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Pressure cookers

Sorry the brand is Langostina. There's a little rooster on the cookbook which has a lot of recipes and info also

Pressure cookers

I use a langostine pressure cooker, have had it for years, all stainless, thick bottom, great safety valve and pressure release bell. The lid is a one piece clamp down attached to a cross bar. At first I thought it was kind of odd how both halves flexed up, upon clamping but after using it for salmon, halibut, antipasti, pickles and preserves, not to mention curries of lamb, goat, or chilli chicken dinners done in half the cooking time. I have made this my kitchen staple. Also the pot by itself is a fantastic stock or large sugo pot with no flavour retention and no seals involved--- worth a look

Fraser/Broadway/Kingsway area (YVR)

All's well and when you have a couple extra bucks in your pocket try Barbarella. Not expensive at 12-16$ a pie. A1 authentic pizza between Fraser and Carolina, on Broadway, south side. The Amatriciana with homemade smoked pancetta and real fixings along with a pasta that is blistering smooth, well my mouth is watering now.
mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm

Eleuthra, Bahamas

Currently on this island for a few more weeks. A drag I know, but am wondering if anyone has been here and knows of a few locals that have the chow we all search for.
Lots of fish on the line, langos and groupers for the bbq. But a fine meal is always appreciated from a local foodie who has a chalk board not a menu!

Good Pho in Vancouver? Does it exsist?

Le Do beside the Red Wagon on Hastings, also a family restaurant has their own tasty broth with a lighter tasting broth but still very flavourful, a good bowl and great grill all cooked fresh, made to order and with pride by the owner with his family, prepping, serving and making sure all is well.
These folks work hard to have a clean place with good food. Never had a less than fine meal there, a real hidden gem

Good Pho in Vancouver? Does it exsist?

For a lighter broth we go to Pho Quon 23 and Fraser, family joint, cleaner cuts, lighter broth. For industrial strength Pho Van on 17 and Fraser lots of everything. Have only ordered house special large for years with one ring of red and one ring of brown, sprouts and basil, mix and go!!

Pasture-raised eggs in Vancouver

Don't know if I'm late on this but I get my eggs from a farm on #6 rd and West Minster Highway.
Drive south towards the river on 6 rd and about a quarter of the way down you'll see a homemade sign Fresh Eggs. White with red lettering. On your right. All sizes, always fresh, chickens all over the field. An old Dutch couple that have been there for years. Organic chickens too! Pretty close to the best birds I've ever ate. Closed on Sundays

Best Burger in Vancouver - what's your vote?

Fray @ Fraser and 24th across from the Polish Hall makes a killer burger. Homemade and local ingredients with local brew on tap. Canucks on game night make it a local gem in the hood. Great mac and cheese too!! We get 1 of each, split it up and put a capitol C in comfort food.

in for a day

well since I'm alone and on foot for the walking tour [nothing worse than driving by thinking that place looks cool] I'll take in all on the list and see how it goes, spend the rest of the day cooking up a feast for my sisters and co. cheers

in for a day

How about organic veggies, seafood monger, fresh herbs?? thanks for the reply, the Agave sounds like it's got good eats, if it's take out/stand up in winter and you're still cooking, must be doing something right. Every city has it's form of The Lakeview ours is called Lucy's and at 3 am it's rockin' but other times -----not so much.

in for a day

In TO for a day and want to walk from Dovercourt and College to Kensington Market and back up Dundas with supplies for a great dinner for 6 including 1 vegetarian. Also a spot for a lunch break.
Ideas?? It's 10 am and will be heading out in a good hour. Cheers

Superlative pizza by the slice pizzerias ?

Paid $16 for a large capacollo, salami and mushroom pie at Pizza Garden the other night. Rivalled a lot of restaurants of thin crust pizza. What I liked was that they used real deli meats and cheese. Also the veggie has pitless kalamata olives, and artichokes, at $5 for two slices with a pop. Over all better than most slicers and better prices for take out whole pies.

