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Conference in New Orleans...great food near 2 hotels

there's so many great places to eat in New Orleans, but I'm looking for places within 6 blocks of where the conference is being held.... Like all big conferences, we'll be mostly hotel-bound during the day (and into the evening) so I'm looking for recs. for cheap dinner places (entrees in the $10-15 range) and great bars that are easy to walk to when you're tired and hungry.

the catch:
they need to be within *close* walking distance of the 2 hotels (New Orleans Marriot on Decatur/Canal street AND the Sheraton which is across the street)....

-looking for both weeknights (wed/thursday) and weekends (fri/sat.)

open for all cajun/creole food...I'd love to find great gumbo, jambalaya, other seafood dishes...


Nov 11, 2010
berkeleyzeta in New Orleans

ISO: great Asian restaurants in SF for the family (+kids)

I have relatives coming from Montana for a week in March. It will be their first time visiting SF, and they are super excited to get ethnic food that they can't get at home. They want to have: Thai, Vietnamese/Laotian, Cambodian, and Indian food (maybe Indonesian?).

So, I'm looking for great places to go midweek (Tues-Friday) that are kid-friendly (2 year old) and also have a a bar/liquor license (not critical but would be nice). I've thought of Burma Superstar and other spots on Clement street, Angkor Wat (but haven't been there recently), but now that I live in the east bay, I'm at a loss for other places. Actually if you have east bay recommendations, I'd love to hear them too!

where would you take your relatives for great Asian food in SF?