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Atlanta-area Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for localish CSAs. I'm looking to join one, but seems like there's a lot of options. Wanted to see if anyone had any success stories or warnings!

Aug 23, 2011
mackenco in Atlanta

LA Build-A-Six-Pack?

Just wanted to update on places that let you build a six in LA after some striking out. The BevMo on Santa Monica and La Brea doesn't carry singles at all, and seemed pretty unhelpful about beer in general. Beverage Warehouse doesn't do build a six either; an employee grumbled something about how their computer isn't ready for it, whatever that means.
Wally's, on the other hand, is exclusively singles (if you buy six of one, you get 10% off). The selection isn't huge, although Graham the beer guy told me they're in the process of expanding, but it's really high quality. The employees as far as I could tell all knew a lot about beer too and helped me make some good picks. I came home with 12 singles, now it's time for a tasting party!

Jul 17, 2010
mackenco in Los Angeles Area

LA Build-A-Six-Pack?

Anyone have suggestions of somewhere I can do a build your own six pack?

Feb 20, 2010
mackenco in Los Angeles Area