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Your Biggest Restaurant Menu Pet Peeve

When a description includes mention of something that is only served on the plate as a garnish. Don't advertise your entree as "xyz with grassy knoll farms asparagus and spring greens" when it's served with garnished with two asparagus tips and one microgreen.

Also when it's a very dimly lighted restaurant, and the menu is impossible to read with its pale green ink on ivory paper, or some absurd combination.

Massively giant menu books in a restaurant with tiny bistro tables.

Are You a Supertaster? Take This Test

Having an "educated palate" means knowing what you are tasting. That doesn't mean you are a "supertaster", which is tasting at a higher intensity. And the drawback to being a supertaster is the palatability of certain food can be limited, not good for "foodies".

Mar 20, 2012
cmahlum in Features

Is Organic Food for Elitist Jerks?

You are not an elitist jerk if you eat organic. You are an elitist jerk if you think eating organic makes you a better person that someone who doesn't eat organic.
I eat organic because I don't want all those chemicals dumped into the earth or my body. It's not so expensive, as long as I eat what's in season and buy organic produce from a local farm, instead of organic produce flown in from Chile.
Anyone that has a yard and some sun can grow their own organic food, cheap.

Aug 25, 2011
cmahlum in Features

Anything extraordinary in or near Encinitas?

I'm a little late to this thread, but I'm a longtime Encinitas resident, everyone has their favorites, here's mine:
Trattoria I trulli for italian
Siamese Basil, I second the best north county Thai, one of my all-time favorite SD spots to eat
Honey's and St. Germain for breakfast
Ki's restaurant (technically Cardiff) for good healthy-ish food
La Especial is a good post-surf soup spot, but it's not amazing, just good soup.
Bull Taco is amazing, don't tell anybody
Pannikin for coffee
And of course, VGS.

I'm intrigued by this Kaito talk. I wrote it off as another strip mall spot, but I'll have to give it a whirl. I haven't been to Tomiko in years, but if my memory serves, it was good. There's also Bubby's in the lumberyard for gelato. There's quite a few new spots I haven't tried because I can't keep up with the rotation. Falafel burger at Roxy is a nice snack.

Feb 19, 2010
cmahlum in San Diego