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Suggestion for fine dining near Sheraton Downtown Atlanta

OK, report from Atlanta.

I had great fun at Empire State South. I was there for a "Special Event" dinner for one of their chef who is leaving Atlanta to Italy.
I have their 5 course meal with wine pairing.
Food was good about a solid 8.

The restaurant is easily accessible from MARTA, I feel quite safe taking the MARTA.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you'll enjoy your trip at ATL

Jun 27, 2012
lgusti in Atlanta

Suggestion for fine dining near Sheraton Downtown Atlanta

Going there this weekend, I think I'll go with ESS since it's easily accessible by the train.
Will let you know if ESS is any good.

Jun 13, 2012
lgusti in Atlanta

Suggestion for fine dining near Sheraton Downtown Atlanta

I just mapped all the suggestion into Google Maps, it seems like Empire State South fit the criteria. I would love to try Eugene or Baccahanlia, but kind of feeling cheap to spend $25 for taxi, and $50 for round trip, That's money another dinner at different city : )
I can't see tasting menu on Empire State South website, do you know if they offer tasting menu?

May 07, 2012
lgusti in Atlanta

Suggestion for fine dining near Sheraton Downtown Atlanta


Any suggestion for fine dining restaurant nearby Downtown Atlanta that I need to try?
Or somewhere easily accessible with the subway?

My budget is $100 for the Chef's tasting menu.

I saw Bachannalia and Restaurant Eugene menu, they seems interesting, but it seems that they're pretty far from downtown.


May 04, 2012
lgusti in Atlanta

Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe, Restaurant Suggestion?

Thanks, I'll check it out. I didn't think about the Yuba/Tofu. I'll try to drop by for lunch if i see some restaurants that focus on Yuba/Tofu dishes.

Aug 15, 2011
lgusti in Japan

Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe, Restaurant Suggestion?

I'm going to Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe in Sep and I'm trying to plan my dinner/lunch plan.

My budget is around 15000 yen for dinner

3 nights in Kyoto

Kyoto Dinner 1 - K-Whats Beef
Any other alternative for beef under 10000yen, Moritaya ?

Kyoto Dinner 2 - High End Kaiseki or MIchelin restaurants for around 15000 yen?
Hyotei & Arashiyama Kitcho, out of budget
Kikunoi Honten 3*? (Ryotei
)Chihana 3*? (Kappo)
Kikunoi Roan 2*? (Counter/Kappo)
Uosaburo 2*? (A bit far south from Kyoto Station)
Ryozanpaku 2*? (Not many information)
Chihiro 2*? (Not many information)
Gion Matsumaro 2*? (Not many information)
Hanamura 2*? (Not many information)

Kyoto Dinner 3 - Spoon
Set menu for around 3500 yen, good deal.

Osaka Dinner - Hajime Artiste (Able to get reservation at 8pm)
I heard dinner at Hajime will take about 3 hours, is this right?

Kobe Dinner - Kobe Setsugatsuka
Got to have teppanyaki & wagyu when you visit Japan right, hehe...

I'm planning to leave my lunch plan open, but if you have any suggestion please let me know.

Thank You.

Aug 11, 2011
lgusti in Japan

Fried pork liver & leek stirfry ala Dotch in LA?

Manten, on Little Tokyo Honda Plaza across Sushi Gen

Dec 01, 2010
lgusti in Los Angeles Area

Is Kiyokawa better than Sushi Zo?

I agree with peppermonkey. Omakase is very good but their sushi rice is horrible. I could make a better one at home with sushi zu from Nijiya/Mitsuwa & good koshihikari rice.

However, Satoshi Kiyokawa himself is very friendly, approachable, speak better english.

Mori has the best sushi rice, but he's not as friendly as kiyokawa, borderline snobbish.

Pictures for Kiyokawa

Sep 29, 2010
lgusti in Los Angeles Area

Best Fried Rice in LA!!!

1. Nasi Goreng Istimewa - Little Malaysia, El Monte
2. Duck Fried Rice, Mixed Bowl, Pomona
3. Duck Fried Rice or Fried Rice with Crispy Salted Fish, Sanam Luang, Pomona
Their crispy salted fish is different than the Chinese version
4. Shrimp Fried Rice, Din Tai Fung, Arcadia
5. Takana Fried Rice, Shin Sen Gumi, Gardena or Rosemead

Din Tai Fung Restaurant
1108 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Sanam Luang Cafe
1648 Indian Hill Blvd, Pomona, CA 91767

Little Malaysia Restaurant
3944 Peck Rd Ste 8, El Monte, CA 91732

Sep 16, 2010
lgusti in Los Angeles Area

Need info on Aoyama Esaki

Thank You for the reply Skyline.
I'll look forward for the dinner at the Esaki.

Mar 14, 2010
lgusti in Japan

Need info on Aoyama Esaki

Great, i made my reservation for late dinner 8pm for the 8400 yen 7 course dinner. Based on your suggestion, I'll ask the front desk to call them to change to the 8 course dinner when i arrive in Tokyo.
The Kinki fish, on the website is translated " Single-hook fishing prohibition boiled Nemuro"
I was wondering what is that, probably lost in translation.

Skyline, do you need to be able to speak Japanese to eat at ESAKI?

Mar 12, 2010
lgusti in Japan

Need info on Aoyama Esaki

Four Seasons, Thanks for the Seryna suggestion, I probably have to pass. It's a bit too expensive for my taste. I was looking at the other Seyrna chain - Mon cher ton ton, but decided to save the 15k Yen and try something else.
On other hands, would someone who never eat a fugu before know the difference between farmed and wild fugu?

Mar 12, 2010
lgusti in Japan

Need info on Aoyama Esaki

Thanks for the reply, I noticed on the other CH board that Uncle Yabai frequents Esaki?
Would i have any trouble if i dont speak japanese?
Is the nearest exit Gaiemmae?
Is it hard to find the Restaurant?

Mar 12, 2010
lgusti in Japan

Need info on Aoyama Esaki

Im going to Tokyo by myself for 6 days 5 nights around Mid April.
I plan to eat several Michelin restaurants in Tokyo with less than 10000 yen per dinner trip. I'll be staying around Hanzomon area.

1st Night Dinner
I saw that Aoyama Esaki got 3stars on 2010 Michelin. They have a dinner set menu starting at 8400 yen. Can anyone share their experience for this restaurant?

2nd Night Dinner
My next dinner will be in Tofuya Ukai, and i was able to secure a reservation by calling them and spoke English and broken Japanese with them.

3rd Night Dinner
Any suggestion for Crab dinner other than Kani Douraku?

4th Night Dinner
Fugu - Maybe Tora Fugu or Tettiri? Any suggestion for chain fugu restaurant? Michelin Fugu Restaurant cost at least 25K yen

5th Night Dinner

Any general tips on how to make reservation the restaurants?

Please help build my travel plan

Mar 11, 2010
lgusti in Japan