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Easy Mushroom Broth

That's a lot of peppercorns.....

Mar 08, 2012
liamrh in Recipes

Braising "London Broil?"

You can but it will come out fairly stringy *depending* on the cut sort of like brisket. I might encourage you to use the braise or crockpot to produce bbq beef sandwiches.

I routinely sear or bbq the "london broil" cuts without issue. I think a good idea is pounding the crap out of it first and also never cook it above medium rare. By the time it rests it will be approaching the medium zone. If your serving it whole, pay attention to the grain and how you cut the slices, it makes a world of difference with the 45* angle.

Apr 25, 2010
liamrh in Home Cooking

Can You Cook with the Water Used to Soak Beans?

If you gonna use the soak water to buttress the pot liquor, just make sure you take a good look at it first. I always find some random organics that I do not want to be eating. Rinsing helps a lot if you want to employ that technique.

Mar 13, 2010
liamrh in Features