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Food Adventures- Places worth the trip!

This march break my girlfriend and I have decided to opt for a staycation and go on excursions around the city. We live pretty central (Ossington & Dupont) and only have access to bikes & TTC so anything too ambitious might be out of the question. What restaurants are out of the downtown core, tucked away in weird nooks & strip malls that are worth the mission?
I was thinking things like Apache burgers, Gayle's, the best dumplings in Missisauga, best deli in North York. Things that are fun but not hard to get to also welcome, best borscht/kelbasa in ronces is always a pleasure (Polonez?)
Any suggestions for fun trips?

Eating near Central Station

I'm coming to Montreal for the weekend and I think I've mapped out most of my eating ventures, but there's one thing I just can't iron out- eating before and after the train ride.
On the way to the terminal I'll probably be meandering around the city and would be willing to make a slight detour for a stellar lunch, I imagine it won't be too hard for me to find.
My problem really lies in where to eat after the train, around 5 on a thursday night and we'll be starving. She's a pesciterian and I'm not picky. Preferably something on the less greasy and not horribly expensive side? We're staying on the Plateau, around Laurier and St-Laurent but I figured it would probably be better to eat before getting on the metro.
Any ideas?

Homemade Chicken Gravy search

I'm looking for somewhere to buy quality home-made chicken gravy, or something up to par. I don't have time to make a batch myself and everywhere I've tried so far just have beef.
Any ideas?

A Week in Rome

I know this is a very broad spectrum and a bit of a hard question to answer, but I need suggestions for the best of the best in Rome. Cheap eats, beer, best pizza, best pasta, best farmers market, best cheese shop, anything. I'm staying in the Spanish Steps area.
All suggestions & info are greatly appreciated!

Aug 14, 2011
RotaryMobile in Italy

Buying Coquitos in Toronto?

I heard about these coquito nuts (supposedly like tiny coconuts?) but information on them is elusive even on the Internet. Any suggestions on where I might find these adorable treats?
Any confirmation on the nut stores in Kensington market?

SF Food Trucks 101?

Another good place to look might be

Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

Good suggestion!
The cheese panzerotti at Bitondo's Pizza on Clinton. $5.50 for a pound of grease and joy!

Chive pancakes at Chinese Traditional Bun with the chili, vinegar soy sauce. Mmm!

Crispy chicken tacos at Tacos El Asador!

Chinese Traditional Buns
536 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Tacos El Asador
690 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L2, CA

11 Clinton St, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Heartbroken Hoof Cafe lovers NEED recommendations!

Yeah, that's what I keep hearing and what I figured, but it's pricey and the brunch lines must be insane!
Anyone tried the Stockyards breakkie? Deep-fried poached eggs?

Heartbroken Hoof Cafe lovers NEED recommendations!

I have no illusions that people mourning the Hoof Cafe isn't a common theme, but I can't help but feel my girlfriend and I were hit the hardest.
Being work-from-homers we often spent Wednesday, Thursday or Friday mornings there, and even sometimes fared the insane weekend brunch lines. I feel like a broken record because it feels like they're all I post about on here- I just posted the Suckling Pig eggs Benny on the "best thing you ever ate" Toronto thread.
We need a replacement badly.
Not necessarily snout-to-tail, but inventive, tasty breakfast food in a good atmosphere, if it's meaty all the better!
Toronto is practically the brunch capital of the world- there must be somewhere that will sate our pining appetites!

Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

I feel the same, but with the suckling pig eggs benny on a chedder biscuit. Lordy!

ideas for great catered lunch in toronto...

I've only tried the Santaguida restaurant and not their catered food, but if they're similar(which they definitely are) they have a very nice Italian-inspired gourmet but not snarmy. Sandwiches, pizza, salads etc.

Suggestions for Dinner Restaurant (Veg-Friendly)

Maybe Frida at Eglinton and Bathurst. Chic-ey upscale mexican. It might be tricky for vegan options, but there are tons of things that cheese could simply be opted out of.
Enoteca Sociale might also be a safe bet, I haven't had great meals there, but the menu is diverse enough that everyone could find something they're happy with.
If you're interested in something exotic maybe Cava would work, they make great charcuterie for the meat eater, but they also have tons of veggie and vegan tapas options. It would be a crime to go there vegan though, cause their desserts are SO good! I'd put my money on them for best in the city.

