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Steamed Lobster Dinner in Montauk

I take lobster seriously. I could eat lobster day and night. I like it just slightly undercooked and I eat all the guts... think Daryl Hannah eating lobster in the movie "Splash".

I need to know if any of the seafood restaurants in Montauk have a good lobster dinner.
And does anyone know where to get a good lobster roll?

Thank you!

The Best Anguilla Restaurants from a Foodie!

these are my favorites:
Trattoria Tramonto
Barrel Stay
B&D - weekends only

Good Vietnamese places in CT?

One word

409 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon Rockville, CT 06066-4863
(860) 871-8962

I go here every time I am home to visit my family, it is a must!
I mean, good. Just as good as the vietnamese places here in chinatown NY.
more polished and sophisticated...