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Group Vacation Menu - Help!

I did the same thing on a trip to Whistler a few years ago with 17 people! We had a couple of vegetarians, some food allergies and the like. Some of the menu items used were:

Build your own tacos
Lasagna (I did store bought so no one had to work too hard)
Pasta (marinara and alfredo sauce separate for a little choice)
Pizza (this is also GREAT for lunches, late night snacks, leftovers)

We stocked up on cereal, fruit, muffins, etc for breakfasts and had plenty of sandwich supplies (don't forget the PB&J as these are the easiest sandwiches to tote on the mountain and are veggie friendly!). In addition, I had plenty of salad, garlic bread, chips & dip, etc to go with the meals.

Most importantly though, we were very casual about the whole thing. Everyone knew when mealtime was and what it would be - we posted a little menu on the fridge - so they could choose to stay in or go out. We also made sure we stocked up on plenty of beer and wine as well as mixers and let people bring their own spirits if they had a favorite.

I did all of the shopping online and we had the food waiting for us when we arrived. If you are able to get food delivered either shortly after arrival or before you get to your destination I strongly suggest doing so! It would have taken away from the vacation if I would have had to spend the first few hours at the grocery store.

For our 4 days of food we spent around $1000 which was approx $600 food and $400 alcohol, so only about $15 per person, per day for a great time and three easy meals included. It really made it a fun, inexpensive trip with plenty of bonding time for the group!

One other thing to keep in mind is planning ahead which days to make what. I like to keep the simplest two meals for the first night and the last night, This is so you don't have a ton of prep work when you first reach your destination and to avoid a lot of dishes on the last evening.

Feb 22, 2010
darfawnda in Home Cooking