1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

Enoteca Sociale
1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Date night dinner

My go-to date night restaurants is Pizza Libretto, great veggie and meat options, the beet caprese salad is awesome, I'd pass on the cheese plate if that's what you're into, though.
Another good one is the Harbord Room (although I find it's sometimes a hit or miss with the menu), Terroni, Buca's nice if you're looking to really shell it out. Have you gone to the Drake for dinner at all? I tried to hold off from loving it, but the food really is good.

Harbord Room
89 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

604 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, CA

Nice dinner in the East Side?

Really? I've been on a bit of a burger hunt. Maybe we'll do a separate trip just for that!

Nice dinner in the East Side?

West Enders going out for dinner in the East Side. Any suggestions? We were thinking Leslieville area. Nice but not super expensive, around $15-under 30 entrees. Any 'smart casual' suggestions?

where is the spiciest good food in Toronto?

For Indian food Banjara is good and you choose the level of spice you want, medium is usually spicy enough for me so I'd imagine they get pretty hot.

796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L7, CA

Chile Relleno in Toronto?!

Has anyone tried the Chile Relleno from La Tortilleria?

Chile Relleno in Toronto?!

Yeah, it is supposed to be poblano. Maybe they wanted to give it some signature-dish flare?

Chile Relleno in Toronto?!

I'm all too familiar to the tragedy of Toronto's Mexican food deficiency, but I thought I'd give it a shot and see what you Hounds have to say.
For the last few months I've been on a Chile Relleno search, the best so far that I've had were at Mexitaco at Bloor and Ossington and Latino Emporium in Kensington Market, which faults were bland, canned chipotle sauce and microwaving, respectively.
Any of you folks have any ideas?

828 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1M2, CA

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

Thanks, these sound great. We'll have a good selection for a while!

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

My girlfriend and I work from home, and one of the bonuses of that are brunch-dates on weekdays, but there's a serious lack of options, we've found.
The Bloordale Pantry, Auntie's and Uncles, The Grapefruit Moon and Hoof Cafe are all great, but we need some variety. We keep ending up at Aroma, (we live near the annex).
Any ideas? Where are we missing out on?

Aunties and Uncles
74 Lippincott St, Toronto, ON M5S2P1, CA

The Grapefruit Moon
968 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R3G6, CA

The Hoof Cafe
923 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1W2, CA

The Bloordale Pantry
1285 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

Where can I buy the best fresh salsa in Toronto?

THE best fresh salsa, hands down that I've ever tasted is from Jumbo Empanadas in Kensington Market at Augusta and Baldwin. Cilantro, fresh tomatoes, vinegar, jalapenos, so simple but one of the tastiest salsas I've ever had.

Jumbo Empanadas
245 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2L8, CA

Burger and shake places downtown?

I recently visited NYC and in the lower east side there is a gem of a burger place called Mikey's; grill squashed medium rare burgers, soft squishy buns(not the 'stiffer the crust the ritzier' mentality!), gourmet dogs, hand-cut fries and AMAZING thick shakes.
I'm wondering if there's anything comparable in toronto? Maybe a little Hipster, and gourmet-ish but not super upscale. All of the 'craft burgers' I've tried thus far are served on a stiff kaiser and I really love the soft buns.
Any ideas, chowhounds?

Local Soda Company

Hey, I was wondering if there are any nice, independent soda manufacturers that run out of Toronto or even Ontario. Something along the lines of Stewart's-level taste and preferably Boylan-type style. But really, just a local pop maker is enough for me. Any other than Pop-Shoppe, that is.

Unpretentious. In Toronto?

Grapefruit Moon, Bathurst and Bloor. Unpretentious, decent wine, great microbrew on tap, Food is not pretentious or expensive. No tapas, no DJ, no 30 million dollar interior. Just rasta rolls, charming staff and a vintage cruiser bike on the wall.

Soda Pop Shops in T.O.?

I now of a couple places to find good sodas, Not quite a solely-pop based but with good selection.
The Sam's convenience store has a pretty nice selection, Pop Shoppe, Jones, Stewart's, which is at the corner of College and Augusta (Just east of Spadina). And just a block South on Augusta is a huge co-op store called the Blue Banana which has a really swell pop store right inside the door on the left. (to get specific, it's the second shop on the left, I believe). They have Boylan's and other gourmet-type soda brands with a bunch of flavours.

I also know of a cafe that has quite a Boylan selection, at Follis and Bathurst (2 blocks north of Bloor) called the Scoop and Bean.

I guess I'm quite a bit late, though, aren't I?