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Weekend in Brooklyn

We've had our Brooklyn weekend and loved it! We had dinner at Battersby and The Grocery...both excellent. We ended up staying on Smith Street and liked being able to walk to dinner.
We loved the croissants at Bien Cuit (had to throw out the one from Konditori - stale and inedible!) and breakfast at Cafe Luluc (only place open before 10 or 11 am) which was actually suprisingly good despite diner feel.
The highlight for me was actually our lunch at Roberta's - seriously great pizza.
Thanks, all!

Nov 25, 2013
kschuman in Outer Boroughs

Weekend in Brooklyn

Thanks all. We had eliminated Al di La and Rosewater because we have eaten there before and want to try new stuff.

We did think of Saul but they are moving to the Brooklyn Museum and not sure when will re-open.

Is the Grocery worth a try? Those tables look awfully close together... is it over-hyped?

Sep 24, 2013
kschuman in Outer Boroughs

Weekend in Brooklyn

My husband and I live in Manhattan. We are ‘of a certain age.’ We are planning to take a ‘vacation’ to Brooklyn in November, because we’re sick of reading about all the great restaurants there which we never go to because we can’t bear the long trek home.

We’ll be staying in downtown Brooklyn, and will be there from Fri eve to Sunday afternoon. We like small, farm-to-table type restaurants that take reservations. My husband is not that adventurous in terms of ethnic food, so we’ll have to miss some of those great options. Also, we need brunch recommendations with non-egg alternatives as he doesn’t like them.

Looking for recommendations for our Brooklyn food vacation - places I've been considering are:

James (although they don't take res)


Sep 23, 2013
kschuman in Outer Boroughs

West of Ireland in August - Recommendations, Please?

See my report of yesterday:

Jun 07, 2012
kschuman in U.K./Ireland

Eating in Dublin on Sun/Mon nights

Hi, I'm the original poster, just back from Ireland. We ate well in Dublin at Ely WIne Bar. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Also had a fantastic lunch at the Granary Cafe - just a few tables, but the best sandwiches we had of our entire trip.
Before going I downloaded an iphone app of the Bridgestone Guide's 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland. I found this to be absolutely reliable. Everywhere we went, we had a superb meal from this book. Highlights:

Oscar's - very memorable meal. Really fresh and inventive fish. Incredibly nice staff.
Ard Bia at Nimmo's - also delicious, in a very funky informal setting. Loved it.
Cava - this was wonderful spanich tapas - a nice change from all the Irish seafood we'd been having.

We ate at the Wild Geese. It was a lovely seting in a small cottage and the food was good, but I was not that impressed and found the food a bit overly rich. Might just have been cranky because we didn't like Adare.

Out of the Blue - an absolute must. Book ahead, it's very small. We saw them turn many away. Just fish, entire menu on blackboard.
Global Table - half empty but we thought the food was terrific here too. We were in the mood for meat after many days of fish and it was excellent.

Fishy Fishy - no complaints about the food, but it seemed to be a real 'operation' and the service was forgetful and messy. It lacked the charm of many of the other places above.

We found the food in Ireland to be absolutely wonderful, our best culinary trip since Spain. Even the most humble spots had a great soup and bhome made brown bread that was delicious.

Highly recommended for foodies.

Jun 06, 2012
kschuman in U.K./Ireland

Eating in Dublin on Sun/Mon nights

Thanks !

May 10, 2012
kschuman in U.K./Ireland

Eating in Dublin on Sun/Mon nights

I will be in Dublin later this month for two nights only, a Sunday and Monday night. Most of the highly recommended restaurants I've looked up are closed on those evenings. Does anyone have any good tips for eating well on those nights? We are staying in the Ballsbridge area, so would be particularly interested in things around there.

May 08, 2012
kschuman in U.K./Ireland

Best Resturant in Tulum

I agree re. Cetli but beware - she has no liquor license!

Feb 25, 2010
kschuman in Mexico

food translation dictionaries - actual books, not online!

Yes, many thanks. Do you recall the name of the Euskara phrasebook, I am not seeing anything quite like that on Amazon?

Feb 25, 2010
kschuman in Spain/Portugal

food translation dictionaries - actual books, not online!

I am travelling to the Basque region as well as Barcelona in June. I speak no Spanish, but even if I did, I doubt it would help me in these places. I'm really looking forward to the great food but am worried that deciphering menus will be difficult. I've seen a number of posts here about online food translation sites, but unless I'm mistaken, those would require you to be on line (with Wi-Fi) while you are sitting in a restaurant. I am wondering if there is an actual book available, or a list which could be downloaded and printed, with the most common foods/dishes translated (in Catalan and Euskara!).

Can anyone help?

Feb 23, 2010
kschuman in Spain/Portugal