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Best spots to eat around the gay village?

Just for the record, I didn't have a pint it was a bottle. I also wanted to add that I didn't get a bill and prices were not listed on the board where lunches were listed. I should have asked...

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

An $8 beer is not expensive?

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

Do you work in sales by any chance? ;)

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

I had a tortilla soup and ceviche as well as a beer. I was alone. The bill was $27 tip included.

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

I tried Chipotle & JalapeƱo today. It was nice - I liked the atmosphere a lot and the server was great (very cute too). But it cost me just about $30 for lunch. I mean...that seems a little much. It was good but not that good.

Good food in Montreal for 15-20 people

I'm looking for ideas for a bachelorette dinner this summer. I've read some of the existing threads but none seem to fit the bill so far (no PDC or Garde Manger please!). I myself am a native Montrealer who dines out a fair bit and I'm also an avid reader of these boards but I'm still pretty much stumped. I'm looking for somewhere that takes group reservations and has good food at a reasonable price. I know, tough one, right? Could possibly be a BYOW, maybe tapas...somewhere close to the village would be ideal but anywhere downtown, Plateau or Old Montreal could do too. Thanks!!!

Where could I find Mozartkugel in Montreal?

They had them at Vielle Europe last year at this yummy. Good luck! (3855 Saint Laurent Blvd.)

Where to buy good pancetta in Montreal?

Hi, hoping some of you could provide suggestions on where to buy pancetta anywhere in the downtown area? Thanks!

Pizzeria Magpie

The reviews here are so glowing I could not resist giving this place a try a week or so ago. Loved the ambiance and got fantastic service. I even liked the music they were playing and appreciated the after dinner drinks offered on the house....too bad the pizza was soggy in the middle. And the crust was burnt. Best pizza in Montreal? I'd have to give it another try but no, don't think so, just trendy.

Wednesday evening dinner near Laurier/Mont-Royal Metro ...

Quartier Generale (call ahead to reserve,2 services either at 6 or 9pm) casual french BYOW, Cafe Les Entretiens , Beurre Noisette - all highly recommended (there's also the excellent Tri Express but doesn't seem like what you'd be looking for


Beurre Noisette
4354 Av Christophe-Colomb, Montreal, QC H2J3G5, CA

Cafe Les Entretiens
1577 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J1, CA

Tri Express
1650 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J2, CA

RIP Bistro Christophe Truffert

This is very sad indeed :( Had amazing food and service there...great prices too. Might have worked better as a byow?

Anyone want to weigh in? LaColombe or LeQuartier General?

Hey there, this is probably too late but just wanted to let you know that you've got the wrong link above. Quatier Generale is located in the Plateau. As far as I can tell they don't have a website but here's a review I found accurate : ... I absolutely LOVE this resto and the price is a steal. Definitely recommended for your next visit, be sure to reserve well in advance though!

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Honestly, I find their handling of this very distasteful. They will make a lot of money but not from me. I really wanted to go but since they have been so impolite about it I have lost all interest.

Chef to cook dinner at my home

I haven't heard any reviews but this may be of interest to you (they're in the Nordelec building in Pointe St Charles):

Fun, good restaurant for birthday party

Budget would be about $30-$40 before wine, tax and tip but that's flexible (and I'm not opposed to paying less!) I saw your topic thread as well, chefjeannie, and I looked into both Alep and Lemeac, which both seem like good options. Any more ideas?

Fun, good restaurant for birthday party

I'm looking for a place to celebrate my birthday with about 6 or 7 people - we're mostly in our early 30's. I'm hoping to find somewhere not too far (I live in the Plateau) where the food is good and we can enjoy ourselves. I like fine cuisine, good wine and a nice atmosphere...not too fancy but nice! If it's not too expensive or they have late night specials, that would be great too!