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Ole for mole!

I will have to try the Jicama salad next time we go!

Ole for mole!

My wife and I just had another terrific meal at Ole in Cambridge. We started with the excellent table side guacamole. It has good sized chunks of avocado, and more tomato than most, just the way I like it. As a matter of fact, I learned how to make it at home by watching the wait staff. I had the enchiladas mole poblano, and enjoyed it very much. My wife had the costilla con mole Colorado, short ribs in a rich mole sauce. Superb! We have vacationed in Oaxaca, and while there visited as many of the top rated mole places as we could. While there are many more varieties of mole in Oaxaca, the version here is the equal of the same style there. They also make a very good margarita: not as good as what I make at home, but then no one can match that!

Chowhounders love to whine about the dearth of quality Mexican food in the Boston area, and to a large extent I agree. But we have found Ole to be consistently excellent, and I wanted to give them some love. The restaurant has been there 17 years now, and it must not be easy to maintain the buzz. I searched this board before posting, and couldn't find much in the last few years. So if you haven't been to Ole in a while, give it try!

Eldo Cake House Dried Fruit

I was very disappointed to see that the dried fruit room of Eldo Cake House has been converted to a cosmetics store. The wide variety of dried plums they offered were staples for me. Does anyone know of another source for exotic asian dried fruit?

Eldo Cake House
36 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

February 2010 Openings and Closings

Must have run out of money. I'm not hopeful.

Boston's Best Authentic Mexican/Tex Mex

Went to Jose's with my wife yesterday, and we were very pleased. The chicken enchiladas with 3 moles were very good. My wife liked her carne asada, and they made it rare, the way she wanted. Tasty tamales, but not enough meat filling. The drinks were expensive, and just OK. We like the atmosphere there: roadhouse feel.