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Casual Eats- Baltimore

Zorbas is great. Can Park @ The Bank For Free AFTER hours. The Grilled Meats (Steak/Chicken) are scrumptious. Oh, eat upstairs too. It's less of a headache..

McCabes used to have an excellent reputation for FRESH (meaning not frozen patties) burgers and fries..I haven't been since they closed ?? (I don't know if they do Sysco Frozen now or what :/ )

wedding reception in Baltimore

2nd the Belvedere. There are a few rooms to choose from too. A couple on the bottom and Upstairs as well!! Neat Place.

Towson - Old Wolford's Bakery Location

There was a place there already, at least it was hopping during the Towson Festival. (Well, I guess people were escaping from the heat @ the bar)
It already went out of business lol

Wegmans in Germantown

I loathe the SLOW-MO people who @ Self-Check-Outs as well..take 5 minutes to search for the code for bananas, and 1 bagel. punch in their phone number wrong 2 times when they don't have their bonus card.. don't know where to sign for the Credit card. then take 4 minutes to bag and clear the area. yea.
especially when I have Dairy and Meat in my Buggy and its 105 out. For Pete's Sake. Could you try that neat technology out at night hon, not during the busy lunch hour eh? or at least bring some help if you insist on doing self and not going to cashier!

anyway, Wegmans Automated Checkouts in HV are POOR imo compared to Giant. There is only 4, and the spacing between them is ATROCIOUS. Very Claustrophobic.

Not single-aisle like Giant. Rather all right next to each other. And a Wegmans employee is always literally breathing right down your back and staring you down as you check out. It is little creepy if you ask me.

Faster maybe, but the set-up and the Gestapo approach is very disturbing and discouraging.

Beefalo Bob's Pit Beef

Curious Rob, you state "the Regular is enough for two" ..

How many ounces of beef are we talking? At least 10oz seems about right for one or at least for me.

But I guess if you go heavy on the toppings and eat the entire roll then it is more filling...I rather fill up on meat.
(Unless the roll is hot, fresh, homemade, not bagged/frozen sysco type and really delicious, I always take the generic cheap sandwich roll home for my dog!)

Best Restaurants in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area

Abby burger Bistro

Am I wrong for not likeing salt

the new all the rave trending sea salt taste gross. at least when you been using the normal iodized salt for all your life.

it's like pop. drink diet and get cancer from the aspartame (Stevia, Xenical, That yellow sugar whatever its called etc etc) or have regular and get fat from the sugar. whatever, just don't overdo it.

Jul 03, 2010
HungryinBmore in General Topics

Beefalo Bob's Pit Beef

I am 47 and have lived here all my life..never heard of anyone putting anything but salt & perhaps a sprinkle of pepper on a Pit Beef Sandwich. BBQ Sauce must make it like BBQ-RIBS or some type of BBQ Sandwich, something entirely separate.

Must be an Out of State thing. oy

Am I wrong for not likeing salt

That is equivalent to not putting salt and pepper on a burger before grilling it. Yuck

Jul 02, 2010
HungryinBmore in General Topics

Beefalo Bob's Pit Beef

Choice of Toppings: I see now. Wow. Hope you brushed your teeth after that sandwich!

Towson Recommendations?

Tis' True. Valet sounds smart. Oh good to hear it is a Different Bobby Brown..I was wondering what he might be doing down here. Although I wouldn't be the least bit surprised

Beefalo Bob's Pit Beef

BBQ Sauce, Horseradish, and Onion on Pit Beef - HUH??

I am confused...were these offered on the side or what?? Yuck.

Recs for Camden Yards & Harbor Area 7/12-7/13?

Chip's in Little Italy has real good Fettuccine Alfredo. Can't speak for anything else on the menu if you insist on being brave and trying don't expect it to knock your socks off.
Isabellas around the corner there too has great pizzas.
Vacarros, cause I am sure someone will chime in, imo is overrated and a claustrophobic cluster-fuck EXPENSIVE mess of a bakery (if you can call it that).
I am sure you're perusing your tourist guide now and seeing Vaccaros, but yea, just cause the line is out of the door doesn't mean jack.

Pretty much how it goes with LI...each restaurant seems to or can have one or two stand-out dishes and the rest meh or bleh.

