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!! Help !! Doing a project on culinary tourism in Newfoundland...

Check out this place
They recently wrote a cookbook as well.

Bottled Moose

God that stuff is so tasty.
Make a stew, or perhaps a goulash with it. So damn tasty.

What to eat in Moncton

Thanks for this. Any producers that you enjoyed?

What to eat in Moncton

Hey guys,
I'll be travelling to Moncton soon and wanted to know what and where I should eat, and why. Everything from coffee shops to restos to small grocers, stands, people, etc.

Banh Mi in Edmonton

So my better half is in Edmonton for the better part of a week,
and I hear that Edmonton has good banh mi.
any suggestions?


Caterers of Indian cuisine in Halifax and surrounding areas?

do you have friends who live in the city and may be able to get you business cards?
where in India are you, if I may ask?

Caterers of Indian cuisine in Halifax and surrounding areas?

Try contacting people who sell their wares in the two famers markets.

Petai beans

where is this store?

Petai beans

There is a woman who sells at the friday international market at the seaport and at the dartmouth market. she is malay but sells chinese foods. she might know.

Pho in Halifax?

Have you ever made Pho? It's worth the work.

Halifax: where to get fresh Kaffir lime leaves?

can you find me on twitter and msg me? @simonathibault

Halifax: where to get fresh Kaffir lime leaves?

if you know where to get seeds for those, i know someone who may be willing to grow them.


Was it actual spinach? or was it perhaps something else?

Prime Beef

Getaway usually has hanger steaks, but since they are rather popular (and only one per cow!) it's best to order in advance. Same goes for the 6 week dry aged steaks.

Prime Beef

It's often a question of personal preference. If you're a hardcore steak fan, you should read Mark Schatzker's book "Steak", about his quest for the perfect steak. He discusses the differences in cuts, breeds, feeding methods, etc. Great book.

It also discusses the concept of grading, and the debate as to wether marbling (i.e. fat) equals flavour. There are also the ethical/ecological debates as to feeding cattle corn.

I prefer grass fed to corn fed, as I find the taste is more intense. And even then, I prefer to buy certain cuts at certain times of year. A grass-fed rib eye in december is typically finished on sillage and hay, rather than green pasture, therefore may not be as tasty as one procured in late august. Hanger steaks, flank steaks and shins are good all year round due to the type of muscle used.

I buy my beef from Getaway Farms at the Seaport Market, which is grass-fed all year round. (Full disclosure - the owner is a friend of mine). Chris, who runs the joint, is a great person to discuss steak and beef production. Drop by for a chat. he is there on saturdays and sundays.

Prime Beef

does it matter if it is grass-fed or corn-fed and/or finished?

Meatless Mondays

I'm curious to know if anyone here does Meatless Mondays?

I read about it a while ago in the NYT and various restos are now doing it. But I'm curious if anyone here does this, or if they choose not to eat meat one day a week.

Pho in Halifax?

Last time I went to Star Anise, they had wonderful new noodle dishes on the menu, including a pork belly and tofu noodle dish. Their pho with tripe, beef balls and beef was my fave. Fong Sing was my fave place - they had a northern vietnamese pho with chili oil and vietnamese sausage - but it's now closed. anyone know if the chef went anywhere?

also, Pho Hoang Minh will do, but I found their broth to be cloudy, which is kind of a sign of a chef being in a hurry, or not skimming properly.

Halifax: where to get fresh Kaffir lime leaves?

No worries. The good news is if you have any friends who travel to Montreal, they can pick you up some (as well as kaffir limes) in chinatown, make your paste and freeze it. Thai curry pastes freeze remarkably well.

Halifax: where to get fresh Kaffir lime leaves?

When fresh, galangal is harder than ginger. When you can only get it frozen, you should grate it when frozen. Since galangal, like ginger, is a rhizome, it is bascially nothing but water. When it freezes, the cellular walls break down and you're left with a very squishy mess. So just grate it when frozen. I use a microplane since it can be very fibrous and a box grater will just make a mess.

Halifax: where to get fresh Kaffir lime leaves?

I've never seen kaffir limes, but I would be ridiculously excited to find them there. They always have frozen lime leaves. Tian Phat carries thai, vietnamese and filipino shrimp pastes. Galangal is only really found frozen in these parts. Avoid dried varieties of galangal or lime leaves as the aromatic oils in them have pretty much gone.


I just use five spice tofu in simple stir fries or stuffed with other foodstuffs. Have you tasted it yet?

Top Five In Halifax

My apologies for not replying earlier. If you have yet to try the pig ears, they are well seasoned, slightly spicy from chiles and szechuan peppercorns. They are served cold, like a salad. Crunchy and soft all at once. I think they're wonderful, but some people may not like the texture.

West Indian Food in St. John's Nl

I have yet to find anyone who makes/sells doubles in Halifax. I did however, find a vietnamese grocer who sells shadon beni, which totally made my day.

Dahl Puri and Roti

from what I understand, most joints in Hali and the surrounding areas get their roti sheets shipped in from Toronto, since most find it cost prohibitive to make their own. Some places will be kind enough to sell you a couple sheets, but you may have to check to see if anyone in T.O. would be willing to ship what you need to The Rock. Otherwise, you could try and make your own roti. Same goes for dalh puri. Is dahl or dahl flour difficult to locate there?


It could be. Looks more like five-spice tofu, which is tofu that is marinated in a five-spice and soy blend. May I ask what store you were at? Even if it's not what you're looking for, it's tasty for another recipe.

Help with itinerary

just curious as to what your disappointments were. I have rarely been disappointed.

Sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes

Ted Hutten hasn't had sunchoked this year. Alex DiNicola at the Seaport Market has some. I love them. I wrote about them for in an article you can find here:

Where to find: Powdered Vanilla in Halifax?

may i ask why you want powdered vanilla powder? Vanilla beans are generally considered to be superior in flavour and are pretty easy to find. Just curious.

Natto in Halifax?

You can also have natto served in many japanese restaurants, including Doraku and Dharma sushi.