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last night we went to alder

Loved WD-50 but didn't think much of Alder. What can you say about a place where you can't even take a piss without the timed restroom lights leaving you in the dark mid-stream?

Sep 12, 2013
workintheater in Manhattan

Peach Fresca

Where was the Shop-Rite located, if I may ask?

Sep 08, 2013
workintheater in Manhattan

Peach Fresca

Anybody know where to find it in NYC? Had it at a party in NJ and liked it. However, none of the grocery stores in my nabe (Associated, Fine Fare, Key Food, C-Town) carry it? I'd appreciate any leads. Thanks!

Sep 05, 2013
workintheater in Manhattan

NYC Anniversary Dinner--French, Moderately Priced

MONTMARTRE is superb in every way, the real thing in French bistros. Kale salad with trumpet mushrooms, beet salad, steak tartare, roast chicken and roasted cauliflower are delectably prepared and served in generous-sized portions. Props to the knowledgeable, friendly waitstaff. One of the most pleasant, satisfying dining experiences I've had in some time.

Aug 31, 2013
workintheater in Manhattan

New HD channel? Recipe.TV

Just got Fios and Recipe.TV is part of the lineup. Yeah, it's fun to watch--for about 15 minutes. Then you realize they play every episode in EXTREMELY heavy rotation. In the space of a week I've seen most of them already three or four times. But what REALLY sucks is that they tell you to find the recipes on the website---and there isn't one g-damned recipe there (except for some videos, which are useless). WTF???

Aska: How much food do you get in those 6 courses?

Your instincts are correct, OP. The arty "minimalism" of this place is hilarious! Thank God for the bread basket (the refill of which required two requests and a fifteen-minute wait), otherwise we would have left hungry.

Sidebar: ANY restaurant that refuses bread to a patron (are you listening, Calliope?) or has a problem "gladly" refilling the basket doesn't deserve to be in business, IMO.

Apr 05, 2013
workintheater in Outer Boroughs

Chinese Egg Noodles

Why have these become IMPOSSIBLE to find in Manhattan or even online? The Ka-Me brand used to be ubiquitous, now they aren't even available on Amazon. I have tried major Asian markets, Fairway, Whole Foods, and NO ONE has them. It's beyond absurd--how can this be? Can anyone provide leads? Thanks!

Feb 03, 2013
workintheater in Manhattan

Any feed back on Calliope - newish French bistro in E. Village?

A disappointment.

I ordered one of three starters on the menu, only to be told thereafter that it was suddenly "not available" (at 9PM).

A request for bread was met with incredulity, almost confusion. Nonetheless, it arrived---stale, without butter or oil. Had to ask for THAT as well.

A side order of veggie du jour never arrived and wasn't acknowledged by the server
till the end of the meal.

The appetizer/entree were fine. But I was so put off by the HOSTILE vibe, I could barely enjoy the food and left without dessert.

I won't be returning.

Oct 28, 2012
workintheater in Manhattan

Asian Grocery Store

You nailed it, el Mitch! I now have two packages of shredded tofu from Hong Kong Market in my fridge. Crossing my fingers that I like them better than the dreaded shirataki noodles.

Aug 30, 2012
workintheater in Manhattan

Asian Grocery Store

That is so helpful, el Mitch. If necessary, I can show the pictogram you included above. Thanks so much!

Aug 28, 2012
workintheater in Manhattan

Asian Grocery Store

Does anyone know where I can buy dried tofu shredded noodles in NYC referred to in this thread?
Today I went to Whole Foods and both Asian markets on 3rd Ave in the Village and NOBODY knew what I was asking for. All they could refer me to were the ubiquitous packages of slimy, foul-smelling shirataki noodles. I'm not looking for dried tofu sheets but rather pre-cut noodles. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 28, 2012
workintheater in Manhattan

low carb pasta "substitute"

Does anyone know where I can buy dried tofu shredded noodles in NYC? Today I went to Whole Foods and both Asian markets on 3rd Ave in the Village and NOBODY knew what I was asking for. Even took the above pic with me and was met with blank stares. All they could refer me to were the ubiquitous packages of slimy, foul-smelling shirataki noodles. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 28, 2012
workintheater in Special Diets


The place was packed on a Saturday eve, the food was wonderful but, Jesus, the service was awful. Endless delays in taking orders and delivering bread to the table, unconscionable waits between courses...ugh. And, for my taste, just a little too much East Village snark/attitude from the staff. In this day and age, be thankful you've got a job, waitpeople.

May 30, 2012
workintheater in Manhattan

Where can I buy..

