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Best cheap eats off the street car lines?

I have been to most all of the expensive places to eat in the city. I will be staying in the FQ in September for a few days, but I am a little short on cash this trip. I want to try some new places but don't want to spend any money on cabs. Please tell me all your favorite cheap places to eat that you can get to and from on the street car lines? Thanks

Jul 23, 2008
jez1967 in New Orleans

Jacques-Imo's, what to eat?

I'm going to Jacques-Imo's Saturday night for the first time. Any recs on what to order for dinner?????

Aug 30, 2007
jez1967 in New Orleans

Roast Beef Po Boy Tour

I'm coming in a couple weeks to eat for a few days. For lunch I want to try all the best roast beef po boys in the city that have the debris style roast beef. Have had Parasols, ACME, and Mothers on previous trips. Not afraid to try a couple different places in a day. Any ideas?

Aug 09, 2007
jez1967 in New Orleans