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Stella Trattoria Traverse City MI

Sooooooo,,,where else to eat in TC?? besides Cook's ?? tarantilla

Mar 08, 2014
tarantilla in Great Lakes

Slow Cooker Pork and Sauerkraut

this is true what you say. Boneless ribs can be dry, and little or no fat (don't know what I was thinking). But the kielbasa is already cooked, so no need to add til the end, and potatoes can be separately cooked. juniper berries can be bought in the grocery store, or on line.

Feb 23, 2014
tarantilla in Recipes

Easy Brined Roasted Turkey with Creamed Gravy

might want to cook the flower in a little of the turkey fat before adding back the drippings. Also, hard to flip a large turkey. You can roast it with a thick stick thru it. Use the stick to lift the turkey and have someone else rotate it.

Oct 26, 2013
tarantilla in Recipes

Pink Lemonade

forgot step 3: add 2 more cups of sugar.

Jun 28, 2013
tarantilla in Recipes

Kofte Piyaz, a Turkish Hideaway in Brooklyn

When I was in Turkey, they served everything with yogurt, in some form. Do they have Turkish yogurt?

Feb 19, 2013
tarantilla in Features

High Heat: Is This NYC's New Best Burger?

Sooooooooo......how high is the temperature in the wood fired pizza oven? 500F? More? Less?

Feb 19, 2013
tarantilla in Features

Potato-Turnip Latkes Fried in Duck Fat

Turnip is good in mashed potatoes, too. Do not subsitute rudibaga, it's yellow. Parsnips are sweet. Duck fat is readily available in specialty stores. Everybody uses it for frying. Use brown paper bags, then place on cooling rack in over at about 200 til ready to serve.

Dec 12, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Easy New England Clam Chowder

Bacon fat, butter, and heavy cream. How can that taste bad? Who needs the clams?

Oct 08, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Bison Chili Cheese Dogs

massively expensive chile dog!!

Sep 21, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Chicken Salad Sandwich

I like grapes and walnuts. Great ideas in other comments.

Sep 18, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Angel Hair Pasta with Green Garlic Cream Sauce

Cook pasta separately from vegetables (use vegetable water). Leave pasta somewhat hard, to finish cooking in the vegetable sauce (to aboid mushy pasta). Note that vegetables can also be left somewhat hard as they also will finish cooking in the sauce, with their own heat (avoiding mushy vegetables).

Apr 18, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Green Chile Deviled Eggs

So what is "hatch"? Is it a color, or type of chillie? Does it mean "hot", or half-hot"? Why is there something in every recipe that can only be obtained in New York City, or other huge metro area with lots of ethnic groceries?

Apr 10, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

White Bean and Ham Soup

Great, except for the grease left in the soup from the ham. This, of course, makes the soup more flavorful, but a little too heavy for my taste.

Apr 09, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Buenos Aires Eats

Any place good to eat? Last info from the chow site was 2005. Don't care about the price, just the food. Will be there March 6-9, 2012, Hotel Emperador area.

Mar 04, 2012
tarantilla in Latin America & Caribbean

How We Learned to Love the Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are best for things that take a long time to cook. Kuhn-Rikon at 2 red stripes cooks corned beef in 50 minutes to 1 hour, short ribs in 1 3/4 to 2 hours, beef stew (beef chuck) 45 minutes. With beef, use red wine plus some water and heat slowly to avoid scortching. Garlic is always useful as well.

Mar 02, 2012
tarantilla in Features

The Pastrami Dilemma

I like fatty pastrami, and fatty corned beef, too. I try to order a fatty sandwich when I eat at a deli. With corned beef, its possible, but with pastrami, less so, When buying a corned beef to cook, I look for the fattiest one, which is softest and tastes the best. It's OK to eat this stuff, as long as it isn't more than once every few months.

Mar 02, 2012
tarantilla in Features

Kimchi-Braised Short Ribs

might be beneficial to remove the fat before adding carrots and radish, otherwise you have greasy vegetables. Also, may want to fry the short ribs after braising, to remove loose fat, and make them slightly crisp.

Feb 09, 2012
tarantilla in Recipes

Dinners "up north" in Michigan

If you're driving by Mt. Pleasant, you might try Shin, Korean food, in a mall next to the Subway sub shop. Thirteen dollors for 2 people for dinner! And the food is good! I like the sizzling pots, with the raw egg that cooks when you stir.