...salted pecans and walnuts in bulk? The go-to places like Sahadi or Economy Candy only sell salted mixed nuts. I want ONLY salted walnuts and/or pecans in all their savory, unctuous gorgeousness. Where do I go????

Economy Candy
108 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

Oct 24, 2011
workintheater in Manhattan

Il Cantinori

Ten years ago, I had a meal at Il Cantinori which was simply transcendent and one of the most satisfying dining experiences I had ever had up to that point. It lingered in memory and I longed to return there.

Fast forward a decade later the mighty have fallen! It's clear Il Cantinori has nothing but CONTEMPT for patrons ordering off the Restaurant Week prix fixe.

Where does one begin? The dour, charmless host? The perfunctory, hostile service, with every new course brought to the table before we had barely digested the previous one and, in one instance, served when one of our party was in the restroom so the dish could sit there and get cold? Anything, just so they could hustle us out for the next victims. And, last but not least, the thoroughly average food, no better than what I could get at any Olive Garden. As for their dessert menu, it's completely laughable with the most tasteless, meager tiramisu I've ever eaten.

Another one bites the dust. I will never return.

Il Cantinori
32 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

Jul 15, 2011
workintheater in Manhattan

motorino - awesome

And both are DREADFUL.

Jul 12, 2011
workintheater in Manhattan

How do you pronounce "OYSTER"?

Oh, for a large sock filled with manure....

Jul 02, 2011
workintheater in Not About Food

Anyone try Buvette yet?

The food's fine, nothing special; the wine is HORRIBLY overpriced--$14 for a "carafe" that wouldn't drown a fly. Also, beware the bread (if you get any--I had to ask twice): it's pre-oiled (not evident on first glance) and will drip all over your clothing when you bite into it, as it did me, ruining my slacks, tie and shirt. Guess it's asking too much to have a tablespoon of oil on a plate so you can serve yourself--the customer just might, God forbid, ask for seconds. How cheapjack can you get? Thanks, Buvette. I will NEVER go back.

42 Grove St, New York, NY 10014

Jul 02, 2011
workintheater in Manhattan

Food Porn: Lincoln

I enjoyed LINCOLN. Certainly portions ARE small (my snapper was a half -size of what you would get anywhere else) and at an average of $30 per entree, almost unacceptable---except everything is extremely flavorful. But what really GALLS is the sheer condescension of the place. Here we are in New York City and at Lincoln Center, the middle of the universe, for God's sake, and the server has been instructed to tell you what antipasti, primi, secondi, carne, pesce, etc. actually MEAN ("Antipasti are small dishes; primi are pasta dishes," ad nauseam). Has it really come to this in our culture---the dumbing down of cuisine, along with everything else? I came THIS close to bailing the joint but, fortunately, decided to stick it out. So my advice is to tell the server you understand Italian menus and have a good time.

Fair warning---If you're seated in the secondary room parallel to the side street and happen to stroll into the main dining room to check out the glass-enclosed
kitchen, be prepared to be trailed by one of the 'greeters' who will stalk you like Javert did Jean Valjean. Really, it's unbelievable---first they treat you like an idiot and then like a criminal!!! But just tell Missy to back off and she'll flee like a bunny (and hover in the background, lol!)

Oct 16, 2010
workintheater in Manhattan

Pizza and Wine at Motorino via the Times

Motorino is a disaster. I live two blocks away. Three times I've gone there during their hours of operation and every time I've been told by their "host" they weren't serving because "they were doing renovations." The doors were open, there was exactly one table occupied, and yet they refused to seat me. Once again, the Times fetishizes the banal and subpar. I will NEVER go back again.

349 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

Sep 18, 2010
workintheater in Manhattan

Momofuku Milk Bar Review

Oh, the crack and candy pie are fine, satsifies the urge for overly sweet children's food. But, oh, the sheer pretension of this hole! And the hostility of the smug cashier, was not to be believed. Next time you throw my order at me across the counter, Miss Low-Wage-Earner, you're gettin' it thrown back in your face. But, don't worry---I won't be going back.

May 07, 2010
workintheater in Manhattan

Friedman's Deli in the Chelsea Market

$5.00 for a baked potato and extra for toppings? They can go f**k themselves.

Apr 06, 2010
workintheater in Manhattan

Colicchio & Sons NOT 3-star [moved from Manhattan board]

The food is fine, the wine fairly priced but the meal was sabotaged by service which ranged from the hysterical to the abysmal.

