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Cheap Eggs Whites in downtown Toronto

Hey chowhounders!

Need some assistance with some grocery shopping - does anyone know of where I can find the best deal (price-wise, obv) on egg-whites in the downtown Toronto area? Either in already-separated form, or if there's some place where I can get good prices on 'bulk' full eggs, as you will (which I could separate myself.). I usually use about 4 whole eggs to make one egg white omelet, if that helps in terms of amount/pricing.

Thanks! =)

ISO: Walden Farm products in downtown Toronto

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any stores in the downtown Toronto area that sells Walden Farm products ( I know that the Bloor Street Market in the ManuLife Centre has some of the salad dressings, but I was hoping to see if any other places had more of their products as well.

All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced :)

ISO: Low-sodium tandoori paste/powder in Toronto

Hey all!

Title says it all. I've been looking for low-sodium (and MSG-free) tandoori paste or powder within the downtown Toronto area. My parents absolutely love homemade tandoori chicken, however due to their blood pressure issues I've been reluctant to continue using some brands like Praktak and such because of their considerably high sodium content.

Does anyone know of any brands and/or places from where I could buy a low-sodium brand?


ISO: Italian restos with good pizza in downtown

So my dad is coming down here to visit for the weekend and one thing that he's cited as wanting to do here is to go out for some good pizza, but it 'has' to be at an Italian restaurant...I'm not quite sure why exactly, but he's a very particular man. So, that sort of rules out Pizza Pizza for me, heh :P

Anyone have any good recommendations that they can give for such a place in the downtown area? Price is not that huge of an issue!

Cheers :)

Where do you buy your organic groceries?

Seconded for Essence of Life in Kensington. Also, Tutti Frutti is another spot at KM that I frequent quite often!

Out of towners visiting Victoria - need some recs for MUST-EAT joints!

Hey Chowhounders on the west coast!

I'm going to be visiting Victoria, BC, next Friday for a little over a week and was wondering if anyone could recommend any must-eat joints, restaurants, cafes and what have you that an out-of-towner can't not visit.

So far I've been recommended to hit up Moka House, Noodle Box and the Tapa Bar, so I got those already down on the list. I know I'm being pretty broad with what I'm looking for, but really - I'm just looking for some great eating joints, be they a proper restaurant or just a great cafe with amazing coffee and snacks. I'm assuming that seafood joints will be forming a large portion of our diet while we're there, so are there any places along the Wharf or Harbour that would be recommended?

We're staying at the Parkside Victoria Resort and Spa, so we're quite close to all the main tourist spots, I suppose.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)


Moka House
1503 Admirals Rd, Victoria, BC V9A2P8, CA

Jul 15, 2010
Sheikah in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

ISO: Vegan Ice Cream Cake

Yeah, it's something I've been wondering about for a while. It's summer time, we've had a week with a terrible heat wave going on and loads of people that I know are enjoying their ice cream cakes (sigh, how I miss Baskin Robin ice cream birthday cakes of my childhood...), so I was wondering if there are any vegan-friendly options for such a dish!

ISO: Vegan Ice Cream Cake

Hey Chowhounders!

Anyone know if there's any place where I can get vegan ice cream cake in the downtown are? Pre-packaged or freshly-made-at-the-store are both fine.

Cheers, and thanks in advanced!! :)

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I just had to say that I am definitely seconding Hibiscus!! I -finally- went there today and tried their salad & soup combo (unbelievable deal!!)

I loved that the salad wasn't a 'traditional' greens one, but was made of a variety of different things...A lovingly prepared bowl of quinoa, tiny cubed marinated tofu, grated beets, carrots, steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes, with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and cranberries. They only had their miso soup today (the guy said it was hot so they didn't think people would be wanting a whole lot of soups today, which was totally true!) but it was marvellous!! I unfortunately didn't have any room for their soy ice creams, but from the flavours that they had available, I'm definitely tempted to head there again!

Sadly, they're closed on Tuesday it'll have to be :(

ISO: Iranian Grocers in the downtown area!

Hey Toronto Chowhounders!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any Iranian grocery stores or markets in downtown where I'd be able to pick up a couple of traditionally-used ingredients.

Thanks in advance!


Hm...I'm not too sure, as I'm located in center downtown. I know you can pick it up at the Big Carrot - that's about the furthest out east that I've been where I've seen it.

Most health food type stores would have it, I think. Places that would stock vegan foods should have them...sorry, I know that's not too much help =/


I was just about to suggest the same! Hands down one of my favourite sweet eats ever. You'd never even guess that the cream cheese has no dairy in it.

Their chocolate cake is ridiculously good too. A little too sweet, but still brilliant. But that's a completely different topic... :P

Hunting for Specific Vegan Items

Tempeh is absolutely amazing!!! I'm not vegan nor am I vegetarian, but I very happily include this wonderful soy product to my protein menu :D

Hunting for Specific Vegan Items

Don't worry, they have it for sure! Cheapest prices that I've found in the city, so far, as well - $3.39 per package!

Hunting for Specific Vegan Items

Most health stores I've been to usually carry those marinated tempeh strips. I usually buy mine at Kensington Market, at Essence of Life. But, that's in the city so I guess that'll be a bit hard for you to get to =/

Which restaurants treat single diners best/worst?