Looking for great bread in Vancouver

Not wood fired but dense and chewy just the same, Breka on 49th and Fraser has a large selection
of sourdoughs and ryes from San Fran whites to pumpernickel dark. Also a large strudel, cake pastry and killer old style doughnut section. Latino Market on 13th and Commercial has top notch homemade Portugese bread, thick crust and dense middles, a good 2 pounder and great with butter. The corn bread is also top notch.

Where do you get your meat?

Famous Foods has a great butcher and his rotating selection of organic and free range is always available. 25th and Kingsway, the bulk food selection is also very extensive. Columbus Meats on 1st and Renfrew is the premier spot for all cuts Italian including cured meats and sausages.

Nicli vs Bibo

My 2 lira's worth ----after trying both places and eating hundreds of pizza's in Italy you have to realize that a pizza crust is somewhat concave and with the ingredients liquifying under the intense heat pooling in the center is a natural occurance and most Italians will quarter the pizza and fold their piece in acceptance of the soft center! Always a plus when washed down with a cold Nastro Azzuro!!! Both places are doing a fine job of raising the bar on authentic pizza. Don't be so critical have a glass and share a pie!!!

European Bakeries (Vancouver area)

Brekka on 49th and Fraser, big on ryes and sourdoughs plus tons of cakes, pastries, strudels and all things German/European.

Porterhouse Steaks in Vancouver

Famous Foods on Kingsway & 25th has a great butcher who hand cuts all their meat. Also stocking at times wild boar, bison, fresh duck, and rabbit along with the usual suspects, organic, non-medicated, free range included. It seems to vary upon availability but I've always got a fine cut. Also place an order and he will get it for you. The best advice is to learn what a good cut of meat looks like as jahvay says and you're on the way to grilling bliss!!

Dim sum on carts in Vancouver proper?

Not at all the same! Flamingo was an institution in the hood. The Ocean is specifically menu oriented and if you are not familiar with anything other than the regular dim sum dishes you will be ordering blind. The staff was not very helpful, in fact it seemed that it was an intrusion upon them to get dishes on the menu explained. Paying the bill was a totally different matter as many customers behind me were taken care of before me! Will not be returning!

Where to eat on Main St (Vancouver) - between Broadway and 25th

No kidding! Cipriano's is the worst example of Italian food EVER!!!!!
Our experience
After being turned away due to having 4 kids with us ----Frank actually said that adults drink and children just have pop! Table of 8---gone.
Returning at a later date[I don't know why] to precooked mushy pasta with red acid sauce.Still frozen in the middle lasagna. The chicken was just short of turning to dust it was so overcooked all, salads swimming in "house" dressing, but worst of all and I'll never forget this I squeezed the garlic bread and got at least a tblspn of oil out of that sponge. When asked how our dinner was by the owner and related said complaints his reply was that if we didn't like it, there were alot of chinese restaurants around!!
We live about 50 yds from there and avoid it like a crackhouse!!!!

REAL free-range chickens/eggs?

On #6 rd in Richmond there is a family that sells free range organic eggs from their house. They also sell the birds. You can see them running around. Excellent local producers that have been around for a long time.
Take Knight st bridge to West Minster Hwy turn left then a quick right at #6 rd about 1/2 km on your right hand side you will see a white sign with red letters.
Fresh Eggs free range, organic.
About $5 a doz for large although there is s,m,l,exl and double yolkers at times. The birds are excellent as well. If you have saved egg cartons bring them with you as all are recycled.

Buying fresh shrimp in Steveston, eggs attached?

Fresh roe !! oohh yaaa!!! separate those tasty mamas and into a hot pan they go wiyh some butter, garlic, some chopped flat leaf parsley s&p and the slightest splash of vino bianco.
Good to go---- a little messy sucking out all that roe but well worth the effort!!

Pass the napkins!!!

Searching for a bakery with authentic German rye bread (with caraway) in Vancouver

Breka at 49th and Fraser usually at least 10 or more types of rye and sourdoughs daily with a huge selection of strudels, old style doughnuts and pastries mmm, mmmm, mmm!