Our waiter, who I will charitably dub Miss Priss, obviously let the Times review go to her empty head. Moments after being seated, she came along with the menus while I was still in the process of settling in, shoved the menu under my nose and refused to back off
or give me a moment's grace until I paid homage to her loftiness and take the menu from her insistent, outstretched hand. Her barely-contained arrogance manifested itself unchecked throughout the meal. Strike one. Server two came along and placed a plate of rolls on the table without warning us that the bread and cast-iron dish in which they were presented were SCALDINGLY HOT and, sure enough, my companion and I ended up burning ourselves. Strike two. Then server three appeared and bussed my plate while my companion was still eating her meal. Strike three. Finally, server four sashayed by and took off with our now-cool bread plate. Though I protested and told him we weren't done, he absconded with it anyway.

Whatever positive feeling we both had about our meals were ruined by the hapless service and we decided to jump ship without ordering dessert. It's taken us ten years to revisit a Colicchio establishment and it will be a long time before we do so again.

Thanksgiving at Perilla

"Are you really complaining about spending $65 for three and a half courses in NYC on Thanksgiving?"

Did you even read my post?

"They accommodated your request and gave you two sides, so why are you complaining about that?"

I'm complaining because I had to jump through hoops to get what I wanted. And if you don't see the absurdity of a restaurant requesting diners to share a side on Thanksgiving because it's easier for THEM, then nothing I can say to you would make any difference.

"If it was THAT big of a deal to you, why not just order an extra side anyway, aren't they less than $10?"

I don't care if it cost a dime. When you offer to pay for my side, I'll happily order another. See ya!

Nov 27, 2009
workintheater in Manhattan

Thanksgiving at Perilla


3 courses for $65--appetizer, first course, side, dessert---reasonable.

Except you have to share the side.

You have to share the side. ON THANKSGIVING.

When I confronted the waiter about this ridiculousness, he hemmed and hawed, averted his eyes, mumbled something about "the portions being large."

All well and good, I told him, except I wanted potatoes and my dining partner is a diabetic.

"Well, it's how the restaurant usually does it."

Except today is Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING. At which point he acquiesced and said we could split portions.

So much for the home-y, welcoming touch. At $65 a pop.

I ordered a peekytoe crab and sea urchin appetizer. What I got were crab clumps swimming in a gloppy, briny soup. Beyond awful

Turkey. Tasteless, gristle-y. I've had better in diners. Gave over 1/2 of it to my partner. Got my mashed, though. Fine. Enjoyed his brussel sprouts side as well.

We couldn't wait to flee the place (and weren't about to spend a penny more) so we got our desserts to go. Will eat them soon but at this point, who cares? .

I've had too many crap experiences of this kind in mid-level Manhattan restauarants lately and they're a waste of time and money. It will be a long time before I do so again.

9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014

Nov 26, 2009
workintheater in Manhattan

Re: prefix 20.00 menu at fishtail = worth it?

Well, first off, the Sunday Supper is now $25, something that the reservationist failed to mention when I asked her specifically if the formerly priced special was being offered. And I have NEVER been so rushed through a meal as I was at Fishtail. I had barely sat down before menus (with supplemental charges--what a despicable practice!), bread, and drink orders were flung in my direction Two days later, I don't remember a thing about the meal (except for the grossly overpriced wine). Spare me the New York bargain!

Sep 29, 2009
workintheater in Manhattan

amazing sushi? EV, LES

Oh, please, the fetishization of these supposed temples of gastronomy like Sushi Yasuda or Jewel Bako is sheer lunacy and a publicist's joke, perpetrated by the likes of Zagat. There is no difference whatsoever between the highly touted 'pristine' quality of fish served at places like SY and JB and places like Kayonama or Kyo Ya or even Sapporo East , for that matter, except for the price and the fact that you won't leave hungry if you eat at any of the latter places. Those who think differently are simply deluded in their elitism.

Sep 12, 2009
workintheater in Manhattan

Anyone eaten at DBGB yet?

dbgb. Great food. We ordered tuna tartar (the only boring choice) and asparagus with egg as starters, then skate and steak as main courses. Wonderful. Carrots as a side fine but definitely not $6 worth. Front end service snippy as hell. This is how two men are treated during gay pride week? Fire the schmuck. Wrong entry served to us (two steaks, where's the skate?) but the apology so too little too late (check time) Daniel should fire this schmuck too.
Recap: great food, so do go. Ugly experience for us.

Jun 25, 2009
workintheater in Manhattan

Creme de violette

Anyone know of any bars in the Midtown West/Times Square area of Manhattan that sell this violet liqueur? Thanks!

Feb 13, 2009
workintheater in Spirits

John Dory Menu

Beautiful place, great food, the only new restaurant I've eaten at in recent memory to which I'd return.

Feb 02, 2009
workintheater in Manhattan