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Bofinger DDO - Normal?

In the strip mall on Sources/Brunwick between Eggspectation and La Seranata

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

Went to the "new" Bofinger in DDO this week for lunch. I was alone in the place at 12:30PM....yikes!! Place has been open for a couple of weeks now.

Had the pulled pork sandwich. The pork and the slaw on top were fine. Bun was burnt! I am alone in the place, not as if the chef has anything else to do but make sure my bun is not burnt. The sandwich also came topped with pickled jalapeno peppers, hot banana peppers, pickle, lettuce and tomatoe. Sorry, but you don't put those things on a pulled pork sandwich. Would have also liked the slaw on the side instead of on the sandwich.

Different format than before, this is a sit-down joint where they take your order at the table. Does not seat many (good thing since they'll only need 10 people in the place to make it look busy).

I'll go back because I love bbq, but would not be surprised if it closes up shop before I get back there again.

Jukebox Burgers

Went there yesterday for lunch. Ok, but not great, and definitely not a place that I would bring my family of 4 to. Would bankrupt me. I had the bacon-cheeseburger (forget the name). Bacon was tasteless (how'd they do that?). Otherwise the burger was good. I assume freshly grilled since it took forever to get to my table, even though the place was nearly empty. Was looking forward to the curly Q fries. They were terrible. They were overcooked, which is easy to do since they are so skinny. Root beer was fine although was I supposed to get refills? Waiter was nowhere to be seen after he took my order, perhaps his shift was finished. Finally, with the place almost empty, the hostess sat me in a booth next to a crying I moved. Nice, will likely last, but doubt I will plunk my $ again there anytime soon.

Woot Smoked Meat

Has anyone tried Woot Smoked Meat in Vaudreuil?

Woot Restaurant
3239 Rte Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V8P2, CA

ISO Old Bay seasoning

Pecheur du Marche on Sources Blvd in West Island carries it

Bizarre experience with Soup and Noodles (Monkland) today...

Walked into the place 2 weeks ago during weekday lunch hour, and there was not a soul in sight, other than a waitress who couldn't be bothered that I was in the place. No customers at lunch? Walked out right away. Shame, was in the mood.

BBQ Restaurant in Old Montreal

Thanks for the review. I walked by the place last week and stopped to read the menu. Honestly I was baffled to see a steak tartare on the menu. A BBQ place serving steak tartare? Was hoping for more authentic BBQ dishes on the menu. Looking forward to more reviews on this place before I try it out.

ISO Canadian Back Bacon

Thanks ios and Gary(?).

Truth be told, I love the true Canadian bacon as much as you do, and you are right, the reason I can't find it in Montreal is that, I would venture to say, it is not popular. That being said, I need Cdn back bacon. It is a cost thing as well. True Cdn bacon would be too expensive for my needs and Cdn back bacon is usually cheaper.

ISO Canadian Back Bacon

Anyone know where I can find Canadian Back Bacon. I had finally found some last summer at Costco (in bulk, just like I needed!) but they seemed to have stopped carrying it.

Any ideas?


beer kegs in montreal

Sorry but going to Ontario may be your only option.

Looking for Italian resto for group (40+)

Excluding alcohol, I would say $20 to $25 per for appetizer and main course.

Looking for Italian resto for group (40+)

I'm looking for an Italian restaurant in downtown Montreal (close to core) which will accomodate a group of 40 people. Any suggestions?