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Wedding in Annapolis

wish i had seen your thread earlier. i hope you enjoyed your trip.

I agree with the person that recommended VIN909. Definitely give it a shot next time. Tough to beat.

JalapeƱos Restaurant in Annapolis ... recent reports?

JalapeƱos is still as good as ever. The owners do a great job and the servers are always warm and informative. Get anything that contains potatos or the sherry cream sauce.

Sin Fontares is also really good, but more Mexican and a lot more casual.

Love both places. VIN 909 is a great option, too.

Best Burger in Annapolis

I have been ending up at Galway Bay burger night a lot recently. Interesting burger toppings and Irish chips for, I think, 6 bucks with a beer purchase. The Irish blue cheese is tasty, but my favorite is the German burger with sauerkraut on it.

Burger night is pretty popular, so getting a seat immediately is not always possible (in the bar).

Best Burger in Annapolis

My favorite burger (besides Five Guys) is at Grumps. I was surprised at how good it was. I haven't been back since, but I'd go there first if I were looking for a burger.

Davis' Pubs burgers are pretty good and I like the atmosphere better than Grumps.

Maryland Brews

I *think* Heavy Seas is the "extreme beer" line from Clipper City. The Sampler Pack is available around Annapolis and Kent Island and is a good way to try out different styles from the brewery. They also put out some bombers of smaller batch stuff that's always good.

Fordham has a good limited beer or two, but I can't say I love 'em overall.

Mar 02, 2010
ontheellipse in Beer

Annapolis Chinese?

I agree with Jack's Fortune. I live within walking distance. It's the best Chinese I've had in Annapolis. It's usually pretty packed on the weekends.

Annapolis, MD Restaurant Week

a little late on the reply, but out of those places, Galway Bay is my favorite. Really great irish food. The fried corned beef poppers are tasty (as long as the oil is fresh) and the irish reuben and fries are as good as you'll have anywhere. Beer selection leaves something to be desired, but most Irish places are that way in my experience. The bartenders are the best in annapolis. No pretension. Knowledgeable about scotchs/bourbon/whisky.

Lemongrass is good thai food for not a lot of money. I go there for lunch fairly regularly.