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Very old Cuisinart DLC 7e food processor

I used to work at a kitchen store. It is common for the motors on these things to far outlive the other parts.

Cuisinart is good about keeping parts around for a long time...not sure about 30 years. If you do not see the parts on the Cuisinart site, I like the idea of buying one for parts from ebay or some such place.

The new ones don't have those annoying stems anymore, and for that I decided to upgrade a couple of years ago.

May 11, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

ISO Artichoke Hearts jarred in plain Olive Oil

I get the artichokes in water at Costco. I can make them taste anyway I want. Not sure if that will meet your need, but no vinegar or "italian dressing like concoction" either.

Feb 14, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Peppers & Fries on Lake Street

Finally had dinner there last night. Arrive at 7, no wait, and by the time we left around 8, it was about half full. I think I heard that they are open late. They might get a late night rush.

My Chicken verde burrito was good and huge, not spectacular. The tortilla chips were very unimpressive. (OUr server told me to order the fries.) My DH really enjoyed his bacon blue burger (it did have blue cheese on it!) and the fries are quite good. I think the burgers may be my next choice. If you want healthy, this is not the place.

Beer selection is large and wide ranging. No list...and our waitress really was not able to help when asked for something "malty". Print up a list, please. They do have a full bar.

Atmosphere, bright, unassuming and sports-bar like. It will be nice when they can open the garage doors. It is cozy (as in the tables are close together).

Service, a little too solicitous for my taste. I think that might have been our server's style, not the restaurant's. Appetizer came late or entrees came early as they were served almost on top of each other.

Pricing. OK, but kind of high for what you get. I was thinking I could have gone to the Craftsman for a burger for the same money and the quality seems higher.

Bottom line. I live three blocks away and will absolutely go back. I am not sure I would drive a long distance to return. I wish them great luck as the neighborhood obviously likes burger places.

sourdough bread

Have a family member in Iowa who laments the lack of good sour, sourdough bread. I am making a trip down so thought I would take a loaf with me. Where should I go for the best most "sour" loaf.


Jan 27, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Peppers & Fries on Lake Street

Just opening to the public tomorrow. Looking foward to checking it out

Jan 25, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Home - Le Town Talk French Diner & Drinkery :: Minneapolis, MN

The Le Town Talk in the old Town Talk space at Lake and 27th has not yet garnered any reviews so I thought I would introduce the topic.

We have been 3 times. First, the noise level is significantly reduced from the old Town Talk. I am middle aged, I hate to scream over my dinner (and never went back to the old place after one headache inducing meal..even though the food was great.) They have added some nice acoustical tiles and buffers so it is loud but not unbearable. I really like the space and have been there both at night, and for breakfast.

The food is good. I have not had my socks blown off, nor I have sent anything back to the kitchen. The menu is pretty limited, but covers the basic food groups...beef, fish, chicken. This is not a vegetarian friendly place. One could eat, but a limited full menu makes for even less vegetarian selections.

The burger is pretty good, lots of flavor. The shrimp entree was a little bland as was my crepe this morning. My DH's crepe looked more stuffed and richer (he had the ham, I the salmon). The steak sauces are quite good and the fries great. The mushroom tart was fabulous and their salads have been fresh and tasty. The person next to me ordered the bouillabaisse...that is on my list for next time as it looked wonderful.

Wine and beer selections are simple, but fine. Good coffee, which matters to me more than booze, so I cannot comment on their cocktails.

I live in the neighborhood and will definitely return. I wish them well and suggest it is worth a try. Their $45 date night on Tuesdays seems like a good deal (wine, shared app and dessert and two entrees.)

Jan 24, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Quieter breakfast spots

I will add Le Town Talk after just eating there this morning. Very quiet at 9:30, still pretty empty at 10:30.

Jan 24, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Quieter breakfast spots

Maria's on Franklin can be busy, but rarely seem frenetic.

Jan 24, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Dinner near Marriott City Center Minneapolis

I have not been in ages, but I used to love sitting at the bar at Ike's and that is on 6th...just a block away if one could get through City Center in some fashion.

Jan 02, 2015
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

local source for vanilla beans?

Kitchen Window often has them at a good price. Have not checked this year.

Dec 10, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

dinner mpls sat nigt

Here are some thoughts. Not a definitive list at all.

Wilde Roast at Riverplace is not steller but good food, and I like the atmosphere. More good bar food, than anything on your list. --easy walk from your hotel.

