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Finally Durham is getting a Ramen Shop and Izakaya

any comments on how it was?

Dec 14, 2013
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Any new posts for Sake Bomb?

thai noodle dishes are better than the sushi. sweet shrimp nigiri (raw shrimp nigiri + fried shrimp head) is pretty tasty though.

Sep 08, 2013
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Raleigh charcuterie?

G2B in durham has an interesting charcuterie menu with at least 10-15 things they make in house.

Sep 08, 2013
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Korean spot open in old Franklin Pizza and Pasta spot in Chapel Hill

went to korchipi a few weeks ago. it was.... reasonable, not great. definitely not memorable enough to think fondly of or even a place i'd crave badly enough to visit again. i'd say that the sauce flavors were very rough around the edges (mostly very sweet) and the wings weren't particularly flavorful. even with the 3 different heat levels, it was difficult to tell the mild from the medium from the hot. also, i recall that the wings were quite soggy within 10 minutes of sitting down. i accept that korean fried chicken wings will get soggy but i think there was something about the batter that didn't hold up to the wetness of the sauce.

on the other hand, i followed up a suggestion about going to soo cafe in raleigh next to NCSU. a friend and i ordered the fried chicken with two sauces (sweet and soy garlic). a whole chicken was $19 with sauce ($17 without). the wing and drumstick is as you would imagine. the breast and thigh are cut up into smaller pieces and $19 worth of food is probably enough to feed 3 reasonable people or 2 really hungry people. hands DOWN, a fantastic korean friend chicken joint. in fact, i prefer this over NYC bonchon.

The place is solid and owners are really sweet. I will be back soon. I'm not only pick about my food, I'm picky about asian food and extremely picky about my fried chicken.

Mar 07, 2013
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Five days in Charleston long)

sounds flipping amazing. my wife and i are headed there next week for the first time with our moderately-well-behaved 2 month old infant. any particular locations anyone can suggest that would be baby carseat friendly? we are adventurous eaters and would be willing to try anything at all. particular interests are: shellfish, japanese, spanish, coal fired pizza.

Dec 27, 2012
whiteonyellow in Southeast

chinatown in morrisville

just seeing if anyone has heard anything recently about the chinatown revamp for the old outlet mall. based on this article, things don't look like they're moving forward too quickly.

i'm moving out of the area in 2015 so i probably won't be around to see how this project turns out. i was skeptical it would even take off to begin with so i guess i'm not surprised. too bad, though.

Dec 26, 2012
whiteonyellow in Southeast

RDU chinatown

anyone know anything more about this? looks promising!

Feb 22, 2012
whiteonyellow in Southeast

New Asian Big Box Grocery in Durham

$9.99 a pound for live lobster is pretty good. sometimes, i see it at $10.99/lb at grand asia. generally, they keep the smaller variety at chinese grocery stores. it's hard to find the whopper 3 - 4 lb versions and those are usually much more expensive anyway and hard to find live. when whole foods used to sell lobster, it was routinely over $17.99 a pound.

my friend vacations in the keys and rents a boat. when he goes, he's allowed to catch something like 6 lobsters per person per day. i think they essentially eat an all lobster diet for 1 week for the price of an airplane ticket and boat ride. :)

razor clams should be less than $6-7/lb. all the ones i tapped on yesterday looked quite live and fresh.

Feb 18, 2011
whiteonyellow in Southeast

New Asian Big Box Grocery in Durham

it's big and it's clean. it still seems somewhat empty with large areas around the front of the store left open and empty especially near the checkout aisles. there is a little too much mainstream packaged western food like frozen pizza, ice cream, peanut butter, jam and cleaning supplies. i think any wise consumer could just as easily go down the street and shop at target for those things.

the meat/poultry section still seems a little green. it was mostly basic beef, pork and poultry. i didn't see any fancier offerings at usual big asian megamarts like black chicken, lamb, gizzards, tongue, heart or anything like that yet. i think it's just a matter of time before all this shows up.

