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Looking for Chinese recommendations in Antwerp and in Brussels

I live in Brussels. A (Chinese) colleague and I have heard the rumour that Antwerp is the nearest place to get good Chinese food. We're thinking of taking a road trip this weekend to see if this is true. We're looking for suggestions.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a good (authentic) Chinese restaurant in Antwerp?

Is Ho Chan House any good for dim sum?

And the bonus question:
Does anyone have a suggestion of a good (and authentic) Chinese restaurant in Brussels?

Thanks for any help you can give! I'll report back to this thread with the outcome of our trip.

Nov 28, 2011
SamL in Europe

local resources in Brussels?

Thanks for the suggested links! None are exactly what I was looking for, but they are very helpful. The blog angle is a good one. I hadn't thought of looking for local blogs.

Jul 21, 2011
SamL in Europe

local resources in Brussels?

What other discussion boards/fora are there for food in Brussels? I am looking for something with a larger user base, ideally in French, but will take anything.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Jun 13, 2011
SamL in Europe

Brussels Recommendations?

I look forward to your review. I don't know the place.

Even though mussels are now primarily farmed and thus have no seasons, most restaurants seem to serve them seasonally. I hope that 'T Kelderke has them for you.

Jun 13, 2011
SamL in Europe

Brussels Recommendations?

Hi Buzzy2, I hope you enjoy your visit. Please do report back afterwards.

I'll let rrems provide a more authoritative answer, but in the meantime, here are some things I think are worth trying: steak & frites (get it "bleu"), filet americain (steak tartare), beer!!!, waterzooi (a chicken soup with chervil, leeks and cream), crevettes grises (typically in a mayo based salad served on sandwiches), waffles (get a gaufre de li├Ęge from a truck, imo. The gaufre de Bruxelles is good, but is essentially identical to the "Belgian waffles" you can get anywhere in the US.) Another classic is Carbonade Flamande, a slightly sweet beef stew. I'm not a big fan, but it is traditional. Finally, there is stoemp. This can refer to the dish or to the meal it is served as a part of. As a dish, it is mashed potatoes with an additional vegetable (eg. leeks, though sometimes other vegetables are served, like broccoli or carrots or sweet pepper). As a meal, it comes with bacon and/or sausage.

I will again plug Les Brassins. I highly recommend the steak simple face. It's a steak that is coated on one side with a mustard-horseraddish-parsley sauce, and then cooked only on one side (and served very rare).

Jun 12, 2011
SamL in Europe

Brussels Recommendations?

Forgot to suggest: visit Beer Mania in Ixelles. It's a beer store (w/ a great selection of beers), but also has tables in the back presumably for beer tastings. I have never done a tasting, but I have seen customers drinking beer and eating fries.

Feb 13, 2011
SamL in Europe

Brussels Recommendations?

That's incredibly helpful information... for many other cities I have lived in, information two years out of date is worthless.

I am very fond of Les Brassins (Rue Keyenveld 36, in Ixelles). The steak is fantastic.

Feb 13, 2011
SamL in Europe

fantastic meal -- would love to get help with menu [Mariscos El Pilar de Nayarit in Seaside]

I had dinner on a Sunday night at Mariscos El Pilar de Nayarit in Seaside, on my way home from Monterey.

The food was fantastic. It's cash only.

We first had chips and salsa, with a surprisingly delicious salsa unlike any I have had before. It was very fresh tasting, with some astringency and spiciness. I was tempted to buy some to go, but foolishly didn't.

I had a tostada with shrimp ceviche as an appetizer. It was excellent -- very generous with shrimp, and the sweetness of the shrimp really shone through.

I then had langustinos with garlic (they translated it as crayfish in a garlic sauce, but they didn't really look or taste like crayfish, more like large prawns). This was fantastic. My wife had shrimp enchiladas. These were delicious and surprising to me: the tortillas were small corn tortillas that had been soaked (?) in a tomato-based sauce with a lot of oregano and other herbs. The tortillas were reasonably dry, though coated with the sauce. The filling itself was dry. This was also delicious, but I felt the sauce overpowered the shrimp.

The specials board listed a number of dishes that the waitress was unable to explain so I could understand. can anyone help?
moicajete ala pendejada ($25!)
pezcado zarandiado ($11/lbs)
coctel mendigo ($16)
(I am especially curious since the prices don't match the rest -- most main dishes were about $10-14, and the ceviches were ~$4 if I remember correctly.)

On the weekend they also have menudo and birria de chivo.

The decor is pretty minimalist, the place is in the middle of an industrial looking area, and the music was way too loud when I was there (part of the reason I couldn't understand the waitress). Dinner for two came out to about $35-40 (inc tip), but it would have been easy to have ordered less. The food was FANTASTIC. I am tempted to go back even though it's a bit far for me to drive for dinner.

Mariscos El Pilar de Nayarit
1184 La Salle Ave, Seaside, CA 93955

Oct 19, 2010
SamL in California

Looking for Mexican Food in Monterey

yes! I think it's fantastic. I'm creating a new thread on the subject.

Oct 19, 2010
SamL in California

Excellent experience at Cafe Yulong

I've been quietly lurking for a while and enjoying many helpful suggestions from Chowhounders. I went to Cafe Yulong tonight for dinner, and had such a wonderful experience I want to report back.

I had the following dishes:
- "onion pancake" (= scallion pancake)
- fish and leek dumplings
- zha jiang noodles
- Hunan-style lamb

The scallion pancake was amazingly good. The dough was nice and chewy and yet flaked in to layers beautifully. The dumplings were also excellent -- I really enjoyed the contrast in textures between the delicate fish and the "toothy" dumpling wrapper. The zha jiang noodles were tasty, but the noodles were a bit more cooked than I would have liked. The Hunan style lamb was fine, but not up to the standard set by the rest of the meal.

This came to about $35, and was more than enough food for 2, though would not have been enough for 3. The waiter was really nice, and the service was very quick and professional.

Cafe Yulong
743 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041

Feb 23, 2010
SamL in San Francisco Bay Area