Oh yea, Tuesday? Koopers Tavern in Fells has "Burger Day" 1702 Thames
BYOB (Build Your Own Burgers) Special on Tuesday. You can go from 8oz to 16oz or more starting at $3.50. Add what you please.

Not real far from you - Fells Point that is. Their burgers are real gooood. Nice place, Nice Staff. Nice area to walk around too.

OHHH forgot to mention, if you head to FELLS for Koopers on BURGER DAY...swing by BONAPARTE BREADS @ 903 S. Ann. Just up the street. NOW THAT IS A REAL BAKERY. IT is French (duh), but they have some out of the world pastries and breads too....they sell quickly too and do brisk business for lunch!

Breakfast near Baltimore

Chain, I know. Sonic should be opening up soon on Liberty Road. And Suburban House I thought or think is/was is re-opening soon. Or was there another delay for the SH...still no date eh?

Wegmans in Germantown

I cannot wait until another and more Wegmans open. The one in HV is great but every time going there is like a zoo and being trampled by elephants...and no, not just on the weekends!

Hopefully this will thing the herd ;)

Looking for bakeries

Bonaparte French Bakery on Ann ST IN FELLS. Stone Mill @ Greenspring Stat.

Stanford Grill ?

I've stopped by as well. I am agreeing with some of the others. The service is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Dreadful. And I can't even imagine nor do I want to imagine what is going on in the kitchen.

I wonder why they did not consider conducting training, and doing server tests etc BEFORE opening the doors to the public?? I seriously want to know this. It's obvious these servers/cooks LACK experience. (Do the cooks taste the food they make and plan to send out? Oversalting something is a serious mistake)

I mean the quality of the food might be OK...but when you are treated like dogpoo and the cooks are clueless the food is pretty much a second thought. And no one is going to rush back with a bad taste in their mouth, even if and I say this with baited breath, IF they get it together there...

Midweek specials - Baltimore?

Any specials, food-wise, particularly in or near Canton on Thursday???


Gifford Ice creaam open in Pikesville

That's too funny. Whole Foods had Giffords Ice Cream samples for FREE TODAY!

Should of "loaded up" today ;)

and the person giving the samples was recommending people buy pints of Giffords Ice Cream. Sample lady had chocolate, something Coconut God knows what, and ALL NATURAL Peppermint.

When I got there she had no more Peppermint Samples and told me there were only two more pints of Peppermint in the freezer. They were selling for like $5.00 each I think at least...

Guinness Beer in Baltimore...

I know this thread is old as heck but wanted to see if a fellow CH could help me out and tell. Me the best/cheapest place around the 21209 area to buy Guinness in cans??

Would love to stick one in my coozy for these hot days we are having now. Thx in advance Mike

Desserts near Leesburg outlet

Soft Stuff in Ellicot is on the way at least

Soft Stuff
10021 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Coldstone Creamery...........First & Last Visit

By the time you got your computer going and sat down and typed your rant you could of made it to the Grocer and picked up a container of Haagen-Daaz. And been happy.

May 14, 2010
HungryinBmore in Chains

Pizza in Baltimore

Nah, Piezanos Pizza on the Boardwalk is THEE best in Ocean City. Lombarfis??? No, thank you

RIP McCabes

Oh I See meat from Springfield Farms..wth is that? and "brioche burger buns"

brioche burger buns..vomit

Eye Round Roast Recipes??

grind it up and make cheeseburgers.

Apr 30, 2010
HungryinBmore in Home Cooking

JFX Farmer's Market 2010

What exit off of 83-S is this??? I assume I would see it as soon as I get off of the exit..

RIP McCabes

Well are the burger and fries the SAME? Or is the place under new management?

What else am I missing in Baltimore?

The Real Thing . 412 York Road Towson MD.

A small hard-to-miss restaurant with the absolutel best cheese steak in Baltimore.

Just order a Steak & Provolone. It needs nothing else on there, unless you wish to be wearing it.

The Real Thing
412 York Rd, Towson, MD 21204

Baltimore: Best store-bought potato salad

Gourmet Again - Pikesville

RIP McCabes

wtf?? for real? is it the same owners that drug it to the ground before or what?