Aug 25, 2011
tarantilla in Great Lakes

Robuchon: What to order??

Go to this place. You can sit at the bar at 5:30 by calling only one day ahead most of the time. The best stuff is the sweetbreads, oysters, avacado soup, and mango mousse (dessert-not on the menu). Eat the pointy bagettes. Skip the steak tartare. The little fois gras shooters they give you free at the beginning are wonderful. Try any hot goose liver dish if they have it. This is a food place. About $200+ for 2 with a glass of wine (some designer wines are available by the glass.)

L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

Feb 24, 2011
tarantilla in Las Vegas

Robuchon: What to order??

Some years ago went to L'Atelier as they had room at 5:30. Fun to watch them cook. Bread was the best! (They had their own bakery.) French fries and steak tartare were mediocre. Went two nights in a row to sample everything. Would return though now find on my trip this week to LV there're sold out. Will go to Joe's Stone crab (for the key lime pie), but where else? I don't want a lot of meat.

Feb 15, 2011
tarantilla in Las Vegas

Slow Cooker Pork and Sauerkraut

What about the grease from the country pork ribs? Would you expect onions and sauerkraut to be greasy?

Feb 11, 2011
tarantilla in Recipes

The Basics: How to Make a Three-Egg Omelet

Use 1 tsp water/non-fat milk per egg, one/two drops of hotsauce per egg, for 3 eggs you will need a 10/12 inch pan, hard items like potatoes, vegetables are best added with the eggs (though difficult then to fold over), you can flip the omelet over in the pan, if you have a good wrist (1/3 at a time). Cover pan and turn heat down if you want a more cooked omelet.

Jan 20, 2011
tarantilla in Features

Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

Use the small grating blade of the food processor for half the potatoes and the regular grating blade for the other half. Put some ascorbic acid powder in the food processor when grating. Squeeze out excess liquid from the potates by using a kitchen hand towel. Add another 1/2 tsp of ascorbic acid powder. Let the grated union drain in a bowl with paper towels in the bottom. Grate some okra to help the mixture stick together. Don't need baking powder. Use flower instead of matzoh meal. Make the pancakes thin (1/4 inch). They will be crisp. Drain on paper bags and transfer to 200 degree oven to keep warm (use cookie cooling grates placed on the regular oven grates).

Dec 09, 2010
tarantilla in Recipes

Basic Roasted Turkey

I always brine the turkey over night with salt and sugar. Pickling spice I find is too strong. Turning the bird is indeed messy but I do it after the back is dark brown. I preheat to 450 then cook (convection oven)at 325 til breast is brown and skin on legs pulls away from bone (about 3 hours/12 minutes pre pound).

Nov 16, 2010
tarantilla in Recipes

Nashville area for 3 days - what are the absolute best restaurants for a 1st time visitor?

the Capital Grille in the Hermitage hotel is super if you need food and are in the area. Not better than New York probably, but great gazpacho and braised short ribs, at least. You will not be disappointed regardless. Not real formal but $$$.

Capital Grille
2502 East Camelback Suite 199, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Sep 27, 2010
tarantilla in Kentucky & Tennessee

Caesar Salad

I especially like the dressing recipe: "Ceasar Dressing", from the bottle. Not much prep time. So easy a cave man can do it!

Jul 13, 2010
tarantilla in Recipes

New York Strip Steak with Caramelized Shallots

I would cook the steaks 1 to 2 minutes per side, so they are nice and rare. Use a hot skillet if it's raining outside and can't grill.

May 23, 2010
tarantilla in Recipes

Old-Tyme Flavor

I wash my cast iron with copper pad and "barkeeper's friend" cleaner. I only use the pan for frying anyway. Nothing really sticks. Still not as perfect as new teflon. On moderately high heat, the heat is NOT distributed evenly (when the pan is bigger than the burner), and food must be moved about.

Apr 08, 2010
tarantilla in Features

Hearty Meatless Split Pea Soup

vegetarian split pea soup doesn't need much. But cook the peas separate from the vegetables to ensure the right consistency. Garlic, carrots, onion, celery can be simmered in water til soft (plus any other light colored vegetable, even a potato). Once soft you can puree with a blender or put thru food mill. Stir in softened peas (do not turn them into glop!) and season with salt, pepper, a touch of hot pepper or tabasco. Stir in some fresh chopped parsley if you like, and simmer for a few minutes. Serve with croutons or crusty bread.

Mar 01, 2010
tarantilla in Features