Love the Butcher Block on east Hennepin..not really quiet but often overlooked italian. (an easy, but longer walk

I am not a huge fan, but almost everyone else is of the Red Stag..also not super quiet.

Best meal I have had in a long time is Sea Change. Seafood, not cheap, but yum and exceptional service. and just across the river from your hotel.

Nov 30, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Places to eat around University of Minnesota - and candy?

I work a block from the Commons, here is my take on your options.

Best bet: Pizza Luce, delivers until 2:30 am

If you just want to walk a bit or get outside:

Stub and Herbs is open late. I think it has pretty mediocre bar food, but you could get fed and it is about two blocks from the Commons.

Big 10 is open til 12:45--again no culinary greatness, but pretty much across the street from the hotel.

Enjoy your time in Minneapolis.

Sep 04, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

working brunch

Thanks for the comments so far. Keep them coming. There will be 4 of us. We have never met in person before. I will have to check out Libertine and Lake and Irving. Thanks

Aug 29, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

working brunch

I need a place for a late morning, early afternoon Sunday brunch that is interesting, not loud and not the $25 buffet. (this is a business meeting). Location should be in the zone between the airport and either downtown. (Our ultimate destination will be the U, but it is a Vikings day so I am thinking we should avoid that.)

Current ideas:
Grand Cafe

Any other suggestions appreciated

Aug 29, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

"Date night" offers--need suggestions

Just found Scusi--$45/couple on Tuesdays, but not this Tuesday.

Jul 20, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

"Date night" offers--need suggestions

I could not find anything recent so am asking the question--who has a good "date night" deal?

We are redoing our kitchen and are strategizing our dining options for the next couple of months. Happy Hours don't work for us as we are rarely home from work before 6 and more interested in food than drink.

Here is the list I was able to cobble together....more suggestions, please! ($50 or under per couple and Minneapolis/St.Paul proper preferred) Thanks in advance for your help.

-Rinata ($20/person)
- Bar Lurcat ($50/couple includes wine)
-Masa ($50/couple includes wine)
-Levain ($25/person-no wine)

-Bryant Lake Bowl ($28/couple--includes a round of bowling)
-Barbette--$32 a person no wine

-Al Vento ($20/person no wine)
-luci ancora ($25/person tasting menu)--Thursday, too
-Grand cafe ($50/couple with wine)
-Red Stag ($32/couple with wine)

- Ngon ($30/couple includes wine)
-Water street inn stillwater --wine dinner $34/person
-Chimborazo ($35/couple including wine)

S-Th-- Broders late night-post 8pm deal.

Jul 20, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Easygoing First Date Places?

second Toast as a great option. Much prefer outside to inside, especially during the day.

Jun 17, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Places to eat around University of Minnesota - and candy?

Tofu house is good, but pretty limited menu. Korea house is really good, but talk about no "ambiance." Grungy is a good descriptor.

An odd little place is next to Punch on Washington...Kitty Korner Cafe. They have waffles and once in awhile they really hit the spot. My favorite has nutella, bananas, chocolate...dessert, not really lunch.

And to weigh in on Bun Mi, I am addicted to their beef spring roll. Traditional? not really, delicious? absolutely.

Fruit and vegetables: best quality for best price

I have found the rainbow in midway to have a pretty nice produce section. The parking lot is horrible and the store often chaotic, but seems to be better than other Rainbows.

I agree Seward is just insanely expensive for some things." I don't care if you are organic, I am not paying $7/lb for a red pepper. And, sometimes I am not that impressed by their quality either.

Thanks for asking the question, I am enjoying the answers.

Jun 09, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Sea Change

Finally made it to Sea Change. What a lovely dinner. Great service...though it might have been slow for pre-theater, it was perfect for leasurely evening with old friends. We spent almost 3 hours there.

Very fresh and interesting seafood and fish. Everyone loved their food all around. Salmon and beets !? appetizer was delicious. Shrimp cocktail, deconstructed and delcious.

Entrees were wonderful. Two of my party got the Artic char and loved it. I had the tuna it was the best entree I have had in ages. The cod was proclaimed "yummy." I thought everything was bit oversalted, but not so much i could not eat it. (It does happen.)

The table next to us had a bunch of stuff from the raw bar. It looked good, but I am not an oyster fan so was not on our list.

Good coffee and dessert, too.

I would go back in a heartbeat. An expensive meal for sure, but perfectly executed.

