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Pumpkin seed oil in SF?

I tried Castel Muro and it goes kind of "redish" on the plate. It doesn't have
that deep-green intense color that you normally see when using Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. It tasted different as well. I didn't like it very much...I've been told by an Austrian friend that some companies import chinese pumpkin seeds and then they mix em with Styrian seeds to make the product cheaper...Don't know if that's the case with Castel Muro?

Pumpkin seed oil in SF?

I lived in Austria for a couple years and fell in love with Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. When I came back to the U.S. I found "Castel Muro" but that stuff doesn't taste much like the "original" Pumpkin Seed Oil from Austria. Just a few days ago I visited the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) and they have "Styrian Gold" there. It's the original pumpkin Seed Oil from Styria and it tastes so much better than "Castel Muro". It's expensive but then again, the quality is great and in my opinion it's totally worth the price...

Looking for a place to buy Styrian pumpkin seed oil

I lived in Austria for many years and I'm now back in Los Angeles. Original Pumpkin Seed Oil from Styria is hard to find in the United States. The reason for that is simple: The quantity of (authentic) styrian pumpkin seed oil produced every year is marginal. It's 100% organic, not industrially produced, very healthy and tasty. A couple of days ago I bought a bottle of "Styrian Gold" Pumpkin Seed Oil at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills (N. Beverly Drive). It's delicious! It's like the pumpkin seed oil I always had when I was in Austria...

Feb 21, 2010
SoulDoubt_CAL in Manhattan