the seafood section looks extremely promising but is still lacking the variety of grand asia. the live lobster and dungeness crab are priced more competitively than grand asia, however. they had some nice looking razor, cherrystone and manila clams too. it would be nice to see more varieties of shrimp but i'm sure that will change soon. it might be too much to ask for but it would be fantastic to see a little fridge filled with sliced and unsliced sashimi like a neighborhood japanese shop in a big city. maybe i can find mr. li ming himself and give him a piece of my mind! :)

the produce section didn't have huge depth to it but everything did look fresh and the prices were comparable with grand asia. no significantly exotic fruits and veggies (yet?). lots of oranges, apples, pineapples, bananas.

before i got there, i was most excited about the cafeteria offerings. it looks like all they have is the "pick 3 entrees with rice" deal. it's $5.49 which is very competitive but they still need some fine tuning. i had some black bean "chitlins," bbq chicken, fried fish and ham hocks. the only think i liked were the black bean chitlins. everything else was pretty standard and perhaps average or slightly below in seasoning, taste and texture. i think they should bolster and improve their offerings within a few more weeks. also, next to the cafeteria area, there is a sign that says there is a bakery on it's way. judging from the looks of how there is not even a display stand, display or baking supplies in the kitchen, i'm guessing this is at least a month away.

overall, it's a good start. i think it's still a good month away from seeing and tasting it's true potential. it'd be nice to see some made to order foods like noodle soup, stir-fried proteins and bubble tea. but until then, i'll still be frequenting grand asia for pretty much everything else.

Feb 17, 2011
whiteonyellow in Southeast

New Asian Big Box Grocery in Durham

Has it opened yet?

Feb 06, 2011
whiteonyellow in Southeast

new asian grocery store megaplex? (NC, Triangle)

can anyone confirm the rumor of a large asian grocery store/megaplex (with a food court inside!) being opened at the site of the old circuit city in durham off of 15-501 and westgate across the street from super target? i heard this from my korean hairstylist who has always been in the know with the asian retail community in the RDU area.

Nov 02, 2010
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Grand Asia Market Recs. (Cary, NC)

what a great thread. it's the only place i go every week! my favorites in no particular order:

1. mango smoothie with pearls
2. big bun (steamed white bun with chinese sausage + quail egg + meat)
3. preserved duck egg + pork porridge (i'll usually add my own preserved duck egg inside)
4. curry triangle
5. fried pork dumpling (oval, egg shaped fried glutinous ball near the curry triangle)
6. pork feet/ham hocks
7. roasted duck
8. chicken + preserved salty fish fried rice
9. cold, sweet soy milk
10. egg tarts
11. walnut and date candy (by the bakery cashier)
12. beef noodle soup
13. chinese doughnut (long fried stick)
14. coconut bun/pastry
15. taro bun/pastry
16. scallion hot dog bun/pastry

thoughts? comments? recommendations?

Aug 04, 2010
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Chinese Chicken Wings in Durham!

I stumbled upon some quite excellent (and large!) fried chicken wings from Eastern Lights in Durham near the Target/15-501 complex. After a subpar showing of wings from mainstream wing outlets at my BCS Championship Party, I think I'll be going here for my wing fix from now on.

Feb 26, 2010
whiteonyellow in Southeast

Where to buy in Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh?

hey bullcity! i'm still curious about this thread :) any other places in the RDU area that sell sashimi grade fish? i've been here for 1.5 years, and looking for a place has been a favorite "pastime" of mine. i've never been a fan of whole foods "sushi grade fish." it's kept with all the non-sashimi fish and always looks like you should sear it instead of risk it. on my visit to tom robinson's i found that it was not as clean as i would have hoped.

i still have day dreams of this small japanese grocery in dallas that kept a fridge full of sashimi from japan. they have a blog and would post their weekly stock so customers could follow along. i'm beginning to think there is no hope for us! catalina seems promising but it's hard to accept defeat, ya know?

Feb 23, 2010
whiteonyellow in Southeast