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new thai restaurant in hanover,nh

Too bad - we need a good Thai restaurant in this area. Guess I'll have to rely on Thai Garden in Keene or Royal Orchid in Montpelier. Or just cook it myself.

Apr 12, 2013
pianola in Northern New England

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

Went to Guzano's with a small group last Saturday (kid eat free day) and was pleasantly surprise. Still getting used to the "redone' surroundings and the lack of a salsa bar. But the food was back to the way I remembered it. Still the best Mexican in the Upper Valley (I think).

Have been to Moes a few times and just doesn't cut it for me. Think I've been to the one up in Burlington area and that one seems better. I might choose Taco Bell over Moe's but I haven't been enough to say definitively (though I've been 2-3 times).

Did we ever get a location address on the Chinese restaurant working out of a garage? Does anyone know if Oriental Wok in West Leb is the Lucky Wok that moved up from Claremont?

Apr 12, 2013
pianola in Northern New England

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

Mai Thai finally closed eh. I'm surprised it stayed around as long as it did.

Thai Orchid - is that the name of the place up in Montpelier? That place is quite good. Hopefully it's related to them. Or the new owner will surpass the old Mai Thai (not hard).

BTW, I enjoy the Jewel of India - though I think I can understand some of your reaction to it. It tastes just like the Indian place in Burlington and in Northampton. They must be a chain in some way, because the recipes are all the same. I must say, that place is consistent.

Will look forward to the new Thai place opening up.

Feb 16, 2013
pianola in Northern New England

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

Have to give the new Chinese place a try.

A "better than you might think" Chinese place is Yummy Yummy in Windsor. Had Chicken with broccoli last time and it was pretty good (not too saucy). Fried pot stickers are good. House lo mein (on west coast we call it chow mein) is not bad. I need to try a few more items.

The Fort in Lebanon is a recent surprise. Very diner style and closer to us than Lou's in Hanover. They have pies too.

Lou's in Hanover of course is great and the Hanover fudge cake is killer and one of the best chocolate cakes I've had.

Speaking of Thai (it appeared in the thread) apparently the guy who runs Thai Garden in Keene tried to set up a location in Hanover, but was turned down because they said they already had a Chinese place (the Orient). Who knows!

Feb 15, 2013
pianola in Northern New England

Tried and True Recipes from David Thompson's "Thai Food"

Qianning - where do you shop for Thai ingredients in NH? For example, where did you find your Kaffir lime tree? Are you able to snag fresh tumeric, galagal, etc in NH? I'm in central western NH, near VT border but venture to the Manchester/Nashua area occasionally. Have tried Lana's but not sure she has things like tumeric root.


Apr 22, 2012
pianola in Home Cooking

Pad Thai

I'm still hunting for a recipe that is good restaurant quality. I tried the CI version, thought it was good, but still didn't match the better restaurant versions I've had. Tried the version in "Thailand - The Beautiful Cookbook" and that didn't do it either. Even tried the version in "It's All American Food" and that didn't get there either.

So I'll try some of the ones listed here to see if I have better success. CI is good for technique. Their recommendation on how to soak the noodles works greats.

Mar 05, 2011
pianola in Home Cooking

Pho-geddaboutit--try the momos--Manchvegas

Based on the Chow recommendations, my wife and I went to Cafe Momo last Saturday nite (2/2710). We were underwhelmed. Food was fine but not as special as I had hoped. Soon after we ordered, overheard another diner asking about the freshness of the fish on one of their specials. The bottom line answer was that it came from Costco. My shrimp (Brown Guy Special) tasted like it was sourced from the same place. It was nice to try a new Asian cuisine, one that was similar to others we like. But we didn't think it was special enough to return to. It is great to see restaurants like this open up in Manchester though and I hope more do.

Mar 01, 2010
pianola in Northern New England