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American Single Malts

Yes, bourbons cannot be classified as "Single Malts" for several reasons:

1. They traditionally use a multiple-grain mashbill (corn, wheat, rye...), and are thus not distilled from a "single" grain.
2. There is no barley used, but more importantly, none of the grains used are malted (so even if the concept of single malt is extended beyond just barley-based products, the term still has no relevance to bourbons... traditional ryes either, for that matter).
3. Bourbon is its own legal category of whiskey, and most bourbon distillers/enthusiasts would be opposed to their product being called anything but bourbon.
4. 100% corn bourbons do exist (eg, Tuthilltown's Baby Bourbon), but these, too, do not come from malted grain. Old Potrero makes a "Single Malt Whiskey" distilled from 100% malted rye (whereas traditional US rye whiskey comes from 51-100% unmalted rye).

I would also like to point out, to preempt another bourbon-related question, that bourbons do have to be made in the US, but they do not have to be made in Kentucky. There are plenty of excellent bourbons made outside of Kentucky.

Mar 03, 2010
WhiskyPartyChicago in Spirits

Poutine in Chicago?

As one commenter pointed out, the Gage has poutine. What they failed to mention is that it is excellent, as is most of their menu. You can eat there for $15/person, or $50/person, since their menu is so extensive. The poutine has a delicios elk ragout, usually.

Looking for a great cupcake place in Chicago!

This is almost a silly question: Molly's makes the best cupcakes pretty much ever. People travel from all over the country to eat them. Try the Ron Bennington: you will not be disappointed.