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Crab with a "K"

You were right to return the Krab, although I cannot imagine any seafood on Nachos.

I actually enjoy the Krab gunkan at Blue C sushi.

Here is more than you ever wanted to know about surimi...

Nov 04, 2008
makepono in General Topics

artichoke hearts, marinated redux

So, I love the gigantic jars of the Costco marinated artichoke hearts. But I hate it when I have to dump the half gallon or so of marinade when I actually finish eating them all. A month or two back, I purchased some packages of Trader Joes frozen artichoke hearts to make Artichoke-Feta dip with and had a thawed package leftover. I didnt want to refreeze and possibly ruin the chokes, so I tossed them into the big 'empty' jar of marinade. A few weeks later I fished a few out and voila, they were nicely infused. In fact they were better than the original chokes as they were crisper, not as soft as the originals. The 'best by date' on the lid is Ocotober 2010, so I figure I have at least until then to reuse the marinade over and over. Any other ideas what I can use the marinade for?

Nov 02, 2008
makepono in General Topics

Sushi in Seattle

If you want low price sushi, then Sushiland in Bellevue is the place to go. $1, $1.50, $2, and $3 plates on the conveyor belt. Lots of Japanese tourists/ex-pats/salarymen eat there. Not the best, but for the money, it fills your belly with contentedness.

Azuma in W. Seattle is my favorite neighborhood joint. Musashi in Wallingford is a good like the previous poster says, IF you can get into the place.

Jun 24, 2006
makepono in Pacific Northwest

3 Seattle Dinners, Need 2 Recs

If you are staying downtown with no car, then Jak's Grill is going to be a bit out of the way. You may want to consider taking the in-laws to Brasa for Steak Frite in the bar. Or better yet, take them to the Ipanema Grill for the Brazilian rodizio grilled meat fest. Otherwise, just go to the Metropolitan Grill.

If you can make it Nishino in Madison Park (cab ride due east of downtown), order the Kasuzuke cod along with their sushi.

Jun 24, 2006
makepono in Pacific Northwest

Best Salmon in Seattle?

Ponti Seafood by the Fremont Bridge has excellent Grilled Salmon, probably the best in town. The Crabpot Restaurant is fun if you like the crabboils dumped onto the table in front of you.

Jun 24, 2006
makepono in Pacific Northwest