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Just One Saturday dinner...

I might suggest Chez George or the Cafe Procope (with a little cachet of its own as one of the oldest eateries in Paris). If you like a mysterious Russian flair to your meal try the Le Daru in the old quartier Russe. (Lapin Agile - L'auberge Chez Richard)

Mar 30, 2011
Lapin Agile in France

We're going to Paris for three nights. We are on a budget. Where can we eat?

Well Jive B, Paris is full of good average priced restaurants - you don't necessarily have to go to a three star affair to feel you have had a good meal. Stick with the local bistros in your neighborhood or a brasserie and of course check out the menu before heading on in. I have a blog that might help you a little bit, feel free to see whats what:

Mar 30, 2011
Lapin Agile in France

French Food Blogs

May I humbly suggest L'Auberge Chez Richard as a possible?

You are going to get a mix of good French recipes, meet some interesting characters, do a little visiting with friends and maybe catch a aperitif on the Boulevard someplace. A bientot.

Feb 27, 2010
Lapin Agile in Food Media & News