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Conference in New Orleans...great food near 2 hotels

there's so many great places to eat in New Orleans, but I'm looking for places within 6 blocks of where the conference is being held.... Like all big conferences, we'll be mostly hotel-bound during the day (and into the evening) so I'm looking for recs. for cheap dinner places (entrees in the $10-15 range) and great bars that are easy to walk to when you're tired and hungry.

the catch:
they need to be within *close* walking distance of the 2 hotels (New Orleans Marriot on Decatur/Canal street AND the Sheraton which is across the street)....

-looking for both weeknights (wed/thursday) and weekends (fri/sat.)

open for all cajun/creole food...I'd love to find great gumbo, jambalaya, other seafood dishes...


Nov 11, 2010
berkeleyzeta in New Orleans

ISO: great Asian restaurants in SF for the family (+kids)

I have relatives coming from Montana for a week in March. It will be their first time visiting SF, and they are super excited to get ethnic food that they can't get at home. They want to have: Thai, Vietnamese/Laotian, Cambodian, and Indian food (maybe Indonesian?).

So, I'm looking for great places to go midweek (Tues-Friday) that are kid-friendly (2 year old) and also have a a bar/liquor license (not critical but would be nice). I've thought of Burma Superstar and other spots on Clement street, Angkor Wat (but haven't been there recently), but now that I live in the east bay, I'm at a loss for other places. Actually if you have east bay recommendations, I'd love to hear them too!

where would you take your relatives for great Asian food in SF?


Feb 27, 2010
berkeleyzeta in San Francisco Bay Area