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She takes the cake..

I was sorry to read about what She Takes the Cake did to your niece's birthday cake. This bakery also screwed up my daughter's second birthday cake. I ordered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. I got a vanilla cake with raspberry icing. We agreed on piped flowers. I got squiggles and some yellow circles. It looked like a bad home economics project. The shop's AC was broken, so the icing was already melting when it was handed to us. We had to cover up the damage with fruit. For 125 dollars, I expect a better experience.

One of the most stressful customer service experiences I've ever had. The owner could never, ever get anything about my order right--even after I summarized everything in point form for her.

When I called to confirm the pick-up the day before, the owner seemed to have forgotten about my order. She made me come early because her staff wanted to take an early weekend. The cake ended up being late anyway.

I don't know why it got so much hype. Maybe Torontonians should demand better, so businesses like this don't thrive.

Jul 25, 2011
LASA in Ontario (inc. Toronto)