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Sunday dinner in Vienna?

Thanks, Sturmi! In that case, we may save some precious time and skip Naschmarkt for other sites.

I was doing some more research on Brunnenmarkt and Karmelitermarkt, and they do sound interesting, but do you think it would be too quiet on a weekday?

I was thinking of at least stopping by Staud's to check out their preserves. Definitely will check out the chocolate shop.

Aug 13, 2013
jcc813 in Europe

Sunday dinner in Vienna?

Thanks for the recommendations! I was counting on hearing from Sturmi after going through many of the Vienna threads :)

All 3 of these places sound good. I noticed you had previously also recommended Gasthaus Pöschl, which appears to be open on Sundays. I do like the idea of trying a true "local joint" as a different experience. Between those 4 do you have a ranking? (Edit: Just realized Gasthaus Pöschl is not in Neubau, which is I'm guessing is probably why it wasn't included on this list).

Also, I'm now wondering if we might be better served having breakfast at Meierei and going to Vestibule for dinner rather than Steirereck? Then again I've heard so much about the bread and cheese carts I feel like I have to experience them :) So many choices...

Sturmi - That's disappointing to hear about the Naschmarkt. I noticed in another thread you had recommended a few other markets. However, it sounded like those were focused more on produce during the week. If not the Naschmarket, is there another place where we might be able to find some interesting food souvenirs to bring home?

Aug 13, 2013
jcc813 in Europe

Sunday dinner in Vienna?

Husband and I will be in Vienna Sun 9/15 - Tues 9/17 and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fit in all the places that sound good!

Also not sure what would be a good option for dinner Sunday night as I noticed a lot of popular restaurants don't seem to be open. We'll be staying in Neubau and probably wont want to venture too far after a day of travelling.

We are adventurous eaters and like lo and high end places--only stipulation is that the food is good! And prefer places that focus on local cuisine that we might not easily get in Chicago (so would prefer to avoid "international").

Currently I have a late dinner reservation at Steirereck on Monday night. I'm thinking of catching the Monday evening concert at St Ruprecht so wanted to eat somewhere not too far and Steirereck seemed to be a good option.

I'm also considering lunch at Vestibule either Monday or Tuesday (or maracay be replace for Steirereck?). But Rudi's Beisl also sounds tempting and I'm sure we'll visit and graze at the Naschmarket one of the days. I'm kind of a pro at fitting in "mid-meals" if there are places that we just don't want to pass up.

Given our short time in Vienna I was thinking of spending one of the days visitng Hofburg and wandering around city centre and the other day at Schonnbrun if that helps with location planning. Currently planning to leave for Prague around 4:30 pm Tuesday.

Welcome any suggestions!

Aug 12, 2013
jcc813 in Europe

Quick, inexpensive lunch options near Buckingham and Tower of London

Husband and I will be in London in September and I'm looking for some decent lunch options near Buckingham/Westminster and also near Tower of London.

We have a pretty tight schedule so hoping to find somewhere not too expensive that we can get in and out of in about 30 mins (on a Friday near Buckingham and on a Monday near TOL).

A friend of mine insists that we try Wagamama at least once. I noticed there are outposts near both sites, so I was thinking we could make that a lunch stop on one of the days, but not sure which (ie is it more likely we can find other, better options near the Palace or near the Tower)?

The day we visit the Tower, I was thinking of hopping on a river boat at Tower Pier and taking it to Westminster Pier, so I don't want to stray too far.

Any suggestions?

Aug 16, 2012
jcc813 in U.K./Ireland

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Thanks for the "extra nudge" to go to Kiriko! As soon as we landed, I called and made reservations at the sushi bar.

Parking was a bit of a pain, but that was the only negative thing I can say about the experience. Kiriko was exactly what I was looking for and it did not disappoint!

After looking at the menu options, we decided to do omakase after all (ha). We ended up having:

Red snapper
Blue fin & toro
Spanish mackerel & Japanese mackerel
House smoked wild salmon
Amaebi shrimp w/ fried heads (the heads were still twitching when he was preparing the shrimp)
Seared kinmedai
Sea eel
Seared scallop
San Diego uni
Blue crab hand roll

Everything was extremely fresh and perfectly "dressed." Chef kept it pretty traditional w/ the exception of an olive oil dressing on the scallops, but it actually worked and didn't overpower the scallops at all.

There was one time at Yasuda where our chef was too heavy handed w/ the salt and lemon and that's all I ended up tasting. Chef Ken-san had the perfect touch and we only tasted the faintest hint of citrus and salt when used.

