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Fun restaurants in RI area for 23rd birthday

thanks, great suggestions!.. is anyone familiar wth Cafe Noir? Hows the food? I hear its the same owner as 10 Prime but a little less expensive.. Would that be a good choice for what I am looking for?

Fun restaurants in RI area for 23rd birthday

Hi! I am going to be celebrating my 23rd birthday on Saturday and I am looking for a good place to go with a small group of friends. I live in Lincoln, RI, so it could be anywhere in the northern RI or close-by Mass area. I was thinking maybe somewhere in Providence? I am having trouble coming up with ideas. I was hoping you guys could suggest something. I want to go somewhere really fun and different that has a younger crowd and is good for a fun birthday, but still classy. Me and all my friends want to get dressed up, so somewhere that would be kind of dressy would be good. No where too expensive either. (Most of us are just of college and in interior design field, where there are no jobs right now!) Some of us are kind of picky too, so the menu cant be too funky. Thanks in advance for the help!