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Where should we go in Philly on Sunday?

Tried for Bibou but it looks like they are booked, I'll definately keep it in mind, it looks really spectacular. We are going to try our luck with the other recommendations and we will be sure to post a review upon our return...

Tastebuds - New Hope, PA

DONT GO IN SUMMER WHEN IT IS HOT! They have 2 air conditioner window units that attempt to cool the space with a fan in front of one to try to circulate the air, and no ice buckets for white wine. We went in August last year. Need to go back in cooler temperature but the heat in the restaurant, atleast 85 degrees during apps, took away from the charm of the place entirely. Our Hobbs Chard got pathetically warm, our Pinot was hot by the time we ventured to drink it. Go spring and fall, I'm sure it will be good.

Where should we go in Philly on Sunday?

Our restaurant has been reviewed often on this site, and given the reviews, I trust ALL of you... We have John Mayer tix for Sunday at 8pm, our late celebration of Vday. 10 Arts is closed on Sunday, we've been to Le Bec Fin and Vetri, and are looking for a new place to try... Please WOW us with your reccomendations!