Thumbs Up:

Sukhothai. The staff always recognizes me (which isn't hard, seeing as how there aren't a lot of them :P) and always also act happy to see me. Cheery "Sawatdee Kaa (hello), how are you"'s and all that. One of the owner's (Jeff) mum always chats with me and asks how I'm doing with work and school (as I attend UofT). I always invite her to sit with me for a while and we talk for some time. She's recommended me special, off-menu dishes a number of times and I've yet to be disappointed! Gives me a nice, homely feeling every time I visit this place :)

Sushi Shop on Yonge/Carlton:
The owner (guy who does all the sushi prepping) talks to me a lot whenever I sit at the sushi bar (where you can, sort of, watch him prepare your dish). He usually talks about places he's worked at before and what he's hoping to accomplish with this new place and asks for my opinion or advice on some things. He's also totally fine if I ever want to modify my sushi order somewhat (within reason, of course) and will offer some randomly new made ones that he just came up with. Always lets me have bottled water on the house as well - brilliant customer service!

I haven't been to any places where I've felt unwelcomed as a single diner yet...hopefully that won't be the case any time soon! =/ I eat out alone often as well and there are some times where I feel a little...I dunno...odd, or ill-at-ease with the thought of going into a place that seems specifically meant for groups on my own. Like Fresh. Seating is always a problem there (there's always people waiting!) so I've always felt kind of weird about going there some time and eating on my

326 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1W5, CA

274 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

I'll give that a shot next time I'm in and will let you know! It certainly peaked my interest when I saw it on the menu, but I figured we'd already ordered more than enough...given what I had heard about portion sizes there!

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

I tried the curry noodles, as you mentioned you liked them so I figured that was a recommendation to try out :P Absolutely delicious...I'm actually having some of them for dinner right now!

My friend tried their special mixed vegetables as that appears to be one of their more popular dishes as well. I tried a bit of his' and it was just as good! I'm kicking myself for not trying this place out earlier!!

And the best part? No attitude or crap service from any of the staff there :)

ISO: Sushi restaurants in downtown Toronto that use brown rice

Thanks for the rec.!

I actually found another place at Carlton & College called Sushi Shop. Unlike most places I've seen that offer brown rice, they use it without extra charge! Brilliant!!

Their sushi is quite different from 'traditional' sushi too, which is a nice change for me. Experimentation is always a delight :)

ISO: some great Persian food in downtown Toronto!

Title says it all! I've been having a bit of a craving for some good Persian food lately and was wondering if there are any places in downtown Toronto that people would recommend...?

Thanks in advance! :)

ISO canned chipotle chilesin adobo (ingredient copied from a recipe exactly as written)

I'm thinking you'd be able to find this at one of the Latin American grocers in Kensington Market as well!

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

Reporting back as requested! I went there earlier today for lunch and was VERY impressed! Atmosphere-wise, the place was a down, to put it lightly :P But the goodness, you weren't kidding when you said they gave out massive portions!! I had enough leftovers to last for dinner and breakfast! Not only that, it was ridiculously tasty stuff!

A most excellent recommendation - I'll definitely be hitting it up again real soon :)

Indian Hut on Church

Agreed. It was a delightful experience of wonderful tastes, but without the heavy duty oil and general greasiness that I find most Indian restaurants suffer from. First time in a long while that I've had Indian and was able to walk away without feeling sick from a grease overload :P (shame that half the time, that grease is what makes it taste so damn amazing!!)

Sushi on Bloor: Am I missing something?

Cheap food is always a win, especially for hungry students! (it is the Annex, after all :P)

I haven't been there yet, so I can't really give my opinion on the place. I have heard mixed reviews though...and price always seems to be a major selling point for the fans.

Personally, when it comes to sushi, I've become a fan of Sushi Shop, on Yonge and Carlton! :)

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

Would you be thinking of the 'No FUR' signs? :P

edit: I've heard mixed things about Buddha's Vegetarian before...but I'm getting more and more tempted to take the dive tomorrow and give it a shot for lunch!

Indian Hut on Church

It's a little further away from Indian Hut, but if you want to have some good Indian takeout then I'd recommend Veda on 874 Yonge Street!

The food is delicious (in my experience), prices are quite fair (Tiffin Thali, which includes rice, one veg dish and one protein dish for $6.86 before taxes!!) and it isn't made with an insane amount of oil!

Veda Fine Indian Takeout
874 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2J1, CA

your fave vegetarian/vegan spot in or near Kensington Market?

Yeah, I've had issues there staff-wise before. In particular is one girl who always seems to have some sort of attitude problem going and likes to take her time with coming over to take your order (even when the place isn't busy and there's only like 2 people in line!!).

I gotta say though, I'm absolutely in love with their sesame tempeh sandwich! I'd kill for the recipe...but, until then, I'll still keep returning for the food. Won't ever leave that lot a tip though *shrugs*

ISO: Sushi restaurants in downtown Toronto that use brown rice

I know, I know - brown rice isn't exactly what most sushi eaters would probably go for, but I'm just wondering is anyone knows of any sushi restaurants in the city that use, or at least offer the option, of brown rice with their sushi.

Any help would be appreciated as always! :)

Recommendations for a good weekend sushi lunch?

So I know there are a lot of sushi spots around downtown Toronto, but a friend of mine is visiting this weekend and insisted we hit up a sushi joint, but one that has good lunch deal rates...does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? =/

Good Indian Takeout in downtown Toronto?

I'm looking for some good, affordable, Indian takeout within the downtown Toronto region. I'm located around the UofT campus area, so anything relatively around that large area would be preferable - however, I am willing to travel around the downtown region if there's a good enough place that can be recommended :)

Thanks in advance!