good at all. Oh well, so much for great Mexican in Iowa City...but really, what were we expecting??

Corned Beef in Iowa City?

Thanks Dave, I'll go there tomorrow to check it out...I had a dream the night after I posted my question that I found a Jewish Deli in Iowa City and it was closed...oh well, we can dream, huh?