The rice was also done well--not too loose nor compact, and just the right proportion to the fish. I would say it was about "hand temperature."

My favorites were the seared kinmedai (got a second order of that), the toro, and the scallops. Husband loved the salmon (a fish he doesn't usually like), which we also got a second order of. But really all of it was pretty amazing, and literally put a smile on our faces as we were eating.

The pacing was good--not too fast, nor slow. Chef as well as staff were all pleasant and the waitress was efficient and unobtrusive.

In total we had about 15 pieces each plus the hand roll. Also had one red miso soup, a dessert, a couple beers, and 6 oz sake. Total after tax came to $218. Not bad at all, especially considering that people told us Sushi Zo would probably be just under that per person.

Thanks for helping point us in the right direction! Would say this was on par with our experiences in NYC. Really enjoyed our meal and would not hesitate to go back!

Feb 23, 2012
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Out of curiosity how does Shibucho compare to Zo in terms or pricing, service, variety?

Feb 21, 2012
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Thanks again for the suggestions.

We are flying into LAX, though we land around 6:30 tonight, so the other reason I was thinking of grabbing dinner before heading out to Arcadia is to wait out rush hour. :)

Feb 21, 2012
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Thanks for the responses and recommendations!

Based on the feedback, Sasabune is off the list. I think we'll end up trying out Kiriko after all. And perhaps we'll hit Zo on a future trip when I'm feeling up for the omakase.

Feb 20, 2012
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Last time we were in LA we went to Mori based on recs from this board. While we enjoyed our meal, for whatever reason it fell a bit short for me in comparison to my best sushi experiences (Yasuda, Kanoyma, NAOE, Tsukiji). Could've just been an off night.

In any case, we'll be back in LA next week and I'm on the hunt for sushi again. Preferably want to try a different place this time.

We'll likely be coming from the airport and heading to Arcadia after dinner, so location wise would prefer someplace that wouldn't be too far off that path.

Have been doing some research here and it seems that Sushi Zo pretty much fits the bill in terms of what I'm looking for food-wise: Traditional, varied, sushi/sashimi-focused

However, the general consensus around service, attitude, pacing, and the fact that it's omakase ONLY, are putting me off.

What's the next best option?

I thought Sushi Sasabune might be a good option, but it seems to have a bad rep on this board (haven't been able to find specific reviews as to why...just general negative references...seems to be related to their oversaucing?). I was thinking maybe if we stuck to ordering a la carte rather than going w/ omakase, maybe we'd avoid the sauce issue and also keep costs down a bit?

Kiriko might be my runner up.

Feb 17, 2012
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area

Substitute for NAOE?

I was SO looking forward to a return visit to NAOE during our visit to Miami in 3 weeks, but I just got a call from the restaurant that they have to close their current location b/c the city is taking over their space. And just 4 days before our reservation. BOO.

Are there any other sushi/Japanese restaurants in the area that even come close?

Sushi Zo vs Mori Sushi?

Thanks, everyone for the suggestions/feedback!

Decided to make a reservation at Mori--sushi bar. And at least this way my sister can tell us if she prefers it to Zo or not.

I'm soooo looking forward to it, can almost taste that fresh, glistening fish...

Oct 21, 2010
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Zo vs Mori Sushi?

My family and I will be in LA in a few weeks and I've been trying to decide whether to dedicate our one available evening for a nice meal at Sushi Zo or Mori?

Background: I live in the Midwest. We don't have good sushi. And by *good* I am referring to pure, unadulterated rice-fish-dab of soy-dab of wasabi-sushi. None of this fusion, cream cheese, godzilla, sauce drenched, mushy rice and tasteless fish wrapped in dried seaweed stuff that seems to run rampant here.

My sister's been to Sushi Zo and had a great experience, but I've heard good things about Mori, too (and some negative comments about Zo's attitude having gone downhill recently--not sure how the recent Zagat rating will have affected that).

I would be happy with all or mostly (85-90%) sushi/sashimi omakase, but my mom's interested in having some cooked dishes. I can't tell, but from some reviews it seems that Mori includes a lot of cooked dishes in their omakase. Zo is mostly (only?) fish?

We plan to sit at the sushi bar (as if that's even a question :), so while I'm mostly concerned with the quality of the food, I don't want the experience to be tainted by a surly chef experience either.

Can anyone provide some insight on either and help us decide where to go?

Sushi Zo
9824 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Mori Sushi
11500 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Oct 05, 2010
jcc813 in Los Angeles Area