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looking for people who want to start a supper club

I live in the Nashville Area and often travel and have great meals. In this economy a meal at a great resturant cost a party of 2 $60-$80 with wine. I thought it would be great to start a supper club in the local area with other food lovers/foodies that can cook. maybe wine with the meals or a new drink. We could host them in our homes and every month changed homes. Please respond if you would be interested. I dont know if this is the site to start this discussion but I always go here if I want to know what to eat in every city I am in.

looking for nice place on the water Broward or dade

Will be in Ft.Lauderdale for a couple of hours and really wanted to find a great place off the water with a great view, great food and great drinks. Please help

Nashville - end of March

you have to write a review on this thread so we all know what YOU think. I'm dying to know.PLS PLS PLS.. Hope all was well and will have to get your ideas on great places in Minneapolis. Coming there in August for the fair. Just to go.

Nashville - end of March

I'm telling you it's not that great and I went to 2 locations. The original one by Meharry medical and the farmer's market location. I have only been to both locations one time and each time was not great. Be careful of the Nashville Scene, every place they suggest is not that great. But nashville is not NY we dont have tons of great places that open every month and they have to write about something. I know fresh . I grow my own collard, and turnip greens, green beans and tomatoes. Make my own sauce . Grow my own peaches, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, and blueberries. make my own jelly.jam, relish, pickles and chow chow. Would have a couple of chickens and a cow if my husband would let me. You have a limited schedule and I know how that is.

I guess you have to go now to see if I am right or not. If you go please post what you think . I'm dying to hear.

Hungry NYer looking for the real deal in Nashville

Pancake Pantry for sure for breakfast , You will love it. Sweet Potato Pancakes!!!!
Patterson House: Peanutbutter, Bacon, and Nutella painni
Whiskey Kitchen in the Gulch: Great drinks and great food at Great Prices. Great VIBE
Carl's: Great BBQ Beans, could just eat that for a meal
1808 is great also, eat there about 1 time a month

Nashville - end of March

I like your list, If you have the time stop by Alpha Bakery. It's on the way to Loveless in Bellevue. The best Handmade FRENCH Patries in TN. Get them to go you will love them.

Try the Peanutbutter, bacon, and Nutella panni at the Patterson house. Youeat it and start to wonder but you cant stop eating. The best combination of flavors that you would never put together yourself. You can taste that the bacon was smoked in some old school smoke house.

Jack's BBQ on Trinity lane cant be beat. You can eat them with NO TEETH , they are so tender.

Get to Whiskey Kitchen early. The place is small and there is a wait every time. First come, first serve. And people Love to just HANG out there. Great whiskey drinks and the food is very reasonable.

Sweet Potato Pancakes at the Pancake Pantry. I want to go now :)

Also Chef Market for Lunch. Great food in Hendersonville. about a 20min drive but no further than Loveless. Great food and homemade fro m a chef who open her own spot. Open for lunch and dinner. Better Quality than your average meat and three. Still Southern but better quality and still southern prices.

Do not go to Swett's Everything from a can. Horrible. I will cook for you for free than let you go to Swett's

***Friends dont let friends eat BAD food***

Thoughts on South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2010?

At first I thought that LargeLife was just bitter but you know what. He's right. At $200 a tix EVERY burger should be good. And that was not the case. Even tried to do some smaller events. Did the Sweet wine seminar and would have like some food at the event even cheese and crackers. We got nothing and the pours were 2oz. I get more at whole foods. Great information so I would call it even. Went to the hornitos party because I thought i would be to tipsy after the burger bash to go to the Patron Party. The drinks where not thought out well. They could have used a mixologist or even some recipes from this site. No food at all and last year there was finger food at the Patron Party. A waste of $80++++ up $10 from last year. The last event we went to was the comfort food and the wines that love them. GREAT, received a full plate of food and great wine to go with each meal. Was able to drink left over wine and left full. Got what I PAID for.

Took LargeLife suggestion

And went to Michy's and had the tasting menu...$75 a person with 4 courses and 4 apps, 6 main courses and 2 desserts. Left waddeling out of the place. Had a bottle of wine and still only spent $225 thats 1 tix to wine,dine, design.......Dont think I will be back next year ...JUST NOT THE SAME :(

Thoughts on South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2010?

Just left the Burger Bash. This is my 3rd year here and we stopped going to the Grand tasting because it became a free for all and dang near a fight for the food, with the quality going down year after year. Soooo we got tix to the Burger bash this year and it was the grandtasting except all burgers. Long Lines and way to many people. Got there at 7:15 and still didnt get to all of the booths by 9:45. Raw burgers and the best thing there were the cookies and wine.