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Best Sandwich in D.C.

I'd actually nominate that La Mexicana torta, although not DC-proper.

Best Sandwich in D.C.

Thanks for the intel.

Best Sandwich in D.C.

Chivito at Fast Gourmet

Help a Canadian Chowhound narrow down my list - Alexandria, VA to Floyd, VA

Eamonn's is great. Not "greasy" like the poster described. I've been to the UK and eaten greasy fish and chips - the kind that soaks through newspaper. This is the opposite, while not light, it's perfectly cooked. The sauces are creative and fun. And the chips thoroughly satisfying. Get it with an Irish soda.

Help a Canadian Chowhound narrow down my list - Alexandria, VA to Floyd, VA

I'll third La Mexicana. The best authentic Mexican in the region. I'd go for the tacos or tortas.

Agree on Eve and Vermillion as well. Both solid.

Favorite Taco Joints?

Truly the best in the DMV, hands down.

DC Hound Visiting: Need Recommendations

Thanks for the detailed reply! Just what I am looking for. I'm rearranging my list based on everyone's comments, so it's much appreciated. I'm looking for casual or more low-key spots, not to mean it can't be nice, but looking to avoid places that are too much of a scene, simple but superlative. Your suggestions sound good from here, so I will check those out.

Quincy sounds good as well. Certainly looking to visit a couple of interesting sites, although my time will be limited. I've been a couple of times, but it's always nice to explore a bit. A chowish destination would be high on my list, touristy or not.

Oct 21, 2012
biscuit in Greater Boston Area

DC Hound Visiting: Need Recommendations

Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far! Revising my list.

Oct 21, 2012
biscuit in Greater Boston Area

Foods not to miss in D.C. area.

Fast Gourmet is so good, it should be illegal. Can't recommend highly enough. Do not miss.

Another sandwich spot to check out is Taylor Gourmet. Really good pork/broccoli rabe, among others. I need to get back there soon.

DC Hound Visiting: Need Recommendations

Coming up for a few days in early November.

Staying in the seaport area. Need some suggestions for solo dining. Not a big deal for me to dine alone when traveling, so no fuss needed.

Looking for low-to-mid-price options, say up to $50 for dinner, $25 for lunch. Won't have a car, but will get in a cab for an amazing meal.

Love burgers, Italian, breakfast, seafood, but really looking for exceptional Boston must-eats of any kind. Also great coffee or ice cream is good too!

No chains please (although local chains ok).

Have a list started, based on initial research (are these good choices?):

Neptune Oyster
Eastern Standard
Yankee Lobster

Oct 20, 2012
biscuit in Greater Boston Area

Boston hound, coming to DC and Alexandria...

Seaport area, I believe. Thanks.

Boston hound, coming to DC and Alexandria...

In Alexandria:

Eamonn's for best fish and chips anywhere. Try all the side sauces.

La Mexicana Bakery (down route 1) for great Mexican food. Bit of a divey spot, but worth it.

Oh, and I'll be going to Boston in a few weeks, so if you want to hit me back on what not to miss. (But I suppose I'll need to go post on that board).

Poorly Engineered French Fries

I always thought ketchup overwhelmed the flavor of the potato, whereas mayo or aioli compliment it.

Poorly Engineered French Fries

Ah, Spike's. Indeed this is true. Totally agree with you on this one! :)

Poorly Engineered French Fries

That's a broad assumption without any specific evidence against EB, so I can only take your comment at face value.

And anyway, like I said, it tastes good to me, which is why I'll keep going back and you'll keep going to the takeout spots. I'm not going to a burger joint to get a colon cleanse.

Poorly Engineered French Fries

I didn't think that at all. I just thought, "wow, these taste great." The flavor of olive oil is a natural pairing for potatoes, as is duck fat, although I've had duck fat fries that were poorly executed. Every time I've had fries from Elevation, they were fresh out of the fryer. They don't use heat lamps. Can't say that for a lot of places.

Suspect quality? How do you qualify that exactly? Wouldn't that also apply to the grease/fat/oil/excuse for a food product used in all establishments, surely including divey Chinese carryouts?

Poorly Engineered French Fries

They're making a big deal out of it as an alternative, a selling point – and yes, perhaps healthier. For me it really boils down to taste and texture. I think they taste great and I prefer the softer texture, but in the end its just personal preference.

Poorly Engineered French Fries

I think they're great, as are their burgers. I don't know why anyone takes issue with olive oil and potatoes – the Italians have been using that combo for hundreds of years. McDonald's only had half-way decent fries when they were cooked in animal fat. 5 Guys are good, but they frequently overcook them (for my taste, that is – I like them on the softer side).

Too bad Ray's are so lousy. He really doesn't give the potato any love. A damn shame since the burgers there are so good.

Poorly Engineered French Fries

This is the truth here. It's really a personal thing. Of course, there are "bad" fries, but it's really one person's opinion vs. another.

Looking for FRESH pita

Mamma's Kitchen in Alexandria, off of Route 1 has excellent freshly-baked pita (sometimes still warm!) out of their wood-fired oven. Food there is very good, specializing in Mediterranean. A welcome break from all the chains in the area.

Disney/Kissimmee dining help

Second on Boma. Really good. One of the best meals of our trip. Might go again if we get to AK this time around.

Aug 02, 2012
biscuit in Florida

Port St Lucie and neigboring towns

Upping this thread as I will be visiting next week. Suggestions?

Aug 01, 2012
biscuit in Florida

Meatballs by Michel Richard

I went once a few weeks ago and it was seriously one of the worst meals I've ever had. And the concept was a complete disaster. Good riddance. Hope something better take its place.

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

Eve Tasting Room
Inn at Little Washington

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

Well, Tom S. of the Post gave it 4 stars back in October '11. While I'm sure there's an off-night or certainly the "just didn't like it" factor, I would find it difficult to believe they've fallen off that hard in 8 months. But hey, anything's possible (I didn't care much for Citronelle on my one visit). I'd like to go back soon and see for myself.

Why Yelp Sucks!

Yelp is the McDonald's of review sites.

Jun 17, 2012
biscuit in Food Media & News

Help a poor Los Angeles hound visiting Baltimore and DC

Go to Central. Michel Richard started in L.A., but blew up here. Central is amazing and more affordable than his flagship Citronelle.

Maybe a good tactic is dining at places here based on chefs not easily found elsewhere, like City Zen, Komi, Central, etc (although none of those aren't all very "economic")

Help a poor Los Angeles hound visiting Baltimore and DC

Taylor Gourmet, YES! There's nothing like it anywhere I've been, nor in all my years living in L.A. (that I know of - although I've yet to try Langer's).

Help a poor Los Angeles hound visiting Baltimore and DC

And Ben's is a like an Eastern cousin of Pink's. It's a fun place to go just to visit, but if you've had Pink's, you really only should go if you're in the area and just for the fun of it.

Help a poor Los Angeles hound visiting Baltimore and DC

You can get equally good Ethiopian in L.A., so I don't know if it's worth bothering with, but Oohs and Aahs is definitely worth visiting.