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Food Trucks and other recommendations - July/August

Rather than staying in a hotel downtown I would opt for a stay through You can stay in an apartment, house or part of a house. Lots of places in cool Portland neighborhoods and you can walk to some of your dining spots. I would recommend the east side. If you are there over a weekend I would try to get to the Portland State farmer's market on Saturday a.m. Great provisions, scene, tastings and fun. Ditto to others on Evoe and Lauretta Jean's. the People's Pig is a great downtown food cart and the scene weekdays is fun. Tasty and Alder downtown is new and has a great brunch if you get there at the 9 am opening. Ox has great food but you need to go early if you don't want a big wait. My favorite dinner place is Simpatica Dining Hall, just two nights a weekend. Menus are set but available online. Great meals at a reasonable price and amazing use of local produce.

May 21, 2013
wernerwl in Metro Portland

Dining alone in Portland

I frequently travel to Portland alone and find it to be very friendly for solo diners. There is also good bus service there - so I would check it out. Olympic Provisions has great charcuterie. Tasty n' Sons has nice bar seating and excellent food at a variety of prices. Evoe, housed in Pastaworks on Hawthorne is open from noon - 7 and has interesting small plates. So does Kir, and both should be bus accessible. The food carts in 'pods' have amazing food and offer a wide variety of ethnic dining. ( and they have different opening/closing times. PokPok is well known for authentic Thai food - and a new locaton Pok Pok Noi does a lot of carry out. Simpatica Dining Hall open Friday and Saturday has a prix fix four course dinner for typically less than $40 and open seating. A great place to meet people. Enjoy.

Aug 18, 2012
wernerwl in Metro Portland

new kitchen counter tops!

I have had corian countertops for three years and like them a lot. I didn't want anything shiny in my kitchen - hence the corian. I picked a fairly dark pattern (Maui) and I like it because it doesn't show dirt. My floors are pre-finished distressed five inch wide maple. I figured the distressed part would make up for any dings from dropping anything on them. They are the most admired part of the ktichen. I'm happyy about both decisions.

Oct 17, 2010
wernerwl in Cookware

Paris February report

Thanks - I know Chez Janou has its fans, but I wouldn't return based upon our experience. It was my first time to stay in the Marais and I am now totally sold on it. Have a wonderful trip.

Mar 10, 2010
wernerwl in France

Paris February report

Thanks to Chowhound for informing a recent brief trip to Paris. Stayed at an apartment in the Marais which was great, and mostly ate in the neighborhood. Many trips to Gerard Mulot for wonderful Tarte Citron, L'as du Falafel for lunch which was excellent. Had a delicious 3 course menu for 19 euros at Cafe des Musees, including a wonderful St. Jacques mousse, duck leg, and a tasty chocolate cake, Cafe Breizh for excellent crepes. Dinner at Chez Janou was very disappointing. Sent my dinner back because it was not hot. They seemed interested in getting us out in short order - and did.
Met some friends for lunch at Les Saveurs de Pierre Emile in the 6th; a tiny place that serves mostly quiche and clafouti. The charming owner is from Sri Lanka and many of the customers in the upstairs small space were Japanese. Evidently it was featured in a Japanese guidebook to Paris. Had the exquisite ispahan macaron at Pierre Herme. Had a wonderful morning at Richard Lenoir market and brought cheeses, bread, fruit and rillettes back to our apartment. Many miles walked. The Louvre on open Friday nights is wonderful.

Mar 09, 2010
wernerwl in France