Apr 26, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Egg White Powder

You sure Lunds and Byerlys don't carry it? Maybe not on the website, but I swear I have seen it in the stores.

Mar 20, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Nightingale on Lyndale

Have heard nothing about this place. Glanced at the menu one night months ago, but have not tried it. Anyone?

Feb 02, 2014
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Parka--Never again and worried

Interesting. I live in the neighborhood and we just dined there last night. The place was packed but I too am worried about Parka and their ability to handle the Art Institute kitchen.

My hamburger was OK (what is with the American cheese), the brisket did not look appealing at all. I am not a huge celery fan and so much of it was a turn off. Both salad options we had (the spinach and the roasted sunchoke) were fabulous, however.

The no table service policy is aggravating. Wait to get a table, then go to the counter to order? By the time we left at 8 pm, they were out at least 2 of their 5 entrees. Places like this need a decent system or it will just make everyone nuts. (We accidentally butted in line as there was no one to tell us where to go or what to do. )

At the museum, speed is somewhat important. I go for the art, and if I am hungry, I usually want a quick nibble not an hour long affair. And, with the menu Parka has now, I can think of a dozen friends who would find nothing to eat because of tastes or food allergies.

Overall, I have had OK food and service there. We generally avoid the peak periods and after last night, I know why.

Nov 24, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Village Wok goes downhill

I agree. I work around the corner and stopped there for lunch not too long ago. Just not good. It used to be so fabulous. And yes, a good cleaning would help (but that is true for the Big 10 next door, too.)

Sep 03, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Wine bars

Went to Toast. It was exactly what we were looking for.

We sat outside, not loud, not rushed. Tables seemed to turn over on a somewhat regular basis. The place is very much a neighborhood joint...lots of dogs and lots of people who seemed to know the servers.

Wine choices were extensive and interesting and server was knowledgeable and gave us a couple of "tastes" so we could make some decisions.

The do not have flights (which I generally enjoy), but do offer half glasses so you can have a little variety. I am quite a lightweight so two half glasses is all I can do. Glasses were in the $7-10 range with a few well beyond that. (not sure what they charged for half glasses as I did not pay the bill.)

Food choices were also good. We had the spanish cheese and meat plate and one of the polentas. Plenty of food.

Not cheap, but a perfect evening and just what we wanted to celebrate our 15th anniversary. thanks for the suggestions.

Street parking was free and not a problem (no Twins game).

I would go back in a minute and look forward to checking out what it is like inside on a less perfect weather evening.

Wine bars

A quick search for wine bars shows there has been no new discussion in quite awhile.

Looking for someplace for a Friday night, good wine selection AND good food. Not really loud and a place one can actually find a seat, please. Would the bar at La Belle Vie be an idea?

Riverview is close but always kind of food disappointment. I admit, I haven't been anywhere else recently.

Suggestion appreciated (Mpls or St. Paul proper most appreciated.)

Aug 20, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Sea Salt waiting time

I have not been to Sea Salt this year. I have been frustrated in the past by the long lines and long wait times for food. I have family coming to town next week (Friday) and was wondering how things are working there this year. It would be the perfect place for an early lunch if I thought we could get in and out in an hour or so. (The last time I was there, my fish taco took 45 minutes and that was after the half hour in line.)

Please share thoughts or tricks and timing (better to go at 11:30 or 1:30?)

Aug 06, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Girls dinner out

Yes, Bar La Grassa....thanks.

Jul 10, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Girls dinner out

The food at la Brassa is great.

I think the noise is almost unbearable when it is busy and last time I went with a group, I could only talk to the person immediately next to me as I could not hear anyone else.

Jul 09, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Girls dinner out

Inexpensive is relative. Here are a couple of my suggestions based on what I think is inexpensive for a birthday dinner with a small group of 4-6 people in mind.

i would think most thai and vietanmese places are out due to the shellfish allergy. (Shrimp paste is in almost everything Thai.)

I have had some nice group dinners at Scusi on St. Clair and it can be moderately priced depending on how you order. The salads and entrees are designed to be shared. Reservations are a must.

I think the Barbary Fig would be fun, but the menu may be limited for unadventurous people. (wine and beer only.)

Its Greek to Me on Lake and Lyndale might fit the bill. The food is OK, but my friends swear by the bartender. If you can get on the patio, it is really nice out there.

If South is the preference, how about Indian (Surabi in Bloominton) or mexican(not a cusine I eat often so no suggestions for you.)

Jul 08, 2013
rockyd in Minneapolis-St. Paul