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Detroit recipes needed, please.


I was born,and raised in Detroit.I lived by 7 mile and Hoover,and attended Osborn High.Cruised Gratiot Ave in the 70's.And ate at all the places in that area many times.I do remember an Onassis Cony Island on 8 mile rd,where we would get chili dogs for about 40 cents.Luckey for me,here in Florida there is a cony island place with the same kind of dogs we got when we were in Detroit.If you would like to know how to make Glumke ( Polish stuffed cabbages) I will certainly give you the recipie.I learned from a friends' Polish mother in Hamtramack.Even though I'm Italian,and related to the Zerillis of Detroit.I remember a lot of great pizza places,and greek restaurants.And dont forget Top Hat,and White Castle!


Feb 21, 2010
Fishingeca in Home Cooking