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REAL free-range chickens/eggs?

Wow that is an excellent list

Greens Organic Market Broadway @ Maple Now Open!

I get my groceries next door at IGA(Which I hate), I'll check it out this week. I've driven by a few times and it looked like a pricey urban fare-esque store. I hope this is not the case because I am really hoping for some good and reasonable food.

REAL free-range chickens/eggs?

Yes! Exactly what I was looking for thanks!

REAL free-range chickens/eggs?

Is there a place in/around vancouver to buy REAL free-range chickens and/or eggs. I know that when it says "free range" on packages all that means is that chickens have "access to a pasture." Which in practice means that the chickens are farmed indoors in the dark as per conventional methods, but once during their lifetime the farmer opens a little doggie door for about five seconds therefore satisfying this very loose definition of, "access to pasture."

Is there a way to get real (not grossly genetically engineered, beak stuck in a feed tray 23 hours a day) chicken in/around vancouver? Eggs as well?